Contests, Cineplex, and Candypants

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Well, I forgot all about posting something yesterday. It’s not like I had anything really exciting to talk about anyways, so it totally slipped my mind. Today I have more interesting stuff to write down, but first, I have to talk about something I was meaning to talk about yesterday. It’s a great idea that I just came up with, although it’s a little late. It’s in honour of my 300th post, and even though this entry is my 303rd, I figure it couldn’t hurt. What is it I have to talk about? Well, it’s a contest! Why? Well, why not?

Basically, it goes like this. Somewhere in amongst the pages of this blog, I have hidden this phrase: “(If you’re reading this, you win!)” It’s written exactly like that, and no, the one in this paragraph doesn’t count. Now, because there’s about nine months’ worth of almost-daily posts, I’m going to make it a bit easier for you all. It’s hidden within the past five months (not including August, so that’s March-July). To your right is the list of archives by month, so if you like, you can get started right now!

But for those of you who don’t just do stupid, needless searching without a reward, let me tell you a bit about that. The winner of this contest (meaning the first person to come back to this entry and post a comment saying that they’ve found it, and where they found it – the URL of it, in other words) gets a free lunch, courtesy of me! Of course, it’ll be somewhere cheap, because I’m not taking anyone to The Keg for winning my contest, but hey – a free meal is a free meal. I guess technically it doesn’t have to be “lunch,” but I’ll take the winner out to Wendy’s or something and pay for what you want to get. But there’s one condition – if you’re out of the general area and/or country, you don’t get the prize. I’m not going to drive to Mexico to give you a burger…

So get cracking! And if no one finds it in a month or something, I’ll just have to go out and treat myself to lunch. Yes! Even better! Anyways, shoo! Shoo! Go find it! It really shouldn’t be that difficult. I mean, anyone with half a brain could find it within five minutes – if you don’t want to have to take that as an insult, you’ll have to go find it. Muhahahaha!

Anyways, now that I’ve dealt with that, let me tell you a bit about yesterday. I had to go into Cineplex at 12:00 noon for training or whatever you want to call it. I thought the guy on the phone had told me that it would go until about 4:00, but I was back home at about 1:45, so I’m not sure what happened there. Anyways, I got there, and was greeted by Nikki and Taylor. Nikki was the employee there who was doing the training, and Taylor was the other guy that had just been hired along with me. I think his last name was Kitchen or something like that. So we signed in like we’re supposed to do, and then we went upstairs to have a little tour of the place. It was really cool seeing all the behind-the-scenes stuff. We got to go up into the big rooms with the projectors and the massive reels of film. It was pretty shnazzy, I must say. I mean, you could look out the little window and see the theatres down below. She also showed us where the schedule was, where the lockers were, and general stuff like that. Apparently they have draws for old movie posters after they leave the theatre, which is cool. You just sign your name up for a specific poster, and then they have a draw to see who wins it. They also have a big box full of posters that no one wanted, and she said that if we wanted, we could come up there on our own time and look through them. The job was sounding better and better.

I mean, this job pays minimum wage I think. So it’s not exactly a high-paying job. However, with all the bonus extras that you get along with it, I think it’s pretty cool. With every paycheck (every two weeks, in other words), I get two free movie passes that can be used at any Galaxy or Cineplex location, and now, since Galaxy just took over Famous Players, they can be used there as well. So I can go to Ancaster, and get two free movie passes there. Since tickets there are somewhere around $10, that means that on top of my paycheck, they’re basically giving me an extra $20. I also get to see screenings for new movies coming out before they’re shown to the public. They’re on Thursdays I believe, after the theatre closes, so around 12:30. I’m allowed to bring two people to that, too. So I mean, the job pays minimum wage, but then there’s a whole lot of extras that come along with it. It’s not a bad deal, if I do say so myself.

