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Disappointments and Stupid Games

Yesterday was quite disappointing. Work was pretty boring, since it was an afternoon shift, so there weren’t very many people there. Afterwards, I called up Jeff to see if he wanted to do something. He did, so I started calling other people as well. The only people that could actually come were Angelie and Dave. Eventually we figured out that we’d go to Jeff’s house and hang out in his garage – since it has a TV and card table and such in there. Angelie ended up not going because she would be the only girl there. Pphh. I don’t see how that makes a difference, really. I mean, I hang out with all girls sometimes, and other than the fact that they get hyper and annoying, I don’t mind it. At least when they do that, I can laugh at them, so I still have a fun time being entertained at other people being idiots. But whatever. Angelie skipped out on us, so it was just going to be Jeff, Dave, and me there.

I got to Jeff’s house, and he told me that Dave had flaked out too. Apparently he hadn’t actually asked his parents to go, and they wanted him to stay home or something. So it was just Jeff and me. That wasn’t too bad; I mean, I’ve hung out with him before and had some fun. We played Tony Hawk for a while, and then another game called Flat Out, where you drive a car…Continue Reading

Untitled Title

I don’t feel like writing a lot today, and I only have an hour before I have to go to work anyways, so I’ll try to keep this short. I’ll start off with my appointment at North Park, since that’s the least interesting part anyways. Basically, I talked with a guidance counsellor, and she confirmed that they weren’t offering Grade 12 Physics in the second semester. Then basically her only option to me was to either just go without it, or to look at other schools to see if they offered it second semester. The only problem with that idea is that BCI is probably the next closest school, and to go there for one period and then try to get back to North Park within about a ten minute break or whatever – without a vehicle – is quite impossible. I’d have to take the bus, and that would certainly not be enough time. So basically, my options are to either set up some sort of correspondence course, or to just go without it – which I don’t exactly want to do. We’ll see what happens, though. I sent an email to Mr. G, since I know he’s dealt with Independent Learning Courses in the past, so I figured he may be able to help me out there.

In the afternoon, Melissa called me up and told me that she was bored, so that I should come over. I told her she needed to figure out a way to…Continue Reading

Concession, Confusion, Commission

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Last night was quite the eventful night. I went to work at 6:30 PM, and was introduced to the concession. Yes, I’m being trained to get popcorn, spit in drinks, and the whole deal. It was quite exciting. Well, I guess it wasn’t that exciting, but I’ll say it is just to make the whole night that I’ll describe for you just that much more interesting.

I signed in on my cash register thing first of all, after choosing a six-digit number to use as my login. The registers there are much more ancient than the one at Quizno’s. You see, Quizno’s had one of those touch-screen registers, where it was essentially a computer. These things at the theatre are of the more archaic push-button things, where sometimes it takes forty-three metric tonnes of pressure per square inch just to make the button work. Don’t ask me how I measured it (I didn’t). At first, Nikki set me to work getting orders for people. She showed me the sizes of drinks, and also the size of popcorn bags. Then she took orders while I got them all ready. Basically, it’s easiest to do the drinks first, since you can just set them there and they’ll fill up. Then popcorn comes next. The scoops to pick up the popcorn are really annoying, because they’re made for right-handed people. As I began to scoop out popcorn, I thought about just how much better life would be if left-handed people were in the…Continue Reading

Isolation, Obession…and Buttons!

Yesterday was fairly uneventful. I didn’t do much of anything until soon before 8:00 PM, when I headed over to Jake and Luke’s house for Luke and Julie’s engagement party. When I got there, I was greeted by Mr. Dreyer, their dad, who told me that the dinner that several of the people were at was going really slowly – which meant that I was the only one there. To save an awkward situation, then, he asked me if I knew how to play chess. I said that yes, I did, though I hadn’t played it in a long time. So he got out a chess board, and we started playing. I actually had the upper hand. Soon Melissa arrived, and then after that, Dave and Jeff came as well. Once Bethany Dreyer arrived, her dad said that he had to leave, so the game ended with no one being declared the winner. I was a little disappointed, just because I would have been able to tell Jake that I was better than his own father, but my disappointment was somewhat diminished when I reminded myself that it was, after all, just a game of chess.

