Mini-Golf, Movies, and Monotony

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Yesterday was pretty cool. In the afternoon, Jeff called me up and asked if I wanted to do something. Since I worked Sunday and today, I figured that yesterday was the sandwich day that I’d have to fill in with something good. After all, no one eats a sandwich just for the bread. So I said sure, and he came and picked me up. We then went and picked up Melissa, then drove over to Angelie’s house and picked her up as well. Jeff’s plan was to go go-karting at Ben-Mar, so off we went.

When we got there, it wasn’t raining, but you could tell that it had been raining quite recently. The go-karts were closed, but Jeff figured that they’d likely open them up in about half an hour or so once the track dried up. So we went and sat in Johnny-be-Good for a while, then went back to check again. They were still closed, so I guess they just decided to keep it closed for the entire day or something. So instead, we played a round of mini-golf. Jeff beat me by one stroke to get first place, so I didn’t do too badly, I suppose. Afterwards, we headed to Tim Hortons so Angelie could get a cinnamon roll, and then we headed home because people wanted to be home for supper at their own houses. We decided to reconvene at 7:30 PM with a movie or something. And now I’ve completely lost track of what I was saying just because I actually used the word “reconvene.”

I was talking to Jeff later on that day on MSN and he was asking whether I needed a ride to Angelie’s house – where the movie was going to be played. I told him that I didn’t know, but that I would find out once my parents got home. At suppertime, it took a lot of prodding to actually get the car from my dad. He kept making up excuses. Jennifer apparently needed the car to go to work, even though she wasn’t working. My mom supposedly needed both cars for something. It was strange – but I knew he was joking and would eventually agree to give me the car. So that was that. The next order of business was who I needed to pick up. Jeff had said that if I could get the car, that I could pick up Melissa instead of him coming to get her. That was fine, except that I wasn’t sure whether she’d be allowed to be in the car with me alone. I mean, I know I wouldn’t do anything, and she knows she wouldn’t do anything, but our parents might not have the same confidence. So at first I looked for someone else to pick up. I called up Kristy and asked if she was going; she said she didn’t know if she wanted to or not. Once she decided that she did, she had to wait for her dad to get home to ask him. By the time I was going to leave, he still hadn’t come home, so she told me to just go on without her, and if she was allowed to go, she’d get her dad to give her a ride. So that was fine.

The next thing I had to do, then, was to ask Melissa if she would be allowed in my car. Jeff had said something about her being at Zellers, and I faintly remembered her saying something about that as well (I have a horrible memory), so I called her cell phone and talked to her. It turned out that she was with her sister Holly, and she was going to Angelie’s house as well, so we wouldn’t be alone anyways. That was fine, then, so I headed over to pick them up at Zellers. They were outside fighting with masks on and fake swords, and I was about to drive away to avoid the embarrassment. I decided not to, though, and let them into the car instead of pretending that they were trying to carjack me or something.

We drove to Angelie’s house, and waited for other people to show up. Taylor was there, and later Jeff, Kristin, Michelle, and Bethany came as well. We were going to watch a movie, but then decided to go to the park first. We walked over, and after we arrived, Jeff, Taylor, and I started up a game of Grounders. The girls played frisbee instead. It was a pretty fun game, though – the climbers at this park were pretty big and there was a lot of variety to them, with monkey bars and poles and a climbing wall with a chain. It was certainly fun. Afterwards, we hung around the park for a little while longer, with Jeff and me having a jumping competition on the swings. We also played a bit of frisbee after that, but by that time it was getting dark, and then Melissa’s mom called and told her she was picking her and Holly up. So we walked back to Angelie’s house, and then waited for Mrs. Staats outside. We talked about some very strange things which in my current state I just can’t remember (I just got off work and thus am tired).

Eventually Mrs. Staats came and Melissa and Holly left, so we all went inside. Michelle, Kristin, and Bethany left next, and then Jeff, Taylor, Angelie, and I put on the movie, Bubble Boy. Taylor left not too long after it started since his ride came. It was a pretty funny movie, I guess, if not utterly ridiculous. The intro started up way too fast. In about three minutes, the main character is born, grows up, falls in love, and then watches the person he loves go away to get married. Then the entire rest of the movie is devoted to his attempt to get to Niagara Falls, where she’s getting married, to stop the wedding. It involved several different groups of people, including savage bikers, freaks from a circus show, members of a cult, and a Hindu man with an ice cream and curry truck. If that doesn’t set the stage for a strange movie, then I’m not exactly sure what else could. Anyways, the movie wasn’t too bad, but we started it too late, so it was soon after 11:00 PM before I left Angelie’s house. I got home and my mom was a little mad at me for being back late – then I explained that I wasn’t late, because they never gave me a time to be home at anyways. It made sense, but she still didn’t like it, though she understood that she couldn’t get mad because of that reason. Anyways, I went upstairs and fell asleep within minutes.

Today’s been a bunch of nothing. I woke up and got ready, then had to have lunch at about 10:30 AM or something so I could be ready for work. I started work at noon, but I had to catch the bus to get there, so I had to be ready for soon before 11:30. I went outside and crossed the street to wait at the bus stop, and there was a girl in a flowery dress already waiting there, sitting on the ground. I stood to the side and slightly behind her, and as I looked down, I noticed that her legs were all hairy. I mean, it’s not like they were fuzzy or anything, but it was certainly noticeable. With that wonderfully disgusting image in my head, I got onto the bus and headed to work. Once there I did approximately nothing, since there was nothing to be done. It was like a ghost town inside the theatre; I’m sure I saw one of those tumbleweed things blowing around in the lobby. I’m still tired, though, just from having to stand for four and a half hours. It’s hard on the legs. Plus, standing there and doing nothing doesn’t exactly help keep the mind active, so I’m tired. I did have a good long chance to think, though, as I stared at the nasty carpet on the floors. Right now I can’t really remember what exactly I was thinking about, really. My mind just sort of wandered around and picked up any thoughts that seemed interesting; most of them turned out not to be, though.

All in all, yesterday was good, and today was not. I’m not saying that I had a horrible day today or anything, but it has just been quite boring. I may do something tonight, but I’m not sure yet. With all that said, though, I’m going to finish off this entry and then stare off into space. After all, I’ve been practicing for the past four and a half hours, so I’m pretty good at it now.

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