Monopoly, Waterboys, and Sexy Hair

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Wow. I can’t believe that I completely forgot to blog yesterday. I’m slipping, I tell ya. But that’s probably a good thing. It may possibly mean that I’m actually developing a social life. But we all know that’s not the case, right? Right. I guess I was just busy with other stuff yesterday (which I’ll get to talking about), so it just slipped my mind.

Oh well. I guess I’ll talk a little bit about Thursday then, since I missed talking about it yesterday. Melissa called me sometime in the afternoon wanting to hang out or whatever, but with the other stuff I was doing, I didn’t get to do that until later. At 3:00 PM, I had an interview at Home Hardware with Dave. It wasn’t so much of an interview, really, as it was story time. He really just told me a few stories of people that worked there or used to work there as examples for me to follow or not follow. He asked a few questions, but since he already knows my mom, he knows kind of what my character is like already. He also knows my dad and my sister also, although not as well, but I think he could see a pattern developing. So anyways, he’s going to talk to the floor manager and probably set up an interview so I can meet him, then they’re going to interview a few other people, get their heads together, and pick the best one or two. I’m pretty confident at my chances, although he said I’d be treated like anyone else even though my mom works there. That’s alright; that’s what I want anyways. I don’t want to be hanging on to my mom’s hand in order to get a job.

Anyways, I think I then called Melissa again after the interview or something. She wanted to hang out, but because I had one of the cars and my dad was going to Burlington with the other one, I had to pick up my mom at 6:30 PM. Melissa was going to her sister’s soccer game right around that time, and said she wouldn’t be back until 8:00 or 8:30, so she told me to call after that time. I’m not sure why she didn’t just call me when she got home, but whatever. If I were to use the horrible term, I’d call it “phone tag.” But since I hate that phrase, I won’t use it. That’s the sort of thing adults chuckle about, thinking they’re oh so witty because they used the word “tag” to describe their actions. But if you think about it, it’s not really tag. Phone tag usually means you keep leaving messages on each other’s answering machines. But tag usually isn’t only with two people (it can be, but it’s boring that way), and you can’t just leave a note on the ground saying “you’re it” or something. That’s stupid. So “phone tag” isn’t really tag at all.

But I digress. I phoned Melissa again at 8:30, and she said something about how it wasn’t too entertaining at her house, but I could come over anyways. I tried to explain how it was never entertaining at her house, but we always found something to do. Anyways, I headed over there, and eventually we were caught up in a riveting game of Disney Monopoly. I must say that this version is one of the most confusing games I’ve ever played – just because they had to go and switch all the names around with Disney movies, so instead of buying Marvin Gardens, you’re buying Peter Pan or something. Melissa would always put her player down on the spaces on top of the names, so I’d have to move it and try to read it, then figure out whether I actually had the stupid thing. It was very annoying. I prefer regular Monopoly myself. Anyways, I’m not too much of a man to say that I lost. I traded one of the yellow properties for the Disney equivalent of Park Place (I think it was The Lion King or something), something which I really shouldn’t have done, at least until I had more money. She immediately went and put hotels – sorry, castles – on all three yellow spaces. Those three spaces suddenly became a magnet for my player, poor Dumbo. He’s just a sucker for high quality accomodation, I suppose. He went towards those hotels/castles like a magnet, and I ended up landing on one of her places every single time I went around the board. With a $1150 rent, it kind of sucked my money out of me quite quickly.

Anyways, after the horrible loss at Monopoly, we went and watched the ending of Spaceballs on TV. That movie is hilarious; I’ve seen it before, but not for a long time. It’s a full two-hour spoof on Star Wars. It’s pretty pathetic that someone actually took the time to create a full-length movie just for a parody, but oh well. I’m glad that person did, because it’s funny, even though quite cheesy. After that, I headed home, and that was the night. Nothing more to say until we get to the next day.

I had a quite restful sleep and woke up to the delightful sound of my sister leaving for work. I had a nice lazy morning, making some delicious oatmeal for myself and slowly taking a shower and getting dressed. Angelie wanted to do something yesterday since it was her last day here before leaving for New Zealand on her missions trip, so I was talking to her on MSN and helping her decide what to do. I told her I had the car, but since I was the only one with a car, there really wasn’t enough room for everyone who could come. So basically the beach idea was out. She told me to just pick her up when I got the car back (when my sister came home from work), and then we’d go pick up Melissa and Jordan, and figure out something to do. I told her my sister got off work at 12:30 PM, so she’d be home soon after that.

Soon 12:45 rolled by and I started to wonder where my sister was. I thought maybe she got some lunch or something, so I didn’t think too much of it. By 1:00 I was a little ticked off, because I had no clue where she was, and I needed the car. She knew I needed it, too. By 1:15 I started calling places. I first called Angelie just to tell her what was going on in case she was like waiting at the door for me or something. She wasn’t, which was good. I then called Benix, where my sister works, to see if she was still there. The person there told me she had worked until 1:00, so she was gone. That accounted for half an hour, but it was quickly rolling into an hour, and I know it doesn’t take half an hour to drive from the mall to my house. At 1:30, she walked in, and I asked her what happened. One of the girls was late getting to work, so she had to work an extra half hour, then she stopped to get coffee and had to drive another girl home. Why? Who knows? It’s my sister. But anyways, I phoned Angelie and told her I was coming, then headed off to pick her up. We then went over to the Staats’ house to pick up Melissa, and then all three of us went over to Jordan’s house to pick him up.

