Disappointments and Stupid Games

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Yesterday was quite disappointing. Work was pretty boring, since it was an afternoon shift, so there weren’t very many people there. Afterwards, I called up Jeff to see if he wanted to do something. He did, so I started calling other people as well. The only people that could actually come were Angelie and Dave. Eventually we figured out that we’d go to Jeff’s house and hang out in his garage – since it has a TV and card table and such in there. Angelie ended up not going because she would be the only girl there. Pphh. I don’t see how that makes a difference, really. I mean, I hang out with all girls sometimes, and other than the fact that they get hyper and annoying, I don’t mind it. At least when they do that, I can laugh at them, so I still have a fun time being entertained at other people being idiots. But whatever. Angelie skipped out on us, so it was just going to be Jeff, Dave, and me there.

I got to Jeff’s house, and he told me that Dave had flaked out too. Apparently he hadn’t actually asked his parents to go, and they wanted him to stay home or something. So it was just Jeff and me. That wasn’t too bad; I mean, I’ve hung out with him before and had some fun. We played Tony Hawk for a while, and then another game called Flat Out, where you drive a car off a ramp and press a button to let the guy go flying out of the window, trying to get as high as possible. There are events like high jump and long jump. It’s pretty funny, if not morbid. After that, he showed me a video called CKY. It’s kind of like Jackass, where they do stupid stuff. I could tell why Jeff liked it though, because about ten minutes of it was just skateboarding and stuff. It was an alright movie, although a lot of it was pretty nasty. Most of it was just stupid stuff, though, like riding in a shopping cart down a hill or slamming into a street curb and going flying into a bush.

Everything was going alright. It was about the highlight of my day, although not really all that exciting. Then I started feeling gross. My stomach just sort of started growling – not from hunger, but rather from a stomachache. I decided after a few minutes that I didn’t feel well at all, so I decided to call my dad to come pick me up. We watched the end of CKY and then went outside on Jeff’s front porch to wait for him. He eventually got there, and I headed home. What a disappointing day. Work was boring, then I was even more bored afterwards. I finally found something to do, and then I had to go home early because I didn’t feel well. It was annoying. Anyways, I thought back to what I had eaten that day, and that might have been what caused it. About 9:30 AM, I had some cereal. Then, before I had to go to work, I was going to have some “lunch” (though it was only about 10:30 by that time), but decided that I really wasn’t hungry at all. So I went to work, and on my break at about 2:30 PM, I had a little bag of popcorn and some Coke. That, I guess you could say, was my lunch. I got home and had supper, with Pepsi to drink, and then once I got to Jeff’s house, I had Pringles and more Coke. As I looked back, I thought maybe all that pop might have something to do with it. After all, I usually don’t have all that much pop, but yesterday I had a lot. So I decided to try staying away from it for the next month. For the month of September, I’m just not going to have any pop at all. Even if that wasn’t the problem, it’ll still probably be good for me anyways. It can’t hurt at least.

I guess that’s everything to say about yesterday. Today I went over to the Staats’ house and listened to them argue basically the whole day about everything. Ezekiel really wasn’t in a good mood, and he started most of the fights. We played Life and Rummy-O, and I lost both times. Let me say in defence, though, that Rummy-O is about the stupidest game I have ever played. Plus, Melissa and Becca have played it a lot more than I have, and are more used to it. I put down one move, and they said, “No, you can’t do that!” Of course, they never bothered to tell me the rule against what I was doing. Anyways, it’s a pathetically stupid game. It’s all about strategy, but they’re rushing me to go and hurry up while I’m trying to think. I mean, I’ve only played this game twice now (including the game today), so they can’t expect me to be lightning-fast about it. What kind of strategy game requires you to be rushed so you can’t think? It defeats the whole purpose of the game. I guess that’s why there isn’t much purpose to Rummy-O.

I think that’s all I have to say for today. I have to work tonight, so that should be interesting. I’m back to being an usher for tonight, so there’s no commission. I think I’m likely closing by myself again, which should be interesting. I doubt it’ll be really busy, but you never know. Plus, I haven’t closed in about a week now, so it might be a stretch to try and remember everything. I doubt I’ll have too much trouble, though. Last time I kept thinking I had forgotten something because I was done so quickly. And even if I screw up tonight, I’ll still be better than Taylor. He was hired at the same time as me, and yet he apparently knows nothing. He’s already been given an extra training shift for closing usher, and he’s going to be given another one as well – that’s two extra shifts just to learn how to clean a stupid popcorn machine. That’s really all there is to closing. But whatever. I have to go cook a pizza for supper, so I had better do that before I forget and have to eat popcorn for supper.

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