Reptiles, Rivers, and Running

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Well, all you lazy bums that come here still haven’t bothered to start on this contest, I guess. Then again, I don’t think many people (if any) come here every day, so perhaps you people just haven’t seen it yet. Whatever the case is, you guys had better find that hidden phrase, or else you’ll be responsible for making me fat – since I’ll have to give myself the prize. Then you’ll all be held responsible for my early death due to high cholesterol and eventual heart failure. Shame on you.

Update: Never mind. Kristin wins! Hooray!

But anyways, yesterday was pretty cool. I woke up, went through my morning routine and such, and then my mother took me out to get some pants for work at Mark’s Work Wearhouse. I normally wouldn’t step foot in that store, except that the lady at Cineplex made it clear that I had to wear a certain type of pants, available there. So whatever. We couldn’t find it them in the store, so we had to order them, etc. That was the boring part of my day.

I got home and was just relaxing – writing yesterday’s entry, actually – when Steph called. My first thought was, “Oh man, here we go again.” But anyways, she asked if I wanted to do something, I told her no, because I always say that, and then she told me about how she and Kristy wanted to burn some CDs and wondered if they could come over to do that. I said yeah, that was fine as long as it was after lunch, which would be occurring shortly thereafter. She told me to call her after lunch, which I did, and then she informed me that the Staats had just gotten back and called Kristy’s house, so she had invited them too. That was fine with me, so soon afterwards, they showed up at my house. I can’t say that the time at my house was the most exciting. I led them all downstairs and burned the two CDs that Steph and Kristy wanted, then we sat there trying to figure out what to do. Both Steph and Kristy made it very clear that they did not want to watch a movie or TV. So Zeth and Josh were coming up with suggestions, like playing soccer, flying a kite, playing Monopoly, and a number of other fun things. But neither Steph or Kristy wanted to do any of those, and finally they were just like, “Ugh, let’s go watch a movie at Kristy’s house.” I pretty much laughed at them, because they were the ones so against it in the first place, and then suddenly Zeth and Josh didn’t want to watch a movie and they did. But whatever. We crammed into Josh’s car and headed to Kristy’s house to see what was on her Rogers OnDemand service thing.

The best movie on the free channel was Anacondas, so we started watching that, pointing out blatant foreshadowing and critical errors throughout the movie. Melissa fell asleep about ten minutes into the movie or something, because she said it was boring. Of course, she fell asleep before it got interesting – though I agree it isn’t the most amazing movie. We watched it mainly because there was nothing better to do. Afterwards, Josh had to take Steph to work, and he said that basically, he wasn’t coming back afterwards, but instead going home. So that left Zeth, Kristy, Melissa, and me to come up with something to do. We finally figured out that there was absolutely nothing to do, so we ended up deciding to just go take a walk. Melissa was going to just walk home at that point, but we convinced her to stay for a little while. I told them that we needed to walk to my house so I could put on some shorts, because by that point my legs were basically on fire. So we started out to my house, and Kristy suggested that we take the scenic route down the bridge that connects to Hackney Ridge and crosses the little creek. We went down there, stopping on the bridge so that Zeth and Kristy could spit off of it, and also to admire the wonderful graffiti and worthless junk thrown off of the bridge. There was a TV smashed apart down on the rocks below, but otherwise it was surprisingly clean. I was amazed, because I’ve seen shopping carts and other crazy stuff like that down there before.

We continued on our way, and as Melissa and I walked in front, Zeth and Kristy decided it would be funny if they just stopped and watched us go on ahead. I hate when people do that, I really do. I mean, I always know when they’re doing it because the people behind you will suddenly go quiet; however, I try to ignore it so it’s not as funny. But that never works, because when you ignore it, they assume that you didn’t notice, and when you keep going, it makes it even funnier that you haven’t noticed after all that time. I suppose the best approach would be to say something to them without turning around or stopping. That’d probably be best, but whatever. Anyways, eventually Zeth and Kristy went down a different road, so Melissa and I just kept walking since we were going the cool way anyways. We went through the Banbury Heights park and stuff, so it was much more scenic. On the way we were talking about the different houses and stuff; I was looking around and pretending to listen as she blabbed on about how this house or that house was gross-looking (okay, just kidding, I was listening and contributing to the conversation as well…jeez, it’s a joke for goodness sakes). Eventually we met up with Zeth and Kristy at my house, I went in and changed my pants into shorts, and then we went on our way – in my car, of course.

After going to my house, we stopped at the Staats’ house so that Melissa could pick up some clothes, since she was sleeping over at Steph’s house that night. I went in for a drink of water since I was dying of thirst, and talked to Becca and Holly, who were tired and didn’t really understand what I was saying. Whatever. We headed back to the car, and sat there for a moment to try and figure out what to do. Zeth suggested playing tennis, which would have been cool, but I was really hungry, not having had supper yet. We agreed to go get food, but couldn’t agree on a place. Finally I suggested Harvey’s, which Melissa objected to, but I didn’t care. After taking a roundabout route (since I never know where I’m going), we got there, I ate and was satisfied, and we headed on our way to nowhere. We got in the car, I drove the car to the driveway of the parking lot, and asked, “So…where are we going? Just pick a direction; left or right.” Melissa, sitting in the passenger seat, said right, so I went right, and we were on our way – though where we were going, we didn’t know. We just kept driving and driving, and then Kristy suggested going down to the river. That seemed like a good idea, so we headed down there, found a parking spot, and headed to the river.

