Friends, Family, and Feeling Fancy

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It’s a strange feeling having friends. I mean, I’ve always had friends, but it’s a strange feeling having friends who actually want to spend time with you. I know that sounds kind of stupid, but when most of your life you’ve only had “school friends” who will talk to you all week at school and then act like you don’t exist once the weekend comes, it’s certainly good to have a change. I remember a couple years ago, I would perhaps get one phone call a month at most. Now there seems to be more phone calls for me than for anyone else in my family. Yes, I know, I’m a stud. Now get back in line to get your autographs.

Yesterday around lunchtime, Jeff called me to see if I wanted to do something. Right before he phoned, I had just popped a bagel into the toaster and was engaged in a process of complaining at how little cream cheese was left in the container. A bagel just isn’t a bagel without cream cheese, and the fact that I was going to have to go sparingly with it just didn’t seem morally right to me – nor tasty, either. Anyways, I was sulking over my horrible plight in life when Jeff called me up. He suggested that we get a bunch of people together and then go to Mohawk Park. After getting food and eating it there, we could play frisbee or whatever. That sounded like a good idea until he told me to call people since I apparently “knew more people’s phone numbers” than he did. Whatever. I guess I probably do, since I have a piece of paper with everyone’s phone numbers written down on it – I did it one day when I was bored, armed with a pen and a phone book. Anyways, I tried to phone people in between bites of my bagel. It didn’t work too well, and the bagel was quickly getting cold, but since there already was too little cream cheese on it, it was already ruined. I was basically only eating it because I didn’t want to waste food.

I phoned up almost everyone on the list. I stopped phoning the girls after I phoned Erica and she said that the girls that had slept over the night before hadn’t gone to bed until 2:30 AM. She herself sounded like she had just swallowed a frog and then washed it down with a glass of nails. I figured most of the other girls would be the same way. The only person who could do anything was Jake. It was his day off, and he was waiting for a phone call just like this one so he could do something. Eventually we got things worked out, and Jeff said he’d pick me up at 1:00 PM. I used the time remaining to finish the last morsels of my ruined bagel, change, and do the couple things that my mom had called and told me to do. He picked me up, and then we headed over to Jake’s house. We then went to Wendy’s and picked up food, driving to Mohawk Park after that. We ate at a picnic table, then decided to take a walk down some of the trails. Jake showed us a little place with some ramps for bikes, and then we slowly walked back, stopping at various places and taking detours.

We went down to the river for a little bit, just talking about anything that came up. It was pretty cool. We saw a couple people fishing – or trying to fish, anyway – as well as some wanna-be thugs that were trying to be cool. After a little while, we went back up and got into the car, heading back to Jake’s house. Once there, we watched Saving Private Ryan. I’ve only ever seen about the first ten minutes of that before, and it was pretty good, if not overly long. During the movie, Steph called and talked to Jake and then me for a little while. She hasn’t been hanging out with anyone much because she’s been busy with driver’s ed. She went on about how boring it was, and I could certainly relate. I’m just glad I never have to go through that again. Eventually something happened to the connection I think, and she suddenly couldn’t hear me. I was talking, but she was just singing or something because she couldn’t hear what I was saying. Then, after about a minute or so, it suddenly just went to static. It was strange. Oh well.

After the movie, we headed out to the driving range at Ben-Mar to hit some golf balls. Jeff and I bought a bucket of balls each, and Jake mooched off both of us. I really suck at golf, especially driving, but I did not too badly, hitting a couple about 150 yards. That was fun, but it would have been more fun if I didn’t suck at the whole driving thing. Oh well. After that, we went and got some supper at McDonalds. Then it was off to Jake’s house to drop him off back at his house. Jeff and I sat outside his house in the car trying to call people to see if they wanted to do anything. We got ahold of Dave, and he wanted to do something, and then we called Kristy, and she said that she wasn’t going to come because she was dying Angelie’s hair that night. That was fine. We tried to get ahold of Melissa, but there was no answer at her house. It was strange. It was actually Jeff’s idea to call her. Normally I likely only would if there were more people there, just so he didn’t feel left out or a third wheel or anything, but he told me to call her. I just shrugged my shoulders and called.

We picked up Dave and I tried her house again – no answer. Jeff decided that we’d go over to her house and see they were home and just not answering their phone. I thought that was a little strange, but whatever. We went over and they were indeed home. Melissa was painting her room. I asked if she wanted to come hang out with us, and she said that she would in twenty minutes. Then her mom came by and said she wanted her to stay home. That was that. I said my goodbyes, and relayed the information on to Jeff and Dave. I’m really not sure why they left me to go there myself, except that they thought her mom might not like it with three guys picking her up. With how it was, though, it looked like it was just me trying to pick her up. So I don’t think that worked too well, but whatever.

