Endings and New Beginnings

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Yesterday was awesome. At least most of it, that is. Not much happened in the morning, then around lunchtime Melissa called and asked if I wanted to hang out with her and Josh at the mall. He had to buy clothes apparently. I said sure, because it was better than being bored at home (that’s always my reason, but that’s because I’m always bored at home, I suppose). They picked me up, and we headed over to the mall to get clothes for him. I won’t bore you all with the details, but mainly it was Melissa that picked out the clothes for him, and then he bought them. It was fun, though, I guess, mainly because I got to make fun of both of them. After about an hour, they dropped me back off at home, and that was that. Of course, Josh didn’t know what was going on tonight.

I haven’t mentioned anything about the plans for last night in my blog here just in case Josh or Zeth reads this. I don’t think either of them do, but I decided to be careful just the same. You see, I’ve been hanging out a lot with Steph and Kristy and driving them around places. Why? Well, for the past couple of weeks, they’ve been planning a going-away party for Josh and Zeth. And last night was the night it all came together. It was a surprise party, so I made sure not to mention anything – just because I wouldn’t want to be the one charged as guilty of ruining the surprise.

The plan was this: Josh and Zeth were invited over to Steph’s house along with Kristy, apparently with the reason that Steph’s parents wanted to say goodbye to them before they left. Well, I’m sure they did, but that was just the fake reason, of course. Then, after supper, Steph and Kristy would take them for a walk out behind Steph’s house. That’s when everyone would come to her house and get everything set up. I had told them I would be over there a bit earlier than everyone else, at 7:00 PM, to just get the streamers set up and tell everyone where to park and such. I would be helped, of course, by the other people riding with me in my car, but the point was that Steph and Kristy had told me all their plans about the party, so I had it all in my head, and not many other people did.

So that was the plan. Things didn’t exactly go according to that plan, though. I picked up Melissa, Holly, and Becca from the Staats’ house at about 6:30, then drove over to pick up Angelie at her house. We got there at about 6:45, and then sat there for about five or ten minutes while she scrambled around her house trying to find pants or something. Then, when she got in the car, she asked if we could just stop at Zehrs to pick up her pictures from New Zealand. I sighed and agreed, so we went over there and sat there for five or ten minutes as well. By the time we were actually on the way to Steph’s house, it was already about 7:00. So much for the plan. I raced over there as fast as I could and got there about 7:15 or so. Some of the people were already there by that time and were confused as to what to do. I had to get Jeff to park on the other side of the house, because I knew what direction they would be coming from. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand Steph completely – apparently we were supposed to park on the other side of the trees. But whatever, I don’t think you could see our cars anyway.

After parking the car, I had to get everyone to hide their shoes, and then I went upstairs to Steph’s room, got her and Kristy’s list of stuff to do along with the streamers and such, and people got to work putting stuff up. I had to call Kristy’s cell phone and let her know when we were ready, but I decided to just call her and ask her if they could stall the guys for about ten minutes. She said yeah, that was fine, so that gave us time to put everything up. Jeff decided that he would get up into the treehouse and look out for them when they came. He had his cell phone, and he would call Dave’s cell phone when he saw them. That was fine until everyone decided to go outside and figure out if they could see him. In all, it was very hard to keep people inside. But whatever. Things were going as planned, and then the phone rang. I answered it, and it was Kristin. Apparently Michelle’s carfull was lost. They asked if Vanessa Road was the right road to be on, and I said yes, then they asked the number. I told them, and they told me the number that they were at. However, I have no clue which way the numbers go on that road, so I couldn’t help them there. I told them that it was a house with white pillars, and there would be a blue and black car outside on the lawn. Apparently they were out near Woodstock, but they got turned around. They made the mistake of using Steph’s laneway to turn around, though, and apparently Josh and Zeth saw them.

We got everyone into the room where they couldn’t see us, and I saw them coming from out one of the windows. I signaled everyone to be quiet, and soon after, Jeff called from the treehouse. It was on. As with all times when people are trying to be quiet, no one could actually stay quiet, because everyone would be giggling softly or something. It was really annoying. I really don’t know why being quiet is so funny. But anyways, we yelled, “Surprise!” and they walked in like they were expecting it. That’s mainly because they were, though. They had been tipped off by Michelle’s car in the driveway, and apparently Steph and Kristy turned them around so they wouldn’t see it – that’s certainly no giveaway that something’s going on. Then, when they walked in, some of the streamers were hanging down a bit from the top of the door, so they saw that. Then, of course, was Steph and Kristy’s bad acting. They were grinning the entire way there apparently. So it wasn’t much of a surprise – but then again, not many surprise parties really work all that well anyways. It’s the thought that counts, and there was food there too, so they were happy.

