Oh So Rummy

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My blog has been getting monotonous lately. I’ve gone over to the Staats’ house almost every day this week or something (at least I think so, though I’ve lost track of what day it is). Last night, I was just enjoying a nice time at home (bored to death), when I was very rudely interrupted by a phone call from Melissa. She said that I should come over. I figured, “What the heck? I might as well. I’m bored out of my mind right now.” I went downstairs and asked for the car, telling my parents where I was headed. My mom was just like, “Why do you like that house so much?” I told her it was because stuff actually happened there. All my parents do is read the news, argue about work, and watch westerns on TV. It’s not exactly the most exciting. And they wonder why I spend so much time on the computer talking to my friends.

So anyways, I headed over to the Staats’ house and soon got involved in a game of Rummy-o with the three Staats sisters. I had no clue how to play the game, and they had the most horribly screwed up way of explaining it, so it took me about half the game to actually understand how to play. They were trying to convince me that 11 plus 12 plus 13 equaled 30, and I was trying to think up which law of mathematics they had to break to make that one work. What they really meant was that it had to equal 30 or more, but they didn’t say that. Anyways, it was a really screwed up game, and I didn’t like it much. They said I’d enjoy it if I knew how to play, but even once I understood how it worked, I still didn’t find it fun at all. I’d much rather play a nice game of Skip-bo, which is a similar concept somewhat, but much more fun – although I haven’t played it in ages.

After the thrilling game of Rummy-o, Josh, Zeth, Melissa, and I went downstairs to play some Halo. It’s pretty much my favourite part of going over to their house, because it involves killing people. I mean, I suck at it, but I still like playing it anyways. At first it was Josh and Zeth against Melissa and me, a game in which we lost horribly, but then Jeff came over, so he replaced Melissa. She just sat down there watching, eating cookies, and then falling asleep. I honestly didn’t know she was still down there; I thought she had gone upstairs. She was just really quiet. Anyways, we played a couple more games, and Jeff and I lost miserably some more. It was really annoying. I’d be going after either Zeth or Josh, and I’d be shooting at them, and then the other one of them would just come up behind me and shoot me dead. I’m getting better at the game, though. I can tell you that much. Soon I’ll be killing Josh at every turn (yeah right).

After playing Halo for a while, we went upstairs, and Melissa went back to playing some more Rummy-o. The guys went in and watched TV, so I went in with them. Zeth was flipping channels, and stopped on one movie playing on there with Tom Cruise in it. He was talking, with his face centred on the screen, and then Zeth flipped the channel. On the next channel, we saw Tom Cruise’s face centred on the screen – different movie, different channel, but both Tom Cruise. It was almost creepy. He flipped a couple more channels, and suddenly we saw Topgun playing – a movie with Tom Cruise in it. It was really strange. Josh was like, “It must be his birthday or something.” I said, “No, he probably just died or something.” Then Zeth stopped on some comedy show. I watched that for a bit, but the guy’s jokes were a little too raunchy, so I decided to go home. I mean, the jokes were funny, but I realized that they shouldn’t be funny. That’s pretty much as good as I can explain it, so if you still don’t get it, never mind. I said my goodbyes and headed out the door, stepping into my house exactly at 11:00 PM. Seriously. It was good timing.

Anyways, that’s about all that happened last night. My goal today is to stay away from the Staats’ place for a while. I mean, I’ve been over there so much, and it’s just getting weird now. I want to do something else other than go over there – as much as I do enjoy Halo oh so much. This morning I got a call from the manager at Bluenotes – she was looking over resumes, and she wants me to come in for an interview. So today at 2:30, I’m heading over there. Score! I don’t really want to work there all that much – there are places I’d much rather work – but it’s a job, and it’s my only option right now. I haven’t even gotten a phone call from Sportchek, though Melissa said they’d hire anyone who could walk (I guess I shouldn’t have gone in there with my wheelchair), and I haven’t heard anything from Williams, though Julie, who works there, said she put in a good word for me. So right now, Bluenotes is my only opening. Oh well. I asked God to open up the job he wanted for me, and I asked him to only open up one job, so I wouldn’t have to choose – so this could be it. I’ll just go in there, do my best, and then the rest is up to Him, not me.

I guess that’s all for today. I have nothing else to talk about. I was debating whether to write today’s entry before or after the interview, but I got really bored, so I decided to do it now. I may write another small one afterwards, just to tell everyone who’s waiting on the edge of their seat what happened. I’m pretty sure that, in that case, I’ll be writing to absolutely no one, but hey – I like to think I’m important. It keeps my self-esteem up, you know? There’s nothing like having a depressed Jeff on your hands. Believe me, it’s not pretty. But anyways, I’m going to go have some lunch, so have a nice life.

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