Boredom, Friendships, Etc.

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Well, let me give a short recounting of last night. I went to work, had about the longest shift I’ve ever worked, and then came home. Well, okay, that’s not exactly how it went, but that’s the main idea. I’ve worked longer before, but this seemed so long and boring since it just wasn’t busy. I’m not sure why it wasn’t busy on a Friday night, but I guess it’s because the theatre really sucks compared to Famous Players or something like that. At one point, just before I left, we had four people cleaning theatres – two people were supposed to be doing it, and the other two just really had nothing else to do, so they helped out. While cleaning one theatre, I found an unopened can of Diet Coke with Lime in one of the cupholders. I claimed it as my spoils of war and took it home with me. I also found a toonie on the ground. I felt pretty special after that. Talk about a lucky night!

During the boring stages of work (in other words, the times when the movies were playing and there was nothing to do), I got a chance to talk to some of the people working at concession. Now, on one of my other shifts, I had been talking to Eric, and he had pointed out one of the people there and asked me if I thought she was hot. Being like any red-blooded male, I said yes, and then he said (and I quote): “Well, talk to her for like five minutes and then try and tell me that she’s not a whore or something.” He went on to explain how he had talked to her for about that long, not even knowing her name yet, and she had already started talking about how many people she had “done it with,” to put it nicely. I didn’t really say anything in reply to Eric, but I kept it in mind as I saw her last night. I was talking with some of the people at concession, and she was one of them. Within about two minutes, she was flirting with me – I could see it. As I walked away to do something that I needed to do, I could see her glancing at me. And believe me, this wasn’t just in my head. I may be conceited, but I saw it.

So I kept what Eric said in mind as I talked with her. I still don’t know her name, but she started talking to the other guy there about how she hadn’t smoked pot in a while. As I just sort of stood there analyzing both of them like I always do with people (it’s how I learn what they’re like), she asked me if I smoked pot. I said no, and then she asked if I smoked. I said no again, and she asked, “Well, you drink right?” I said no a third time, and she called me a liar. She said, “Oh come on, everybody drinks, you liar.” Then she asked another girl who worked there if she drank. She said no, and I was like, “See? There you go.” I guess you could say that I want to show that I’m different. If people know that I’m different, hopefully they’ll ask questions about why. But I kept my guard up while talking to this girl, and I’m glad I did. I just don’t want to even get close to anything like that, though at the same time I want to get along with the people I’ll be working with. I just need to be able to make friendships with people while still not allowing them to influence me – after all, Proverbs warns numerous times against bad friends, and I’ve seen how who a person hangs with can either build him up or bring him down. I’ve had friends who started hanging out with the wrong people and ended up changing into someone else entirely.

Anyways, I think I’m done for today. I don’t really know what to do at work sometimes. Last night was really great for developing friendships there. People actually started talking to me more than just “hey,” and so it helped break the ice, I guess. I don’t feel so much like I’m “the new guy” anymore, though the feeling is certainly still there. I know it just takes time to get rid of that, and soon I’ll feel like I’ve been there forever and be able to talk normally to anyone there. But in regards to this girl, I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to avoid her because of what I’ve heard. That’s not only rude, but also not exactly showing God’s love. Jesus didn’t avoid prostitutes and sinners – that’s who He sought out, since they needed Him. But on the other hand, I don’t even want to get close to this temptation. She goes to North Park, and I’ll be going there come this September, so I may see her in the halls and such. I know my limits, and I know that I can be friendly to her without suddenly wanting to go to bed with her or something stupid like that, but still – I don’t want to even get close to that. I guess you could say that this is just a whole new experience for me. I’ve always been sheltered in my little Christian school, church, and family, and now I’m starting to see the world for what it really is. I can’t say that I’m all that impressed, but that’s why I have to do what I can to change it and make it a better place, one person at a time.

I guess I said I was done for today, but I’d just like to tell the last part of my story of last night. After I got off work, I headed over to the Lynden Park Mall to pick up my sister, since she was done at 9:30 and I was done at 9:15. Once she got out, we headed over to Tim Hortons and I bought a Cafe Mocha and a chocolate chip muffin. It’s not the most significant event, but it’s still strange. Getting along with my sister is a weird feeling. I can’t say we’re the best of friends now or anything, but we can actually hang out for short periods of time and I don’t feel like locking myself in a closet or anything. Of course, in two weeks, she’ll be gone and setting up her stuff in her new apartment she has in Toronto with a couple of her friends, so that’s always good. I still can’t say that I’ll miss her that much, but I’ll dare to say that it might not be murder when she comes back to visit or whatever, or we go up to Toronto to visit her. I might not feel like faking malaria to get out of it – I might just be able to survive it. I don’t know. Anyways, I’m done. This is Jeff, signing out.

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Haha…that girl you work with reminds me exactly of a girl that took night class with me.Would you know her name??(Would this classify as gossip?)Oh dear. Also I can relate to the drinking thing. I was talking to my future roomate the other night, and once she found out how old I was, she assumed I had been to a bar..haha..a tiny awkward moment.And I ran out of things to say.Goodbye!


Lol, nope, I don’t know her name. I’ll have to ask her the next time I work with her – I’ll probably have to ask for her number, ask her out, you know, the whole dealio…or not.

Yeah, I really don’t understand why people assume that everyone drinks. They must think everyone’s trying to ruin their lives or something? I mean, drinking isn’t bad in itself, but when someone goes out and gets drunk every weekend, it’s quite easy to tell where their priorities are…

ANYWAYS, thanks for the comment. Word.