Boredom at Its Finest

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‘Tis another day of laziness for me. Well, I guess it wasn’t complete laziness. I did cut the lawn today, both front and back. That was pretty exhausting, because it was hot, even at 9:00 in the morning. After that, I took a shower and got all nice and refreshed. But besides that, I haven’t done much of anything today. And the great thing is: I don’t have to! Summer’s awesome.

Last night was pretty cool. I went to Central’s youth and we had a devotional about the four men that lowered the paralytic through the roof to Jesus to have him healed. Then afterwards, we played frisbee over at North Park for a bit, then headed over to Kristy’s house to swim. I must admit, I wasn’t keen on the idea, but whatever. I went in anyways, just because I didn’t want the same thing to happen as last time, where I didn’t go in and felt like an idiot. Jeez. Who ever invented this silly water thing anyways? Meh. It was pretty fun, and then we watched a bit of TV before everyone headed home. Zeth and Kristy were a little isolated from everyone else, which I suppose can’t be helped entirely, but it was kind of funny to watch them with each other when everyone else around them is single. It’s strange, though, how that happens, even when the people try as hard as they can to specifically not do that. I don’t know if Zeth and Kristy really care, but I’ve seen it with other people as well. They say that they try really hard not to isolate themselves from everyone else, and they still go ahead and do it anyways. It’s interesting; but then again, I’m into all that psychology stuff, so maybe it’s really not interesting at all and I just think it is. Meh.

I guess I’ll have another nice, short entry again today. It’s boring writing about nothing. I want to go jump off a building just so I’ll have something to write about. Then again, if I break my arm – or my neck – I might not be writing much of anything. So I guess I’ll just stick to my boring life, and just wait for those crazy times that pop up out of nowhere. Now, if anyone cares, I’m going to get food. I always eat when I’m bored. At this rate, I’ll be obese before you know it.

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