Catch Me if You Can

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This will likely be a short entry, because there’s not much to say. Last night around 8:00 PM or so, I got a phone call from Steph, who was at Dave’s house with a bunch of people from Central. Since that meant that both Steph was back from her trip to Algonquin Park and that Dave was back from British Columbia and out of the hospital from his E. coli incident, I definitely wanted to go over there.

On the whole, I suppose it wasn’t the most interesting time. When I got there, everyone was downstairs watching Catch Me if You Can, a movie about a con artist who runs away from the law and forges cheques that add up to millions of dollars. All the seats were taken, so I sat on the floor until Erica left, and then took her seat. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting time, just because watching movies never really is. I mean, the movie can be exciting, but I’d much rather spend time with people doing something else, and then watch the movie by myself another time or something. I’m beginning to see Mr. G’s point that getting together with friends to watch movies is stupid. I’d much rather do something more social when I’m in a social situation – it only makes sense. I guess it’d be alright to watch a movie if we talked afterwards or something. I mean, after watching a two-hour movie, you’d have lots to talk about. But everyone just kind of leaves after the movie’s over, because it’s always late and people have to get home. So it doesn’t work out too well. Oh well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the beginning or the end of the movie they were watching, so I was a little disappointed. I still saw the majority of the movie, so I understood what was going on, but what I saw I really liked, so I wish I could have seen the rest. I didn’t see the ending because Steph and Kristy had to be at Kristy’s house by 10:30 PM, so that meant Josh had to drive them, and he likely wouldn’t come back afterwards. That meant that Melissa and Zeth had to go as well. Erica had already gone early, so that left me there. So basically, they just shut off the movie once Josh’s carload had to leave, so I left as well. But anyways, the part of the movie that I saw looked really good. The guy was really smart, and he was only a seventeen-year-old who ran away from home. But he needed money, so he got ahold of a pilot’s uniform, made some fake Pan Am cheques, and got paid by the company. He later became a doctor, and then a lawyer, even though he never went to medical or law school. Later on, the FBI gets all over him since he’s stealing millions of dollars from people, but he keeps escaping from them just in time. At one point, he gets caught by them, but pretends to be the Secret Service, invents a fake story saying he’s been trying to catch the guy as well, and ends up escaping from them. I’m not sure if anyone else liked the movie, but I sure did. It wasn’t the most exciting movie I’ve seen, but it wasn’t supposed to be. It was a thinking movie, and it made me think, so it was successful.

I guess that’s all I’ll say about last night. There’s really not much else to say, so that’s probably a good thing. This morning I called Tim Hortons and Home Hardware to follow up on my interviews. The manager at Tim Hortons told me she still hadn’t come to a final decision, and the manager of Home Hardware wasn’t in today, so I have to call back tomorrow. So, there wasn’t much progress made. I guess I’ll just have to talk to the girl I was talking to on MSN and playing games with yesterday. We were playing Checkers and Minesweeper Flags over MSN, and I crushed her at the latter. The game of Checkers we had going froze up or something like that, so we had to call it a draw, which was too bad, since it was an intense game. Anyways, she’s from somewhere in Ontario, but she’s living in Romania for the summer or something. I’m not quite sure what’s going on there, but she’s a good games partner if nothing else. Looking at my list, she’s on right now as well, so perhaps I shall have to challenge her to something. Let the games begin…

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