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Well, I don’t have much to talk about today, so I’ll keep it short. Last night was pretty fun. I went to youth, and it was pretty awesome. Meagan was back from Scotland, so she told us all about her missions trip there and such, squeezing a thirty minute, five point sermon into about ten minutes. Afterwards, a bunch of us went to Tim Hortons, and we sat there and did nothing until we figured out something else to do. Kristin, Michelle, and Bethany wanted to walk to Michelle’s house, so they left, leaving Steph, Kristy, Jonathan, and me at Tim Hortons to drive over whenever we felt like it. We walked over to Zehrs first, though, and picked up the pictures that Steph and Kristy were getting copied. They must have about ten million pictures by now, but I guess they need them.

After that, we went back to my car, and Jonathan left in his van to go home so he could get up at the crack of dawn to go to his job that he has roofing houses. He could pass for a Mexican these days with the tan that he has. But anyways, I drove Steph and Kristy to Kristy’s house so they could get some stuff, and then found out that they needed even more photos copied or something. That put the total up to ten million, six hundred thousand and thirty-three, but whatever. I drove them over to the other Zehrs at the Brantford Mall since it’s close to Michelle’s house, and then drove around trying to find the right street to actually get to her house. I thought I knew how to get there, but I kept missing the street that I needed because it was dark. Then, when I finally got to Forsythe, I turned onto the wrong street because I couldn’t see the street sign to know which one it was. It ended up being further down the street instead. Stupid suburbs. Why can’t they just make straight streets? It’d be so much easier, and so much less of a headache trying to figure out which street is where. But anyways, I eventually found Michelle’s house, and so I came in and went downstairs to where the others were.

After coming downstairs and immediately asking, “Are you talking about boys?” I made my entrance known. We soon started up a game of Pictionary, with the teams being Michelle and Bethany against Kristin and me. When Steph and Kristy showed up, we got Kristy and they got Steph. We rocked the socks off the other team, with a final score of like 13-10 or something. We were on fire, I tell you. But alas, Steph had to go and ruin the fun and ask for a ride to Cockshutt Park. Her brother is the ball-boy for the Brantford Red Sox, so I had to take both Steph and Kristy there. Well, I suppose I didn’t have to, but I did anyways because I’m a nice guy. And so humble, too. But anyways, we headed out, thanked Michelle, and started on the way to the park.

Because the girls who were in my car are slightly crazy and most certainly a few bricks short of a load, if you know what I mean, they decided to roll down the windows and crank the music. Being the cool, suave guy that I am, I decided to try to fit in by doing the same thing. I just have no self-esteem, so I derive my personal self-worth from the acknowledgements of others – well, not really, but it was a good definition, so I decided to use it anyway. The real reason was because I was just as hyper as they were. Eventually, that wasn’t as exciting as it started out to be, so we turned down the music and looked for pedestrians on the sidewalk. When we’d find one, I’d slow down and the girls would yell out, “Caaaandypants!” for the amusement and enjoyment of all. Thanks goes to Zeth and Jake for starting that up. I’m not sure that anyone really knows what “candypants” means, but it sure is fun to yell out at unsuspecting people. Anyways, eventually we got to Cockshutt Park, I let them out, and Steph tried to find her mom. Apparently she had gone to IGA, so I was going to wait with them – instead of leaving two girls in the park alone at night – but then she said her brother was there, so that was good. With him and Steph the manly woman, they could take on any stalkers or other such people. So I headed home, and that was that.

That was pretty much the entire night. Nothing much has happened today except that Steph called and asked if I had the Toyota at home here. I said no, and then she told me that she had left stuff in the trunk last night. So she said her mom might be dropping by the house, which she did. I told her that the car was at Home Hardware, and that she could just get my mom to come and open it for her. But other than that, nothing interesting has happened. So I’m just going to leave this off here and pick it up tomorrow, when hopefully an alien invasion will have taken place or the FBI has broken into my house looking for Russian spies from the Cold War or something like that. Then I’ll have something exciting to write about at least. But until then, ciao.

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