Situations and Sendoffs

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A few days ago I mentioned a situation I was dealing with, that I really hoped wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, today came the evidence that really strongly points in this person’s direction. And now I’m sitting here feeling helpless, wondering what to do. Do I approach this person and try to help them through their problem, knowing full well that if I reveal it, it could potentially damage some relationships? Or do I leave it alone and hope that God will work through the situation and help this person by Himself?

I honestly have no idea what to do. I really don’t think I could approach this person and point out what they’ve done. But I also know that I can’t just sit here and do nothing while it continues. I’m trapped between not being able to do anything, and knowing I have to anyways, and right now it’s really bothering me. The only thing that I’m not powerless to do is pray for them – pray that God would work in the situation and heal it. But it doesn’t seem like it’s enough, though I’ve always been told about the “power of prayer.” Somehow it just doesn’t absolve me of responsibility, although the only reason this responsibility was thrust on me was because I was in the position to find out about it. Suddenly there’s a huge weight on my shoulders to do something about a situation that I found out about just recently, and the reason it’s my job is because I don’t think many other people know about it, if any.

This whole thing is really hard on me. It shouldn’t be any of my concern, but it has to be because I’m this person’s brother in Christ. It’s hard to explain without giving away details that I shouldn’t give out, but let me just say that, of all people, I would likely have just about the hardest time confronting them about it, for several reasons. I also can’t point the finger at them because, well, not only am I not perfect either, but even further, I struggle with the same thing. How can I point out what someone’s done when I do the exact same thing? It’s bothering me so much, and I can’t put it completely out of my mind like I want to because I know it’s not settled. Please, please pray for me and for this person. Ask God just to work it out in His own way and with His loving discipline.

But anyways, I need to focus on something else or this thing is going to kill me. Last night was pretty fun. We had a nice going-away party for Jael, who’s leaving for Switzerland tomorrow. She was completely surprised; her family had just told her that they were going out for dinner. We had a nice time at Montana’s, then headed over to my house afterward to eat ice cream and watch The Bourne Supremacy. Steph came late because she was working, but once she got there, both of us headed up to my living room to talk instead of watch the movie. The reason I put it on in the first place was because Bas and Jon were on the verge of demolishing my house and needed some distraction to keep them occupied. We had a pretty good talk, and then Jael came up and we talked with her as well. For the most part I just let them talk and I listened, because I wasn’t in a talking mood for one thing, and I didn’t have much to say anyway. Altogether, it was a good time, and I think Jael felt really special about it all. She really was a blessing to all of us, and I thank God that she could be with us, if only for a year.

In other news, there is no other news. That’s it for today. I’ve called places back once again. My dad told me that Cineplex Odeon called me last night, so maybe something will work out there. Hopefully. I’m really just hoping for any job anywhere at this point, and if it’s there, then that’s great. I wouldn’t mind working there, especially since you get to see movies for free and such. That’s always good. But most of all, it’s a job, and that’s all that really matters. Hopefully something will come of that, and I’ve been praying that it would. But as for any other news, there’s not much to report. So that means that this is the end of the entry. I have to get back to feeling sick inside over this whole situation.

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