Anyways, after taking a tour of the place, we sat up in this little room and watched a few movies. Nikki had just been told that morning that the one training movie we were going to watch was now obsolete from the training procedures, and so she was supposed to tell us about everything, but since she had no time to prepare, we watched the movie anyways. It basically told us what to do and what the responsibilities were; basically, I rip tickets, I clean theatres and washrooms, and I keep an eye out for rowdy kids and other people in the theatres causing a disturbance. I understand all that, but what I don’t quite understand is how to do all that in one night. I mean, apparently on most days, other than Friday and Saturday, there’s only one floor person/usher. So he’s responsible for the checking the arcade room, washrooms, and all six theatres every half hour. That would be alright, but I don’t understand how to do that and be able to rip tickets as well, since a lot of movies are started about ten minutes apart from each other. Perhaps I heard wrong about only having one person there or something; I’m not really sure. All I know is that my first shift is going to be crazy. She didn’t even tell me where the mop or broom was, or anything like that. I hope that I’ll have a chance to talk to Zeth and ask him some questions before my first shift on Tuesday. I’m working 5:45-12:00, which should be insane. First of all, I’ve never worked a six hour shift, since the longest shift at Quizno’s was about a five hour shift. That was long enough there, believe me. But more than that, it’s a six hour shift where I have no clue what I’m doing. I have what the lady said in my head, but I haven’t done it yet, so I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Anyways, after watching the training movie, we filled out some forms and stuff, got our uniforms and name tags, and then went down for a “break.” She took us down to the concession stand and asked if we wanted anything. She got us pop, and took some bags of popcorn and Mike and Ike’s candy, and then told us some more stuff about the checklists that we have to use and such. She showed us where those were and all that, and then we went upstairs and watched a couple more movies. The first one was on WHMIS, which is pretty much a breeze. I mean, I’m not going to be working with any major chemicals except for cleaning products, the strongest of which is most likely bleach, so the WHMIS training is mostly a requirement so that Cineplex doesn’t get sued if someone decides to drink bleach or something while on the job. She had us fill out a very easy WHMIS test, and then we watched most of the movie before she got incredibly bored and turned it off. Considering that we’re not dealing with biochemical agents, I don’t think that part was very important anyway. Basically, don’t drink, inhale, or consume in any way any product that has any label on it whatsoever. If it says “soda,” it’s likely safe. But if it says “poisonous,” it’s likely a hint to stay away from it. And if you’re stupid enough to drink bleach or something, well then you likely deserve what you get.

After that movie, we watched a movie about harassment in the workplace. Nikki said, “Okay, after you watch this movie, it all pretty much goes out the window, because basically we harass the customers here. So whatever. It’s a funny movie.” And it was. The situations were so exaggerated and incredibly scripted that it showed you nothing about what actual harassment was. One of the situations was two male employees looking at a dirty magazine of some sort. They were saying stuff like, “Oh man, she’s beautiful,” and, “Wow, look at that art,” which are two things that guys like that would definitely never say. But anyways, then a female employee came up and got offended, and they said, “You’re just jealous.” The one guy then proceeded to tell the other guy, “Okay, look at her (pointing to the girl in the magazine). Now, look at her (pointing to the female employee).” Then they laughed hysterically. The girl just stormed away, and the movie went on. The whole situation was so ludicrous, though, that it showed nothing about what actual harassment was. If you really want to educate people on harassment, here’s a tip: show examples that could actually happen. There were other examples I could talk about, but needless to say, they were incredibly exaggerated as well. I found it interesting, though, that in all the examples except for one, it was men that were harassing women. Here was a movie full of political correctness, making sure to have Asian people and African-American people in it to show a full cultural mosaic, and yet they could only find one example where a woman harassed a man. It was a case where a woman was waiting in line, and an African-American employee’s line opened up. She didn’t want to be served by him, though, and insisted that she was waiting for the other line. That situation was just as ludicrous, because I’m sure someone, most likely the people waiting in line behind her, would have punched her quite hard and likely knocked her out long before the situation escalated. She was that obnoxious.

