Seven Places – Holes In His Hands

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These are a few words that just mean a lot to me right now. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Seven Places, but they sure do a good job of encouraging me when I’m down. Everyone screws up, and I know that – but have you ever hurt someone else, and you know you did, and that hurt makes the whole situation ten times worse? It’s not what you did that bothers you, it’s that you hurt that person. That’s what I’m feeling right now. I mess up daily, and God’s the one that still keeps loving me over and over and over, in spite of what I’ve done. But when I sin, it still breaks His heart. And when I look back at just how many times I’ve done that, it hurts so much more. I don’t understand how He doesn’t just give up on me – or anyone, for that matter – but He still loves us all deeply. And that’s the only thing that gives me hope sometimes. So with that introduction, here’s Holes In His Hands by Seven Places:

You said your days were over
That the sun would never shine again
From glory days, to wicked ways
You’ve lost your forgiveness of sin
You walk through your desert
Wondering why and what you’ve become
You said you’ve slipped through the fingers
Of the hands of God

You’ve fallen out of His hands
Or at least that’s what you said
The truth is not that, the truth is this:
The only way to escape
The Lord is if you crawl
Through the holes in His hands

I ran away I did not lead you say in the darkness you stand
But you are not forgotten, you’re in His mighty hands
Now turn aside and see this sight, a flame that does not consume
To show you that He’s called your name
You’re one of His chosen few

Come closer, come closer now to Him
Come closer, come closer
His name is I am that I am
You said your days were over
That the Son would never use you again
But by one man’s disobedience
Came One who’s conquered your sin

And for the follow-up to this song, check out Everything by the same band. I won’t post the words here, but they’re definitely awesome. Check it out as soon as you can.

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