Jeff next decided that we’d go crash Kristy and Angelie’s hair-dying party. We headed to Kristy’s house and I rang the doorbell since Jeff and Dave were too scared that her dad would be home and get mad at us. It turned out that he wasn’t even home, though he came home soon after. We came in and ended up looking at Angelie’s pictures of New Zealand. They hadn’t even started to dye her hair yet, anyways. After that, we sat and talked for quite a while. Angelie told me some awesome things about her time on the missions trip, and we really just had a great discussion. The entire thing wasn’t serious, but a good portion of it was about some great topics. We talked about youth group in the fall, and also the state of my youth group. I told Angelie that I was planning to start up the Bible study she suggested, and she was glad. She said, “Good, so I wasn’t just talking to a wall then.” The fact is, though, that she had been at the time. I just thought about it later and changed my mind about it.

Anyways, the time kept ticking away, and we just kept talking. Eventually we left so that Kristy could dye Angelie’s hair, and Jeff dropped me off at my house after that. It was a really great time there, though. Honestly, since Angelie came back from New Zealand, I have seen such an amazing change in her life. I mean, she’s always been a good Christian in my eyes for as long as I’ve known her, but since she came back, she’s a whole new person. She honestly gave everything up to God and completely surrendered her life to Him, and I admire that decision. Of course, she may have a rough time once Jordan gets back, but she asked me to help her stay on track once that happens. It’s an awesome change, though. When she left, she was telling me how much she was going to miss Jordan – she was completly obsessed with him; when she came back, she told people that she had decided to break up with him and give a year of her life to God – “date God,” as she put it. I think that’s a very honourable decision, and I respect her highly for it. And thus, since she’s come back from New Zealand, I’ve appreciated how she’s helped everyone else in the youth group get closer to God as well. She brings up serious discussions, and everyone starts to get into it. She’s helped me already, and it’s only been about a week and a half since she came back. I certainly hope this attitude of hers stays around.

Today, I planned not to do anything. I knew I had to work tonight, and so I figured that people would likely be doing something in the evening. I then decided that if people wanted to do something earlier on in the day, I’d politely decline so that I’d be home before my parents got home. That was the big thing. I haven’t spent all that much time with them lately, so I wanted to be home not just for supper, but before they got home, so it wasn’t more like I was coming home to take advantage of a free meal or something. I must admit that I don’t really like suppertimes that much at my house. It’s mostly my parents talking back and forth with each other about work that day, and my sister continually pinching my arm or something. But at the same time, I understand that suppertimes are important. I don’t spend as much time with my family as I should, and although the reason for that is just that my friends are more interesting and do cooler stuff than my parents, it doesn’t mean that friends are more important than family. I’ve lost track of that somewhere along the way in my life, and I’m trying to put the two back in balance. I can’t just shun my friends completely to devote myself to my family or anything, but I can’t do the same with my family, either.

With that said, I entirely intended to just stay home today and enjoy a relaxing day at home. Then Melissa called. I actually didn’t recognize who it was at first since she said “Hi” really loud into the phone. I thought she was one of the people that call my parents all the time selling hearing aids or earplugs or something – after all, they need loud people to do the phone calls for that sort of thing. But then I realized who it was, and she asked if I wanted to come over. I considered it for a second (my way of stalling for time while I think is to say “no” right away), then decided that it would be fine as long as I was home before my parents were, as I had planned. So I said sure, I would come over, and then I went upstairs to make myself pretty. That involved changing into clean clothes so I wasn’t a grub, and putting on deodorant. After all, when you plan to stay at home all day, those things just aren’t as important. I grabbed my mp3 player, put some new music on it, and then headed out the door.

I got to the Staats’ house and was bombarded, as usual, with kids. Apparently Ezekiel had wanted me to come over today as well, so he took up his usual place beside me on the couch. Melissa and Becca were watching Dawson’s Creek, so I sat there and tried to understand what was going on. I wasn’t very successful, though I wasn’t too disappointed at my failure. After all, I was also trying to entertain Ezekiel at the same time. He’s a cool kid, though; don’t get me wrong there. After watching that strange show, Melissa and I went downstairs and played a game of foozball, with Ezekiel trailing along close behind. She won 10-9, so I wasn’t too mad at the loss. Afterwards, she and Ezekiel played Fusion Frenzy on X-Box while I sat and watched. I can’t say I’m all that fond of that game. There’s a bunch of different mini-games to play, and they all confused me when I played them for the first time. Oh well.

