Thoughts on Impulses

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I’m not sure what to say today. Work last night went quite well, and as expected, I was quite tired. This morning was alright, though. I wasn’t as exhausted as I thought I would be. The church service went quite well. The pastor went off on a tangent and only ended up playing two of the songs that he had picked out. After that, he started pulling songs off the top of his head and playing those instead. It was confusing to try and follow along with his fingers on piano, but I don’t think I did too badly.

As I sat in the service listening to the guest speaker, Pastor Bombay, something hit me. Every once in a while, a pastor will get up and say something like, “Today I just feel that someone here needs healing,” or some other similar situation. And while I don’t doubt that it’s something straight from God, it really hits me just how weak in my faith I am. These people seem to get impulses, and though if they’re wrong, they could look foolish, they never seem to be wrong. Sometimes God will just lay a burden on their heart to pray for someone, and it turns out that they were in danger at that exact moment. And as I sat in the service today, I thought, “Why doesn’t that happen to me?” How come God isn’t doing that with me, or if He is, why can’t I hear it when it happens? Am I so distracted that I can’t hear God’s voice when He speaks to me, or does He reserve that sort of special treatment for certain people?

So, with that said, I’m not sure what to think. And therefore, I’m not sure what to write. I need to think and pray about this some more. Perhaps it’ll become clearer to me. But as for now, since I have nothing to say, I’ll just end this here. There we go – a nice short entry for today. And with that, I must say adieu and goodbye.

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