Sisters, Spending, and Summer

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I’ve been quite bored lately. I considered writing here last night, then I decided to save it for today. This morning, I woke up and thought I might be able to squeeze it in, but I’m glad I didn’t considering I got about 15 seconds on the computer before I had to go to worship practice and play my bass. So here it is now. This is my entry of all entries. Well, not really, but we’ll pretend it is.

I found out on the way home from church today that my sister reads my blog. She made a random comment about the term “phone tag,” and then I knew my worst nightmares had come true. My family had broken through my big wall I built, clearly labelled “Privacy.” I tried to tell her how awkward it was, but she didn’t seem to understand. She told me that it saves me having to talk to her – she can just read about my life instead. I would consider that a fair trade-off, but now I’m going to have to watch what I say. So from now on, all my entries will be about white-out. There’s really nothing to say about it, other than it being white, so all my entries will be blank. However, with this clever trick, I can make sure to never reveal anything personal about myself that can ever be found out by my family.

I actually don’t mind too much that she reads it. She said she doesn’t read it every day or anything, and that she hasn’t read it for that long anyways, so I suppose that’s alright. She also told me she wouldn’t give it to mom and dad, so that was a big relief. It’s just kind of awkward I guess, considering she’s in the same house as me and everything. If she were still away at university, I really could care less, because she can’t hold anything against me when she’s an hour away. But when she’s in the same house as me, she can bring up awkward conversation topics such as phone tag. Worse yet, I have no ammunition to fight back with – unless you count that tattoo that we just won’t mention (actually, she doesn’t have one – that I know of). Perhaps my best strategy is to put down false information in here so she looks like a fool when she realizes that I never went to Mexico and brought back a sombrero. Somehow, though, that would kind of defeat the purpose of this blog. So perhaps I’ll just ignore her when she brings up any information that I know she got from here, and that will be that. However, since she’s likely reading this, I’m going to have to ignore her when she brings up the fact that I’m ignoring her. Hmm. This could be difficult.

Anyways, now that I have that out of my system, I should tell you losers who read this thing a bit about what went on yesterday. I pretty much did nothing for most of the day, but I was talking to Kristy and got Zeth and her to go to the mall with me. This isn’t to say that I love shopping, or that I in any way like going to the mall, unless it includes a visit to the food court. But since Melissa’s birthday is coming up, I figured I should probably get her something. And since I need a female’s opinion, I brought Zeth. Kristy came along too. Anyways, I know that Melissa reads this blog at least sporadically, so I can’t tell everything about what happened, but I will say that I was successful in my purchases. Her birthday is still two weeks away, but I figured that if I get a job soon, I might not have as much free time to figure out a time to go.

I must say, I spent more than I was planning to spend. I could have gotten something less expensive, but I also don’t like feeling cheap. Anyways, I’m not really doing anything else with my money except letting it rot in a bank, and I suppose she’s worth it, so whatever. However, Melissa, if you’re reading this, you are in no way worth it. I say that so you won’t have any excuse to get me to buy you anything else for a very, very long time. I should have gotten you a free sample of shampoo from Pennysaver. But that’s just a disclaimer so I can keep the rest of my money rotting in the bank, because I like it there more than in someone else’s pockets.

After getting hair dye for Kristy as well, we went over to McDonalds since they hadn’t eaten. I had, so I just bought a McFlurry and sat there while they flirted with each other over their fries and burger. How romantic. Well, okay, it really wasn’t too bad while I was in the mall and in McDonalds with them. Afterwards, we went back to Kristy’s house and watched the last part of Troy, since her brothers were watching it. Once we stepped inside that house, they forgot all about me. But that’s okay. I was content watching the movie, except for my pockets feeling a lot lighter than when I left my house. After the movie was over, I headed home, and had some supper, did a bunch of nothing, and then went to bed. The end.

I guess that’s all I’ll say about yesterday. Today’s been much like every other Sunday. I had to get up early to go to practice for the morning service. With Lawrence away at Braeside for the summer working there, I’m on bass every Sunday. I don’t really like doing it as much as doing the youth service, just because all the songs have strange keys that are harder to play on guitar and easier to play on piano. With the youth service, we don’t have a piano, so all the songs are easy to play on guitar. But I’m still glad to help out where I can, and although the bass player isn’t the most crucial person to the service, I could really care less. I’m not there to have the attention on me, anyways, so it doesn’t matter at all.

There’s not much more that I have to say about anything. These past few days have been pretty slow, but I’ve had much more of a social life this summer than I’ve had for the past couple of summers, so that has made it go by much quicker. My friends are awesome, and when they’re not working at their jobs (ooh, I’m envious, because I don’t have one), it’s great spending time with them. Having a job would really make the summer go by a lot faster, but that’s okay, I suppose. It’ll get by eventually either way. And besides, with Jake back from Russia, things will be a lot more interesting with the Native and Dutch jokes flying back and forth between him and the Staats. Yes, that always keeps things entertaining…

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