It took a little while to find a good spot to actually get down close to the river. Around the edge was a bunch of rocks, but just past that was a sort of dirt cliff that jutted up a couple feet. We had to walk down quite a bit to find a spot where the ground levelled off so we could get down. Then we spent a while just trying to skip rocks or throw big rocks in to make big splashes. I tried to see how far I could throw rocks, and then was interrupted when Kristy found a clamshell – with a clam still in it. I suggested cooking it up, but seeing as there was no fire in sight, I guess that idea was discarded quite quickly. I’m really not sure what she did with it; I assume she just set it back down and let it live, being an avid animal lover and all, but I don’t really know. After a while, skipping and throwing rocks got a bit boring, so we headed back to the little park that was just beside the river – complete with a soccer field with puny nets that you’d smack your head off of if you ran into them. Zeth and I climbed up onto the big soccer nets and hung upside down from them and such. Then Melissa took my keys, which I had set on the ground so they wouldn’t fall out of my pocket, and took the key for the Toyota off the key ring. I was chasing her trying to get them back, and then she threw the rest of the keys back at me, hitting me right in the head. It hurt a lot; I still have a bump from it. But whatever. She gave the key to Kristy, and within about ten seconds I had it back.

We headed over to the picnic bench, and on the way there, somehow I got into a conversation with Melissa about running. So I told her to run to the far goal and back. After she got back, she told us that she wanted to run around the couple of soccer fields in the park. It was a fairly long distance, but I told her I’d run with her, so that’s what we did. We went once around, and she soon realized that it was much further than she had thought. It was still pretty refreshing, though. I worked up a good sweat because it was so hot, but whatever. It would also have helped if my shorts didn’t keep falling down, but whatever. My belt doesn’t hold them up that well. We got back and rested for a bit, then we walked back to the car, waiting for Kristy to go get her sandals, which she had left on the other side of the park when we were going to the river. After getting in the car, we half-decided to go get ice cream. On the way, though, we passed IGA, so Kristy and Melissa told me to stop to say hello to Steph. We did that, going through her line and buying a couple chocolate bars. She was surprised to see us, so we told her what we had done and such, then went on our way.

Somewhere around that stop at IGA, the ice cream was forgotten. I brought it up again, but no one really wanted it anymore. Whatever. I had only suggested it because I had a gift certificate for Dairy Queen. We eventually ended up going back to Kristy’s house, and Zeth and Kristy wanted to watch Ace Ventura. I had just seen the movie a couple weeks ago at her house, so I wasn’t really interested in watching it, and neither was Melissa. She wanted to do something still, and so did I.

So, we left Zeth and Kristy there and went to the park instead. She wanted to go back to the Banbury Heights park, but that place is better when you have a soccer ball or baseball and bat or something like that. Plus, it was all the way down past my house, whereas there was a closer park to Kristy’s house. So we went to the Lynden Hill park. I found it kind of ironic going there again with Melissa, but this time the memories didn’t come and flood my mind like when I was there last – that time it was with Steph, but it was the first time I had been back there since the previous summer. Anyways, Melissa and I played on the climbers and stuff for a little bit, and I found out just how little upper body strength she really has. Then again, I didn’t expect her to be a bodybuilder in disguise or anything. Then we went up to the big hill and sat up there for a little while. Once the stars came out, we were competing to find them first. She eventually won by four – three of those were found while walking back to Kristy’s house, though, so I’m not sure that they count. Anyways, I suppose you could have used the word “romantic” to describe the setting, since we were sitting on a hill at night watching the stars come out – however, that setting was sort of destroyed considering we were doing mercy fights and the slaps game. I’m pretty sure I rock at both of those games, and by the time we finished, Melissa’s hands were all red. So I guess that’s where the word “romantic” doesn’t really apply…

After a while of sitting on the hill and getting eaten by mosquitos, it was time for a quick swing on the swings, and then we headed home. We got back to Kristy’s house and watched the end of the movie, and soon after we got in, Josh came over with Jake, Dave, Jeff, and Jeff’s friend Garrett. They watched the end of the movie with us, and then, after a bit of talking, decided to go to Brier Park or something. I wasn’t really interested in going since Melissa and I had just been to the park, and besides, it was about 10:30 and I wanted to get home since I had to wake up early the next morning to go to worship practice. So I said my goodbyes and headed home, while everyone else went into the other cars and had some fun I assume.

That was yesterday, and I must say it was a pretty fun day. There was a lot of sitting and asking, “So, what do you want to do?” but even with that, we ended up doing some fun stuff, so it all worked out. This is Zeth and Josh’s last week here, so we had better make it a good time. But with that said, I’m going to finish this off and wait for another day of excitement. I was talking to Lana on MSN just not too long ago, and she was asking for my help with some pre-testing stuff she needs to do for university. I can understand how fractions – which we haven’t done since something like four years ago – might throw anyone for a loop. So I have to set some time up with her to help her out with that. Man, maybe I could find my real calling as a math teacher. Of course, I’d end up as a grumpy old man who abused kids that didn’t understand how 6 + (-3) was the same thing as 6 – 3, but isn’t that how all math teachers end up? But anyways, before I start rambling (or get abused by a grumpy math teacher who doesn’t like what I’m writing here), I’ll end this. Have a good day.

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