After more people arrived, the excitement level fluctuated slightly, possibly even registering on the Excitement Meter. I’m not entirely sure about that, though. It wasn’t a real lively party at all. People basically sat around and talked and stuff, and then when that got boring, someone would get up and join a different circle…Continue Reading

Boredom, Friendships, Etc.

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Well, let me give a short recounting of last night. I went to work, had about the longest shift I’ve ever worked, and then came home. Well, okay, that’s not exactly how it went, but that’s the main idea. I’ve worked longer before, but this seemed so long and boring since it just wasn’t busy. I’m not sure why it wasn’t busy on a Friday night, but I guess it’s because the theatre really sucks compared to Famous Players or something like that. At one point, just before I left, we had four people cleaning theatres – two people were supposed to be doing it, and the other two just really had nothing else to do, so they helped out. While cleaning one theatre, I found an unopened can of Diet Coke with Lime in one of the cupholders. I claimed it as my spoils of war and took it home with me. I also found a toonie on the ground. I felt pretty special after that. Talk about a lucky night!

During the boring stages of work (in other words, the times when the movies were playing and there was nothing to do), I got a chance to talk to some of the people working at concession. Now, on one of my other shifts, I had been talking to Eric, and he had pointed out one of the people there and asked me if I thought she was hot. Being like any red-blooded male, I said yes, and then…Continue Reading

Grass, Greeks, and Gearshifts

Yesterday was a pretty average, boring day. I was talking to Angelie on MSN and she said that both she and Dave wanted to do something. So I called up Jeff and asked if he wanted to do something as well. He was up for it, so I told him that I’d talk to Angelie again and figure out what to do. I was expecting her to come back onto MSN, since she had gone to supper by that time. When half an hour went by and she hadn’t come online yet, I decided to call her. No answer. I called back a few more times, and after another half an hour, Jeff called me up and asked, “So I’m assuming that nothing really is going on?” He was correct in his assumption. We’ll likely do something today or tomorrow, though I’m not quite sure. I have to work this afternoon from 5:30-9:15, so I’m not sure if I really want to do anything today. Tomorrow night there’s an engagement party at Jake and Luke’s house, so I’ll likely show up to that. That’ll be doing something at least.

Today I had to cut the grass. That’s never a pleasant experience, but whatever. I woke up at 8:45 AM sharp in order to be up before it got really hot. I don’t want to wake up at like 6 AM or anything, but I don’t want to wait until the afternoon when the sun is out and deep-frying everything. So…Continue Reading

The Rules of Attraction

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You might be wondering why there is no entry for yesterday. Do not be alarmed! There is a reason for this absence. And that reason is: because I had absolutely nothing to talk about! Alas, but it is true! Also, when I tried to get onto Blogger to at least write something random, it wouldn’t let me on, so it was likely trying to protect the minds of young, easily influenced readers. After all, the staff at Blogger are probably trying to contain my insanity, not let it spread.

Anyways, my entry on Tuesday pretty much summed up the day then anyways. I did nothing in the morning, then went to work and did nothing, and then came home and did some more nothing. Yesterday (Wednesday) wasn’t much better either. I did nothing all day, then went to youth and had a nice discussion, and then went to work after that. But since I need to fill up a bit of space, I’ll go into some more detail of the last two events.

At youth, Pastor Rob went around the circle and asked everyone who our favourite Bible character was and why. There were some really good answers, although it was a tough question, just because there are so many. I’d think of one good one, and then another one would pop into my head and I’d like that one better. I finally settled on Gideon and left it at that. The next question he asked was what our favourite…Continue Reading