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Yesterday was a blast. That’s really the best word to describe it. It was amazingly fun, because, well, Wonderland is always fun. It’s a freakin’ amusement park, for goodness sakes. The entire day was really just awesome – even after our feet were long tired and the heat was causing hallucinations of giant fluffy chipmunks. Well, okay, that didn’t happen, but it could have.

The first thing to say about the day is how amazingly hot it was. I mean, if we had brought some eggs, we could have cracked them open, cooked them on the pavement, and had some nice fried eggs. I went through three bottles of water and a large pop during the day, and when we got back, I was still thirsty enough to drink from my church’s water fountain. It really was just horribly hot. At first I was disappointed that we weren’t going to stay until the park closed, but by the time we had to leave, I was ready to. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun, but it was just so hot and humid that I was ready to pass out in the shade just to get a nice nap.

Anyways, in the morning, we all met at the church. I had told my parents the night before that Jordan, Melissa, and Angie needed a ride there, and they didn’t like that very much, but they still did it. We picked them all up and then drove to the church. There really weren’t many people there at all. There were probably about 15 kids in total, plus three drivers; we were going to take a bus, but there weren’t enough people for that. It was pretty sad actually. Last year we had about 30 or 40 people – and now, we had about half, and most of the people there didn’t even go to our youth group. It was pretty pathetic. I sure hope our new youth pastor will be good at bringing people together, because our youth group could certainly use it.

So, we all piled into three vans, and then we were off. Our “group” was all in Pastor Al’s van, along with a guy named Craig who has came out to youth the last week before it shut down for the summer. He didn’t really know anyone else there, and so we kind of adopted him into our group, since I know both Jordan and I had introduced ourselves to him the last time he was there. It was a little bit strange with five people instead of four, since most of the rides are meant for groups of two or a multiple of two, but we managed without too much trouble. We took turns just going alone, and that worked out fine. I think everyone had a great time. Craig was telling us how great a day it was, Angelie and Jordan seemed to have a fun time, Melissa was saying how much fun she had, and I know that I had lots of fun. It was funny just watching Melissa, because it was her first time on a roller coaster. She was pretty much screaming her head off on every ride, but hey – that’s what amusement parks are for, right?

It really was just an awesome day. I won’t get into the details of every ride we went on, because that would just take too long, but it was actually just a really good day to go. There weren’t too many people there, so the lineups weren’t overly long for most of the rides. We got on Topgun within about five minutes, which is pretty amazing. I guess it just isn’t a new ride anymore; everyone was over at Tomb Raider and The Italian Job Stunt Track – two rides which we didn’t go on just because the lines were so big. The first roller coaster we went on was The Vortex, which was kind of funny I suppose, since we took Melissa on one of the fastest roller coasters there for her first time. We had gone on a couple rides before that, though, so we were all pumped.

By the end of the day, though, I think everyone was ready to go home. We met by the entrance, where all the other groups were waiting already, and Pastor Al asked us, “So, did you have a fun time?” We just kind of moaned, “Yep.” No one could show any enthusiasm, although we all really did have a good time. Then we all got into the vans and headed over to Wendy’s for some supper. My highlight of the day, though, had to be Melissa carrying me. On the way from the parking lot into Wendy’s, I was groaning about my legs hurting. Melissa was just like, “Aww, do you want me to carry you?” I looked at her to make sure she was serious, and said, “Sure.” So she held her arms out, I jumped on, and she carried me to Wendy’s. It was actually pretty impressive. I mean, I’m not that heavy, but she didn’t even seem to struggle at all. I guess working at that factory job really has given her muscles. I’m going to have to start working out to make sure she doesn’t beat me at arm wrestles.

Anyways, we all sat down and had some supper, I drank a large pop before I even knew it was gone, and then was disappointed when I found out because I was so thirsty. Then we all got back into the vans and headed home. I think everyone slept on the way home, although I wasn’t quite sure. I know I did. I was just trying to take a little nap, and then I fell right asleep for 10 or 20 minutes. We finally got back to the church and then Angelie suggested that we come to her house to watch a movie or something, since it was only 8:30 PM. That sounded like a good idea, so I got my dad to give us a ride there, since he was already at the church waiting for me. It’s impossible to keep him away from that place. He works there every day, plus he goes there on Sundays, and yet every chance he gets, he goes there to do extra work. He was out watering the flowers when we got there. But whatever. We went to Angelie’s house and did a lot of nothing, since Melissa had to go home at 9:30. Angelie got out some tapes of her birthday when she was two or something, and she watched that, amusing herself, while we amused ourselves by playing an intense game of Trouble. Melissa almost won, but I caught up to her and sent her back to her home base thing. After she left, I eventually came back and won the game. It was sweet, sweet victory. Or something like that.

After the game of Trouble, we went outside and tried to set up Angelie’s telescope. There was only one star out, though, and she couldn’t get it working right anyways. So we finally gave up on that and went inside. Jordan grabbed her dad’s acoustic guitar and played with it a bit until my mom called and asked if I wanted to get a ride home. I said sure, and she came and picked up Jordan and me. That was pretty much the night. It wasn’t amazingly fun, but it was better than just going home.

All in all, the day was awesome. Some people were telling me that Wonderland was nothing, and once you had been to Disney World or Darien Lake that nothing compared. But I really didn’t care. I can have lots of fun at Wonderland, and it’s pretty much the best thing around here. It really was just a great time, even though it was hot, humid, and sunny to the point of burning your eyes right out of their sockets. When I closed my eyes during the day, I could feel my cheeks burning. Even with all that, though, I didn’t get any sunburn, so that was good. I’d definitely go there again any day. I can tell you right now, that, or some place like it, is where I want to propose when I’m ready to get married. I don’t want any of this take-her-out-to-dinner crap; proposing at an amusement park is just so much better. But seeing as that’s likely quite a ways down the road, I think I’ll just drop that subject and never discuss it again.

Today I have an interview at Tim Hortons at 1:00 PM. They called Monday afternoon and told me to come in, and I said that was fine. Then, after hanging up, I realized that I hadn’t asked which Tim Hortons it was. I had to *69 the number to get the last number that called, then look through the phone book to find the corresponding address. When you applied to three different Tim Hortons, it helps to know which one to go to for the interview. Anyways, my parents left me the car, which was nice and certainly unexpected. I thought I was going to have to walk over or take the bus. It would be about a 10 or 15 minute walk, so it wouldn’t be too bad, but with my legs already hurting from yesterday, it might feel a lot longer. Then, tomorrow, I have an interview at Home Hardware at 3:00 PM. If the choice was between Tim Hortons and Home Hardware, I’d definitely take Home Hardware, even though it would mean working with my mother. I mean, she spends most of the time up in the office upstairs anyways, so it wouldn’t be too bad. The reason I applied there, though, was because I knew I could likely get a job there. My mom has such a good reputation there, especially from the boss, so he’d probably hire me in a second. My sister also worked there, and he was quite pleased with her as well, so I can basically rely on both reputations for this. It’s pretty cool how that works.

Anyways, I think I’m going to go, though. I have to burn some CDs for Angelie before she heads off to New Zealand never to be seen again – well, for the summer anyways – and then I need some lunch before going to this interview. Then tonight, it’s off to another cool time with Central’s youth group. Honestly, those people rock. A lot. And the great thing is that it’s not just one or two of them that rock, it’s all of them. But anyways, I must be off now. Toodles.

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