We came upstairs, had noodles for lunch, and then Kristy called, asking if they all wanted to come over to her house to swim. Since it was raining outside at the time, we got a ride there with the girlfriend of Kristy’s dad – her name escapes me at the moment. While some of them swam outside in the pool, the ones inside watched Cellular. It was an alright movie – not the greatest, though. I liked the plot, but the acting could have used a little work. After that was over, I sat there debating what to do. I knew my dad would be home sometime after 4:00 PM, and it was about 3:30 by that point. I figured I might as well just go home then, so I said goodbye to everyone and headed home.

Now I’m sitting here after supper, waiting until I have to go to work. I’m not sure how this is going to work exactly, since I’m not allowed to drive, but my parents aren’t exactly going to want to come pick me up at midnight. I’ll have to wait and see what they want to do. It’s a very strange feeling not starting work until 8:45 at night. It just seems like such a strange hour to start. But whatever. I’ll go there, have a nice boring time, and then come home at a horrible hour to finally fall into bed and hopefully have a nice, deep sleep. I can’t say it’s the greatest job, but it could be a lot worse. Half the time, there’s not all that much to really do, so it’s like you’re getting paid to stand there and talk to people. It reminds me of Sundays at Quizno’s. There’s only so many times that you can go through and clean the entire store before finally resigning yourself to the fact that everything is spotless and that you have nothing with which to occupy your time. At least that doesn’t happen for entire shifts at Cineplex. It just dies down a lot once the movies get in, but gets really busy before the movies start and after they end. Whatever. It’s a job, and it’s giving me money. So I can handle it.

Tomorrow, Melissa and her friend Sarah (I think Sarah is her name, anyway) want to hang out with Jake and me. I’m not sure what they’re wanting to do or anything, but Sarah likes Jake. I’m not sure if it’s actually happening, though, since I was talking to Jake about it and he said that he doesn’t really like her that much. He said she kind of creeps him out. Ouch. But with that said, we’ll see what happens. He may cave in just because he’s that kind of guy when it comes to the ladies. He’s just a nice guy; what can I say? As for anything else that’s going on, I’m really not sure. I have to work on Sunday night as well, so I’ll likely be dead tired once Monday rolls around. After all, I’m waking up early on Sunday morning in order to play bass, and if I’m also going to be up late working, I may just collapse into a heap on the floor. We’ll see. As for anything else that I can say, though, I have nothing in that department, so I think this just about wraps up this blog entry. This is Jeff Hughes, signing out. Stay smiling, St. Angeles.

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Angelie King

my first comment! heckk yesss!!
okay first off- NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR YOUTH GROUP! jeff you can revolutionize it- no joke. you are such a good speaker/writer and your mind has such an ability to motivate and blow thoughts from what they were. everytime i read/hear what you have to say, im so shocked. youre incredible. so dont give up bud! do that guys bible study – let God use you and you’ll change everything thru his power!
secondd – thankyou for what you said about me. i needed that. it was really uplifting and encouraging and just pray i’ll be able to keep this new attitude- its not me.. thats why its so good, jeff! it’s God in me! i have never fully lived for him before, and when you begin to, it’s incredible peace & joy that just shines into all you do- and thats my prayer that i’ll start a ripple effect and brantford would be revolutionized!
third- dangit, what was i going to say… uhm.. oh spiritual gifts! ROMANS 12! read it up bro! 🙂
your sister in Him-

Angelie king 🙂
– spread the fire *


Haha what have you been SMOKING? lol…just kidding of course…I think.

first – Well thank you. I’ve been praying about this Bible study thing, and I’m sure that if I’m willing to do this, God will use it – because I’m sure if I can see the situation that’s going on there, He sure can too. I just have to step out and see what happens!

second – You’re very welcome. I’ve seen such a radical change in you, and I know that it’s definitely God working in your life. You’ve got awesome talents and abilities that God wants to use, and the more willing you are, the more He’ll use you to change people’s lives. Keep searching for His heart, and you’ll never go wrong 🙂

third – Ahh yes, that’s where it was. I found the test that I took about those things too. They were slightly different, though – same meaning, just different words. Perceiver, Server, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Administrator, and Compassion. The last time I took the test, I was first a Perceiver, then Teacher, then Compassion. I don’t exactly see that, but I guess I can see that I’m not the others to as great an extent. So whatever – it’s still a good indicator as to where your position is in the body of Christ.

Anyways, thanks for dropping by and posting your very first comment. Have a good one, and I’ll see you soon!