After the “big surprise,” people sat around, ate, and talked. More people showed up later, and eventually most people went outside. There was a small swimming pool out in the backyard, and then behind that was a shed with water balloons. People got that out and had a little mini-war. I got away. Josh also tried a couple times to get me in the pool, and was unsuccessful. The first time, he and Jake closed in on me, but I slipped out their grasp and ran away. Jake chased after me, but I was confident in my ability to get away from him. Then, maybe five minutes later, Josh snuck up behind me and bear-hugged me, therefore making it impossible for me to move my arms. I was struggling, but couldn’t get away, and he would have gotten me in if someone hadn’t grabbed Josh and pulled him away. I forget who it was exactly, but then they kept him occupied until I could get safely inside. Then, everyone came inside and we had ice cream cake. Josh and Zeth both gave speeches saying they would miss us all, and then tried to cut the cake but couldn’t. A bunch of the guys tried to cut it, but it was too hard. Then Mrs. Smith got a better knife, and Angelie ended up being in charge of the cake-cutting. Everyone had cake, and then we went outside for a bonfire.

The fire was huge. We had to move back the logs that we were going to sit on, because otherwise it was just too hot. I sat down on the log, and everything was going fine, until a bunch of the girls suddenly got into a sort of circle and started whispering. I thought maybe something was up, because I thought I heard my name a couple times, and they were looking over at me. Then they went over to Jake and whispered to him. I stood up and was in the middle of making some joke about how I felt left out because they wouldn’t tell me the secret, when the girls swarmed around me and grabbed my arms and legs. Jake joined in, and I was struggling viciously. I yelled at them that I had my wallet in my pocket, so they fished around in there and found it, taking it out. Yes, they were trying to throw me in the pool, and I was fighting like mad to get away. I was kicking and pulling my arms back and forth to try to loosen their grip, but there were just too many of them. Six on one isn’t exactly the best odds if you’re the one. As they were getting out my wallet, they sort of set me down, and I got my legs free. I was working on my arms, and actually managed to get up to my feet to do that, but they soon grabbed my legs again and continued on their way towards the pool. They threw me in, clothes and all, along with my shoes on, too. I was not happy. I know exactly who was involved, and I will get all of them back for it some day – the next time we’re at a pool.

So there I was, dripping wet, soaked to the bone. My clothes now weighed a ton, and so I headed over to the fire to try and dry off. It didn’t work too well, and then I remembered something wonderful – the night before, Steph and Kristy had taken an extra change of clothes I had in the trunk of my car, thinking it was something of theirs. So I found Kristy and asked if she knew where it was. She didn’t, and she didn’t know where Steph was either. She ended up being inside, but I couldn’t go in there because I was soaking wet. I ended up asking a couple of the girls to go in and find her, asking her where my clothes were. They came back eventually, saying that they had looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. That sort of dampened my mood, although I guess I was already damp enough. I continued to stand beside the fire, but it was just too hot. Eventually I resigned myself to the fact that I would never dry off completely – my pants were still quite wet, even though I had been standing in front of the fire for quite a while. I wanted to take them off to wring them out, but I don’t think that would have been too appreciated.

After a while, I ended up sitting on the ground some distance from the fire, because Melissa was sitting on the slide there. I had to talk with her, so I looked for a good opportunity to do that. You see, we’ve written a couple notes back and forth talking about “us.” Her mom has said that she’s allowed to have a boyfriend, as long as she hangs out with him in groups and not alone. So, I brought it up in one of my notes, and she wrote back answering me and such. When I read it, I figured we might as well go for it, and so I decided that I would ask her the next time I saw her. That turned out to be last night. It was kind of awkward earlier on, because as I walked with her and Josh at the mall, we ran into Auburn – I think it was Auburn, I never remember which sister is which. She talked with us for a couple minutes, and then she pointed to Melissa and me and asked, “So are you two going out yet?” We said no, and she looked at me and was like, “Why not?” I just kind of shrugged my shoulders. In my head, though, I made a mental note that yes, I definitely had to ask Melissa tonight.