When we got to his house, he was on the floor, wrapped in a blanket, still asleep. I figured that would be the case, especially since Angelie had said she had kept him up until 1:30 AM talking to him on the phone. Anyways, we sat there for a few minutes trying to gently wake him up. Nothing was working until I just said, “Okay guys, let’s go get food and then come back.” He immediately woke up and groggily said, “Food?” So we decided to go to the bank, since Angelie had to do that, only having American money on her, and then come back and get him so we could get lunch. It was already 2:00 PM by that point and I was hungry. Very hungry. Anyways, we went to the bank, came back, and then decided where to go for lunch. After like five or ten minutes, we finally decided to go to Pizza Hut. We got there, spent way too long just to finally order a large pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of root beer, and then waited way too long to get it considering that no one else was in the restaurant. When we finally got it, I ate about four or five pieces, since I was so hungry. Melissa was trying to get me to ask the waitress for her number. She was pretty much old enough to be my mother, but since her name was Kathy, I decided to go for it. No, I really didn’t. But she had a little card thing that she put the receipt in, and she put “Thank you, Kathy” on the front. So once we got back into the car, Melissa wrote inside it and gave me Kathy’s number. So I guess I got it one way or another, even though it’s most likely not her real number. Meh.

After Pizza Hut, we headed to Duey’s Ice Cream and I got an amazing strawberry milkshake. Then we headed over to the Staats’ house, where Jake and Matt were hanging out after getting back from their missions trip in Russia. They came back with about a hundred pictures, along with girlfriends who live hundreds of miles away. Jake’s girlfriend lives in Australia, and Matt’s lives in British Columbia, I think. Anyways, we sat around there watching TV, then Mrs. Staats came home and made a whole ton of spaghetti. I wasn’t overly hungry, but I was hungry enough to need to be topped off. So I ate almost a whole plate of spaghetti – not a big plate, though. That along with the five pieces of pizza and the giant milkshake really just sat quite well in my stomach. It was a good combination, I must say. After that, we went downstairs and some people played Tony Hawk Underground. Melissa and I played a game of air hockey, in which I killed her, then Kristin came along and I crushed her too. Then they played a match, and I think Kristin won 10-9 or something. It was a riveting game, because they were both angry and violent. I think after the game, they had a big fistfight that turned into a street brawl or something. It was pretty graphic. Anyways, with Melissa beating me at Monopoly and me beating her at air hockey, I think we’re going to have to think up another game to break the tie. It’s really the only fair way. I’m thinking Othello, just because it’s a really crappy game, but it’s fun to play nonetheless. That should determine the true winner – me, of course.

Anyways, after that, Jeff, Jordan, and I played some Halo. I actually had somewhat of a chance with this game, since everyone playing sucked, but Jeff still beat us pretty bad. Of course, Jordan wasn’t really doing anything. He was hopping around and running in circles and squatting and stuff instead of killing people. Meh. Afterwards, we went upstairs and watched more TV. By that time, there were about three hundred people – well, maybe not that many, but there were even more people that had showed up. We watched TV until the little Staats boys had to go to bed, then we put on the movie. It was The Waterboy. It was a pretty good movie; Adam Sandler’s voice really bugged me though. Anyways, throughout most of the movie, Melissa was playing with my hair or getting other people to feel it. They all said it was really soft and everything and were asking what kind of shampoo I used. Jeez, what can I say? I’m pretty much a sexy beast. I can’t really help it.

After the movie, I drove Angelie, Jordan, and Kristy home, and then headed home myself. I got home soon before 12:00, and I expected my dad to be mad at me just because I hadn’t even really told them where I was at all. I had left a note saying I was hanging out with Angelie and some other people, and that we might go to Ancaster to watch a movie. But I got home expecting the worst, and there was nothing. He wasn’t mad at all. I was impressed. He was just up watching westerns like usual, and all he did was ask me if I had fun, and what I did, and stuff like that. He was in an even better mood once I gave him the $5 from Angelie for gas money, since she had been asking me for rides home quite a few times lately. If there’s anything that appeases my dad, it’s free money. Anyways, I headed to bed, and that was that.

That’s pretty much what’s happened over the past two days. I’ve done nothing so far today except eat cereal. I woke up, grabbed a bowl of Life, and then came straight down here to blog. I figured I had better do it while I remembered, and there’s no better time to write down your thoughts than before you’ve had a shower. Why? No clue. It just is. Maybe the water washes your thoughts down the drain or something. I guess usually I start thinking about other stuff while I’m in the shower, so I forget all about what I was going to do beforehand, and instead get onto the new train of thought. If I go into the shower thinking about the meaning of life, I’ll come out thinking about pizza. Perhaps the meaning of life truly is pizza. I’d have to double-check that, though. Further tests would be required, and that means eating more pizza. I think I can handle that. Yep, I can definitely handle that.

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Haha oh man. I was going to mention that too, but I decided not to. I saw a quiz not too long ago that had all the right answers as 42, too, and I had a good laugh over that.

Thank you for your enlightening post. It will truly help better this world as people find out the true meaning of life…I think.