But I digress. The line that really hit me in that movie was the last one: “The most important rule of thumb is not to memorize a bunch of do’s and don’ts when it comes to appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, but rather to treat others as with the same respect and dignity with which you would want to be treated.” I just thought in my head, “Well, you don’t have to give me a movie to tell me that. I’ve already got it written down in a Book that predated the movie by about 2,000 years.” But anyways, after watching that, we filled out more forms, and that was basically the end. I was outside at just after 1:30 PM, and I was home shortly after that. On the way out, both Taylor and I were talking as we headed toward the front doors of the mall. He asked me when my first shift was (On a side note, this guy talked so much. He honestly had a question to ask about every thirty seconds. That would have been good, except that the questions weren’t all that intelligent and only needed a bit of common sense to understand. But I’ll just leave it there; perhaps he was just trying to look interested, I don’t know.), and then we talked about how crazy it was going to be. He’s like, “I really have no clue what to do,” and I said, “Yeah I know, same here. It’s going to be crazy.” We said our goodbyes shortly after that, I headed to my car, and he walked home, I assume, since he crossed the street at the traffic lights.

That was all fine and dandy yesterday. I sort of know what to do, although I’m not quite sure at the timing of it all; I suppose I’ll get it figured out soon enough, though. I relaxed for awhile after coming home, and then somewhere around 5:30 or so, Steph called. She was at work at the time, and asked me if I wanted to do something. I said sure, and she asked if anyone had told me anything that they were doing. I just sort of laughed and asked when anyone told me anything they were doing. I was being sarcastic of course, but whatever. I said I hadn’t heard anything, and she asked if I wanted to pick her up after work at 8:00 and then do something after then. I said sure, and that was that. My parents had called me for supper, so I went up there, and about five minutes later, the phone rang. I went to get it, and it was Michelle. She said that a bunch of people were going mini-golfing at 7:30 and asked if I wanted to come. I said sure, but that I had to pick up Steph at 8:00, so we’d be late. She said that was fine, and that was that. I went up and was just about to put food in my mouth when the phone rang again. I ran back downstairs and found out it was Kristy this time. She asked if I was going mini-golfing, I said yes, and she asked if I was driving. I didn’t answer her directly and just said, “So in other words, you’re asking for a ride, right?” I’ve learned that people never just ask if you’re driving. But anyways, I said that was fine, told her I had to pick up Steph, and gave her a time. Then I went to enjoy my delicious supper.

At suppertime, I had to tell my family all about my time at Cineplex and such, and then my dad asked me if I could cut the grass after supper. I had told him that I was going out later, but he said there’d be enough time. So I agreed reluctantly. After supper, I went out and cut both the front and back lawns, got changed out of my sweaty clothes, and then headed over to Kristy’s house. After picking her up, I had to then tell her about my time at Cineplex, since her boyfriend works there and all. I stopped off at the bank on the way up, just because I wanted to make sure to have some money on me just in case the mini-golf place didn’t take debit. They did, but whatever. Better safe than sorry, I always say. Well, I don’t always say that, but whatever. After getting out money, we went to IGA and picked up Steph, who got out a few minutes early. Then we headed to Ben-Mar. When we got there, Michelle and the rest of them weren’t there. I was a little surprised considering that they had said they were leaving at about 7:30. They showed up about thirty seconds later, though. They had been waiting at Michelle’s house. Apparently they thought we were meeting them there, even though I had told them that I had to pick up Steph at work. It would have been kind of pointless to drive all the way to IGA, then all the way across town back to Michelle’s house, and then out to Ben-Mar. But anyways, it was a simple misunderstanding, and so we went inside, paid, and got started.

