Work and, um, Wednesday

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Well, I’ve missed two days this time. It completely slipped my mind on Tuesday, mainly because I had absolutely nothing to write about. Nothing interesting happened the night before, and since I was working from 5:45 PM – 12:00 midnight, I couldn’t exactly write anything then. Yesterday I slept in until about 10:30, then got occupied and forgot completely about blogging. Meh. I’ll just quickly talk about the past three days – it shouldn’t take too long. I’ll try and keep it short.

First off, Tuesday night was interesting. Seeing as it was my first shift at Cineplex, I was a little nervous. It was mainly because I barely knew what to do, so I really had no idea what to prepare for. It didn’t turn out to be too bad. Nikki was there showing me what to do for most of the night, and as the night went on it got easier as I found out that my job was fairly routine and monotonous. Basically, I rip tickets before the movies start. And as they start, I have to go around and close the doors and such. Once the movies are in, I basically check all of them every half hour, along with the bathrooms and arcade room. It’s a little hectic when the movies are starting, but once that’s over, there’s suddenly nothing to do really. Then, as the movies get out and people leave, I start cleaning. Then the whole process gets repeated once more just for kicks, and I clean the popcorn machine once the concession stand closes. Then it’s just a simple matter of checking all the theatres at the end of the night to make sure nobody left anything behind, nobody’s hiding anywhere, and the exit doors are closed. Then I get to leave. That’s basically the whole night in a nutshell, and that’s where I’ll leave it. I work next on Saturday, so that could be interesting. Maybe not, though.

I got home Tuesday night – or actually early Wednesday morning – and went straight to bed. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t get to sleep for about another hour, because my brain is stupid like that. It likes to stay up just when it knows that I’m tired. So I was laying in bed for a while, finally drifting off to sleep sometime after 1:00 AM. I slept in until 10:30 AM and then got up and started my day right with a nice warm shower. Yesterday was pretty boring. I wasn’t in a creative mood, so I have no thrilling cooking stories to share – I just had a bagel with cream cheese on it for lunch. Eventually, around 3:00 PM, Kristy called me and asked if I wanted to go over to the Staats’ house with her and Steph. I said sure, as long as I didn’t have to walk, considering it was pouring rain outside. That was fine, they picked me up, and we drove over there. They brought a couple games and movies for the mob of kids there, which kept them occupied for a while. Those kids not involved in playing the game of Life were busy beating me up, so that was fine. Caleb tried to choke me for about twenty minutes, and I kept getting out of it and wrapping his arms around his own neck. Eventually Mulan was put in, and that kept them all occupied until Kristy, Steph, and I left.

We walked back to my house and got my car, because by that point my parents were home. Steph and Kristy were wanting to head over to the church early so that they could work on a card for Zeth and Josh. It didn’t really end up happening, because it was just about 6:30 when we got there, and youth starts at that time. Angelie was back from New Zealand, though, and she said hi to everyone, then left because she was tired. Afterwards, everyone went over to Kristin’s house for a little mini-party for Josh and Zeth there. Steph and Kristy had this “amazing” plan to throw Josh and Zeth in the pool, since they like doing it to others. They went for Josh first, but apparently forgot that he’s about twice as strong as both of them combined. They ended up both going in the pool, and he stayed dry. Eventually they grabbed his towel and shirt and threw them in the pool instead, but he had extra clothes, so it wasn’t too bad. Other people were going to throw Dave and me in, but Dave kept holding onto Josh and Zeth’s card, and I held onto a can of pop and told everyone I had a wallet and keys in my pocket. We stayed dry, although it was close. Josh tried to pick me up, but because he was wet, his hands slipped and I got away. It was a very close call. So Dave and I went inside and decided to stay in there to be safe.

We sat down at Kristin’s kitchen table, and soon I picked up the deck of cards that was there. I showed Dave the only trick that I knew, and as a couple more people got in, he showed us a trick he knew. Before that, though, he took me out of the room and told me about it, because he needed my help. Basically, he had cards laid out in three rows of three, and he would turn his back while someone else picked a card. Then he’d turn back around and pick the card out. The way he knew was because I was giving him a signal as I sat at the table. But anyways, more people tried it and were amazed at it. Eventually Kristin showed us a little purple ball thing with a screen on it that would ask you questions about something you thought about, and it tried to guess what you were thinking. It wasn’t too hard to trick it, though. I just thought about the concept of “death,” and it couldn’t get it. That kept people occupied until we left. Some of them went out to the park, but I decided to just go home. So that’s what I did. And thus, that was the end of the night.

I hope that’s a satisfactory description of the past two days. I’m not sure what I’ll be up to today; I think Kristy and Steph may call me up, because I think they wanted to do something. Who knows? If they don’t, I’ll just enjoy a nice boring day at my house. ‘Tis such a pleasant place, you know. Well, okay, so it’s really not, but whatever. I just wanted to say ’tis. But with that said, I must end this, because I don’t have anything to say anymore. And when that happens, you had better watch out, because I start rambling. In fact, I can sense it starting right now, so here’s the end right here. End.

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