So there we were, her on the slide, and me on the grass beside it. There was a brief lull in the conversation, so, seizing my opportunity, I said, “So, I read your note.” I hoped that maybe she’d say something to keep it going, but all she said was something like, “Oh yeah?” It didn’t work too well. Here I was, looking for a nice little segue, and it just got shot down. I looked for another opportunity, but another one never seemed to show itself. Eventually, Josh came by and I brought up the fact that Steph couldn’t find my extra clothes, and he was like, “Oh yeah, I have those in the back of my car.” That was pretty cool. I went with him and got them out of his car, then went inside and changed into nice, dry clothes. I felt much better after that. I went to my car, put the wet clothes in my trunk and took out the hoodie I had put in there before I left, then went back.

The fire had died down somewhat by this point, and I was cold, so I headed over there and sat down. Soon, Melissa came and sat down beside me. Basically everyone else was on the other side of the fire and talking amongst themselves, so we were still pretty much by ourselves. Eventually she brought up the conversation I had failed to bring up by saying, “So, what are we going to do about ‘us?'” We talked about it for a bit, and decided that we’d make it “official” – I think. I’m really not sure. I kind of joked, “So are you going to ask me out already, or what?” She laughed, and then it progressed into something very, very romantic. She asked something about whether we were going to go ahead with it, and I just shrugged and said, “Yeah sure, why not? Might as well go for it.” That’s when she pointed out how romantic it was. Hah. I’m sure she could tell my burning love for her, as witnessed by my passionate shrug of the shoulders. But whatever. I figure that in any situation, it’s always best to just play it cool. I think it’s pretty obvious that both of us want to go out with each other, and basically everyone in the youth group already considers us a “couple” anyways, so there’s not really anything big to say. It’s not like I’m going to get down on one knee and ask her to go out with me – that’s just overkill for something she already knows I want to do anyways. That would be something you do when you’re completely surprising the other person.

So anyways, with that said, I think we’re “official.” I figure that it’s a safe bet if I say that, considering that as soon as I write it down here and people read it, they’ll consider it official anyways. The girls that read this will say things like, “Awww,” and do the stupid things that girls do, including making the guy (namely, me) in the situation awkward by going up and talking about the entire thing. Any guys that read this blog (if there are any) will at most give a nod of acknowledgement or say something like, “Alright, man!” But that’s as much as they’ll talk about it, likely. Guys and girls are funny, you know that? I’ve always wanted to make a sitcom or something that pointed out the big differences between the behaviour of men and women. Then I remember that there already are a whole ton of those. But whatever. It’s differences that make this world bearable – if we were all the same, it’d be so boring. Besides, the more different people are, the more I get to make fun of them, so that’s always good. I laugh because I know I’m just as different as they are.

With that said, after a while I decided to head home. Melissa wanted a ride because she didn’t know when Josh was going home and she needed to be home by midnight (presumably before her pumpkin carriage turned back to a plain old pumpkin), and I asked if anyone else needed a ride. Angelie had already gone home, which I was surprised at, but I suppose she’s likely still jet-lagged. Erica asked for a ride home, but then she didn’t want to leave right away. I told her I could stay for a little bit longer, but then she asked the other Jeff for a ride home. She didn’t want me driving her home since I lived on the other side of town. I told her that I really didn’t care since I was already in the middle of nowhere and had to drive into Brantford anyways, but she ended up going with Jeff anyways. That meant that Melissa had to go with Jeff as well, since she shouldn’t be in the car with me alone. I figured that was fair enough, but that just meant Jeff had to go across town himself. It really was inconvenient either way. But anyways, I just put on my soaking wet shoes, turned up the music, and headed home. I got home soon after midnight, and headed to bed.

In all, it was a great time. I think everyone had fun, even the people who got thrown in the pool. Josh and Zeth should feel special that they have friends who are going to miss them when they’re gone, and I think they did feel special. Steph and Kristy gave them a scrapbook with hundreds of pictures of their friends, along with messages from all of us. They’re definitely awesome guys, and they’ll certainly be missed. Of course, Jeff and I will have to go over to their house while they’re gone and work up our Halo skills so that when they get back, we’ll be able to beat them. I doubt it’ll ever happen, but we could try at least. But I really hope they have an awesome time down there at university, as I’m sure they will. It was great getting to know them.

Before I get all teary-eyed and emotional (well, okay, I wasn’t getting teary-eyed at all, but whatever), I’ll end this off. I’m going over to their house tonight to say goodbye to them, since they’re leaving at 6:00 AM tomorrow. But I’m glad that we had that big party to say goodbye to them – though the surprise didn’t really work out, it’s the fact that we’ll miss them enough to do that for them that really matters. With that said, though, that’s the end of this entry. Have a great time, guys, and I’ll see you when you get back.

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