I’m not going to get into a lot of detail about the actual mini-golf game. Kristy got pictures of us in different places and posing with different cartoon characters. I was doing pretty well on the course except for holes 16 and 17, which I totally blew. I think I likely would have won if I hadn’t screwed up those two. However, Steph got first place, I got second, Kristy got third, and Meagan got fourth. Kristin, Michelle, Alissa, and Bethany had their own game, and I don’t know who won there. Whatever. We got a picture of us posing with the Simpsons, who were wonderfully depicted on the side of the building, and then we went and got some food at Johnny-Be-Good, the restaurant right beside Ben-Mar. Well, we went inside, and then Michelle’s carload decided to go to Tim Hortons instead. Steph, Kristy, and Alissa got something there, and then we headed to Tim Hortons as well. I got a nice Cafe Mocha there, since I needed some caffeine in my system. Kristy and Steph were hyper by that point, and I needed some sort of artificial supplement just to keep up to them. Eventually, they mentioned that they needed to go to Shoppers, and then they went outside to take crazy pictures. So I talked with Michelle and her crew and found out that they were going back to Michelle’s house. I mentioned that Kristy and Steph wanted to go to Shoppers, and they were like, “Why do you let them do that to you, making you drive them around everywhere?” I was like, “Well, I don’t know. I don’t really care at all. I guess I’m just a nice guy, you know.” They agreed with me on that, and gave me a round of applause and a standing ovation – yes, still in Tim Hortons. I saw everyone turn and look at us. It was funny.

Michelle’s group eventually decided that they would go to Shoppers as well to get chips and stuff or something, so I rounded up Steph and Kristy and got them into my car. We were following behind Michelle, but then Steph decided that we had to get out the Thousand Foot Krutch CD and play that so that we were cool. And apparently we had to start out right away with it in, so I went back and parked until she found the CD and put it in. We all rolled down our windows and cranked the music, then went about the hundred feet it is to Shoppers. That one was closed, though, so we went to the Shoppers on Fairview instead. That’s when I found out why they were going there. They went immediately into the hair dye aisle, and I just sighed. Kristy has this obsession with going into the hair dye aisle, looking at every single box, comparing the different shades, and then deciding that she doesn’t like any of them. They all look exactly the same though, and they’re all categorized by the different colours, like blonde, brown, and black, so it’s very easy to see which ones you like and which ones you don’t. She kept saying she wanted a dark brown, though, so Steph would pick out all the dark brown boxes one by one, and she’d say, “No, not like that.” I honestly don’t see how a variation in colour so slight that you can barely tell a difference unless you look at it under a microscope is going to make any difference at all. I mean, if you can barely tell the difference from the two different boxes, then you’ll barely be able to tell the difference when it goes in your hair. Sheesh. Women. Anyways, she eventually picked one out, and then they wanted me to come with them and dye Kristy’s hair that night. That’s where I drew the line. I absolutely refused it. I mean, I’ll drive around with them. I don’t mind that, because they’re fun. But I won’t sit there and watch someone dye another person’s hair while they’re having fun – and I’m most certainly not. I’d rather watch someone paint a wall and then watch it dry. It’s a similar experience, and I could at least offer a hand with that.

Anyways, we went back to the car, and I said, “Okay, so your choice is that you can either have me drop you off at Kristy’s house to dye her hair tonight, and just leave me alone, or we can go to Michelle’s house.” They didn’t understand why I didn’t want to watch them dye her hair, but honestly, I don’t really care whether they understand or not. They’re female, and they like that sort of stuff. I don’t find it enjoyable in the least. Maybe if she was dying it bright red or green or something, then it’d be cool, but considering that her hair is not likely going to look any different after she dyes it anyways, it’s just not interesting at all. I mean, maybe if Kristy with the old hair and Kristy with the new hair stood side by side, you’d be able to tell the difference, but she’s had dark brown hair before, so it’s not a big deal. The only reason I’d want to watch her do anything with her hair is a) if she was shaving her head bald, or b) if she was dying it an outrageous colour. Those two options would be entertaining. But not a boring colour like brown. So they decided that they could dye her hair today instead or something, and we went to Michelle’s house. I’m glad they made the smart choice.

