Swimming and Giant Green Monkeys

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Last night was definitely strange. I headed out to youth and we had our usual devotional time and then prayer. Then afterwards, we sat around figuring out what to do. Kristy had been saying to me on MSN before that she wanted to go go-karting afterwards, but she never mentioned it. Eventually people decided to go to Kristin’s house to go swimming. People got into my car as well as others, and we got to their house, didn’t think anyone was home, went to Wendy’s, and then came back. I was completely lost while driving. It was horrible. Now that I’m out of the car, I can think, “How did I not know how to get there? It’s simple.” But when I was actually driving, I was completely lost. Oh well. We got there eventually.

I basically sat on the patio chairs while everyone else was swimming. I didn’t want to swim, and I didn’t want to go back to my house to get my swimming shorts either. I entertained myself by laughing at everyone in the pool as they complained about the chlorine, and bouncing my head off the back of the chairs. They were made out of material, so if you slouched down, you could bounce your head. It was fun. Anyways, I wasn’t by myself on the side too long anyways, since Angelie wasn’t feeling too well and got out. After everyone got out of the pool except for Zeth and Kristy, who were having a great time isolated from everyone else, we all sat around and talked about movies and stuff. Bethany was telling me that I had read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and I was trying to convince her that no, I really hadn’t. I’ve only seen the movie, but she was sure I had said I had read the book. Whatever. Eventually we went downstairs and watched a bit of TV, then I drove everyone home, since I was the only one with a car. I’m definitely not liking this whole Josh-not-being-at-youth thing. Then I don’t have to drop four people off at homes across town – even though Zeth and Kristy both live close to me, I suppose.

This morning has been pretty boring. My parents left the car for Jennifer and me, so I had to drive Jennifer to work and then take the car back home so I could have it for my interview this afternoon. I don’t think walking to Home Hardware is high on my list of priorities. I also had to drop Zeth’s acoustic guitar off at his house afterwards, since I realized once I got home last night that he had forgotten to take it out of the trunk after I dropped him off. Before that, though, I was playing it. He had a few worship songs in his case – the ones we sang last night – so I got out the chord chart I have and tried to play them. I actually did not too badly. I was surprised. My fingers really hurt afterwards, though. Other than that, nothing much has happened this morning. I might be going to the Staats’ house after my interview, since Melissa was talking to me on Zeth’s MSN this morning and said she was bored and that I should come over. I suppose I might as well since I’m in an empty, boring house right now too. Then Angelie wants people to go to Port Dover or Long Point or something tomorrow, since it’s her last day before she heads off on her mission trip to New Zealand for the rest of the summer. I told her several times that I would go, but I didn’t know if I could get the car; I’m not sure if she heard me any of those times, but whatever. It should be fun if it actually happens.

I guess that’s all I have to say for today. I feel like a news reporter or something. Our late breaking news story today is that a giant green monkey has taken over the Brantford downtown. This just in: everyone is rejoicing and hoping that he tears the whole thing down. And that’s all we have for today. Join us tonight at 6:00 PM for our evening news. For the Unnamed News, I’m Jeff Hughes. And that’s a wrap.

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i’m pretty sure i KILLLED you at monopoly yesterday.. even though you said you had your entire strategy planned out. boo yeaaahh! that just proves that i am far more cooler than youu! YES!

from: the coolest person you will ever have the chance to meet!


You did not “kill” me at Monopoly. I simply made a bad business decision and paid the consequences for my actions. I should have never traded that property – even though I thought about it for like five minutes. I didn’t expect to land on that tax spot every single freakin’ time I went past Go, so it took my money. Otherwise I’d have had enough to put some houses or hotels on the property I owned, and hopefully get some money from you. I also didn’t expect to land on your spots every single time I went around the board. Jeez…it was pretty much your dice’s fault that I lost, nothing that you did…


umm.. i’m pretty sure i won because i’m a SKILLED monopoly player.. not because you made a “bad business decision” pffft. although you did land on the tax spot pretty much every time. but still.. that just proves your not a skilled roller like i am. mwhaha.


I’m pretty sure that you’re a lucky person, and nothing else. I mean, remember when you, Zeth, and I played poker? And you had like two straights, three two-pairs, and a whole bunch of pairs? And neither of us had anything? Yeah. It’s luck. You can’t be a “skilled dice roller” because dice is a game of chance – unless you’ve got special dice, in which case you’re a cheater. I rest my case…and besides, you’re ugly. (Just thought I’d throw that insult in there to make myself feel better :P)

Melissa Allen Staats

i’m ugly!? that was low, even for you. haha. well if i’m ugly than you’re… OBESE!


Your insult didn’t work. It’s not an insult if it’s the truth, you know…hah, so I guess that means mine wasn’t an insult either. OH BURN!

Oh and by the way, it’s spelled Alan, not Allen…