We drove to Michelle’s house with the music cranked, and on the way, Steph and Kristy looked for pedestrians to yell out “Candypants” to. It was hard to see them in the dark, though, and since I needed to keep an eye on the road, I had a hard time seeing the people on the sidewalks so that I could slow down in time. We got a few people, though, and it was good fun. We got to Michelle’s house, and a Pictionary game was just being started. It was an intense game, and it ended in a tie, since Kristy had to be home by 11:00 PM. I got one thing I had to draw, and it was a TV show called “Hee Haw.” I had heard of it before, but only because I think my dad has mentioned it. It’s something you’d find on horrible channels like Dejaview or TV Land, because it’s certainly not on regular programming anymore. Anyways, it was impossible for them to get, because I couldn’t think of any way to draw it. Afterwards, Kristy suggested that I should have drawn a see saw and gotten them to say something that rhymes with it, but I didn’t even think of it. Anyways, as I said, the game ended in a tie, and I took Kristy and Steph home. They Candypantsed people on the way home as well, and as we drove by the school right before Kristy’s house, they saw people in the parking lot. They were all excited and asked me, “Can we go Candypants the people in the parking lot?” I considered the time, and since it was already after 11:00, I considered bringing up the time. But then I thought that since Kristy was already late, she couldn’t get in any more trouble for being five minutes late than for being four minutes late. So I agreed, turned around, and drove into the parking lot. We drove up to the people slowly; they were two girls. We pulled up beside them, stopped, and then Kristy and Steph yelled out, “Caaaaaandypants!” Then we drove away laughing our heads off while they had a horribly confused expression on their faces. It was hilarious. Then I took them to Kristy’s house, dropped them off there, and headed home myself. Those two are crazy. They’re volatile when mixed together, sure to produce incredible hyperness and insanity.

That was basically all of last night. It was quite funny what was mentioned last night when we were mini-golfing. Steph and Kristy were commenting on how much fun they had this week. I just sort of chuckled and mentioned how they seemed to have more fun when their boyfriends were gone than when they were here. It’s funny, but it’s also ironically true. I mean, of course they enjoy spending time with Josh and Zeth, but those two are absolutely hooked on TV. That’s all they want to do; it’s either watching TV or watching a movie. And both of those options suck. I really hate watching movies and stuff with friends; it’s just a waste of time, and watching TV doesn’t develop any sort of friendship at all. I mean, if you talk about what you watch afterward, that would work, but most of the time we don’t do that. So it’s just worthless. Of course, both Josh and Zeth’s excuses are always the same – “But I’m tired. I don’t want to do anything.” Perhaps I should introduce them to coffee. It does wonders for the energy level. But anyways, that’s something for Kristy and Steph to deal with, not me. They’re the guys’ girlfriends, for goodness sakes. And they’re the ones that are going to miss them the most when they’re gone off to university soon. So if Kristy and Steph want some good memories of these guys, then they had better form better strategies for getting them off the couch.

With that said, I’ve been having great fun this week as well. I mean, I’ve been spending a lot of time with both Kristy and Steph lately, but they’re awesome friends of mine. Whenever they’re together, they get really hyper, and since I’m their driver, I get to laugh at them while they’re all crazy and Candypantsing people, etc. I used to be the one that did all the crazy stuff around here, but now I don’t even have to do that anymore. All I have to do is laugh at someone doing it and make fun of them, and we all have a great time. I mean, I suppose I have to chase a few seagulls every once in a while or drive around lampposts in parking lots and such, but that’s minor stuff. It’s more who you do it with. I don’t really care what I do with my friends, as long as it’s something that still lets us talk at the same time. Well, the one exception to that would be buying hair dye in Shoppers, but still – that’s because I suddenly get the urge to run out of the store screaming and ripping my hair out, falling to the ground, dousing myself in gasoline, and burning myself alive. But those are just mild symptoms, and I can stand it for a while I suppose. I have an important duty, after all; I mean, last night, it was me and seven girls hanging out. I have the duty to be a ladies’ man, and simultaneously keep each and every person involved in everything without leaving anyone out, if at all possible. I suppose it’s not really my problem at all, and it’s not like I actually care about fulfilling that duty, but hey – at least I can say I hung out with seven ladies last night (hehe, please don’t hurt me).

Seriously, though, my friends are awesome, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Which is good, because Pokemon cards are going out of style anyways, and I’m not sure of the exchange rate on them. One friend would equal a couple hundred, I’m thinking. But anyways, this summer has been awesome, and it’s all because my friends have been there to hang out with. It’s gone by so fast, and I just wish school didn’t have to start until about next September. Of course, I think that would get kind of boring, since most days I’d have nothing to do, but it’d still be cool. I can’t wait until school starts either, though. It’s going to be a whole new experience for me, and I can’t wait to just dive in and screw everything up. Hey, it’s a fact of life when it comes to me, so it’s better to embrace it. But seriously, I’m glad that God’s brought this group of friends into my life, because I know they’re all Christians and they all have a heart for God. I’m not sure about that with those that I’ll meet in North Park. I mean, I know they’re there, but I don’t know who’s who; I guess I’ll found out soon enough. But I’m glad that I have a good base of Christian friends that I can rely on, so I’m not all alone in this situation of going into a new school with a whole truckload of people I’ve never met. I’ve always been the sort of gradual friend person, where I don’t really just start up a friendship, but rather just get to know them little by little. I mean, if I’m in a class with someone, I’ll get to know them by what they say and how they act, and they’ll get to know me the same way. It’s how I’ve always done it, and I think it works pretty well.

I don’t think I explained that very well, so let me expand on it a bit more. There’s three ways to make new friends, and I use two of them. The first method (which I don’t usually use that often) is to, once thrown into a new situation with new people, go up and introduce yourself, get to know them right then and there, and start up a friendship of some sorts with them. I say friendship because it’s a different image that comes to mind than saying relationship; however, it’s not really a “friendship” either. It’s more of an acquaintanceship, if that’s a word. But I’ll just say friendship because it’s easier.

The second method of meeting new people is to, once put in a new situation, never really introduce yourself, but just gradually get to know them. This what I usually use. Through people’s interactions with others, I get to know them, and they get to know me the same way. I mean, I’m not a shy person, but I don’t like introductions. They just seem so formal and awkward. I prefer just to sit in a class, make my jokes for anyone who will listen, and then figure out who’s receptive to that. If I’m sitting beside someone I don’t know, I won’t “introduce” myself, but I’ll just sort of talk to them and make comments. It seems to work quite well. And if they don’t like me, well, that’s fine then too.

The third method of meeting people is, of course, to be introduced to them by a mutual friend. I use that too, but that requires having friends to begin with – so it’s pretty much out of the question. Well, I’m just kidding, of course. I think that method is pretty self-explanatory, though, so whatever. I just sort of lost interest in writing about this anyways. I did use the direct introduction with a guy at my church who came to youth one night. Apparently his family has been going to the church for a while, but I haven’t really seen him around. Anyways, he came to youth the last night before it ended for the summer, and he was sitting alone, so I just went over to him and introduced myself, welcomed him, and all that jazz. I know how unwelcoming the youth group generally is, considering that I still don’t talk to the majority of them, even though I’ve been there for probably about seven or eight years, so I made sure to not be like that. Jordan went up and talked to him that night too. His name is Craig, and he came to Wonderland as well and hung out with us. He’s a pretty cool guy, but he seemed like the kind of person that didn’t have very many friends, just because he was shy or something. So I was glad that Jordan and I (and Angelie and Melissa at Wonderland) decided to introduce ourselves.

Anyways, I’ve gone completely off-track and gone on much longer than I was wanting, but oh well. If you’ve read this far, you likely have nothing better to do anyways. Well, nothing better to do except to participate in my contest, that is. I figured it was a good way to break up the monotony of a gazillion daily posts with me saying, “Nothing happened today, so I’m going to write a 300-word essay on why potted plants are better in a round pot than in any other shape of pot.” It gets boring after a while, I think. I mean, I wouldn’t know, because this is my life, and so I have lots of fun writing this stuff, but everyone else probably could do with a bit of variety. So with that said, get cracking on finding the hidden phrase, and you could just wind up with free food! I mean, who doesn’t like free food? It was the best prize I could think of…

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Well, well, it looks like Kristin takes home the prize! Well done! Now if only you had a life…MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! (*cough* just kidding, of course)