Boats and Birthdays

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Whoever invented pizza is a genius. I mean, it can cover all of the major food groups singlehandedly, and still tastes good if done right. It’s one of the most versatile foods ever made – I mean, you can put pretty much anything you want on it. If the guy who invented pizza were still around today, I’d give him a handshake and slip some money into his pocket, just for being so cool.

Anyways, the above paragraph has nothing to do with anything, except that I had pizza for lunch, and was admiring its wonderful qualities. You may have noticed that I missed a day of blogging again yesterday. You may also notice my lack of caring. It was definitely worth it. Yesterday I headed out with a bunch of other people to Lake Erie to celebrate Kristy’s 16th birthday. Her dad has a boat, so he drove the whole lot of us down there and we spent the day tubing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, and just having lots of great fun. It was awesome.

Near the beginning of the day, I decided that tubing didn’t look so bad, so I went on that along with Angie and Melissa. We got in, and then Kristy’s dad started up the boat. As soon as that happened, Angelie, who was on the back, flipped right off the tube. It was pretty cool, actually, although she didn’t think so. She did a back flip right off and into the water. We went back to get her and had some trouble pulling her back into the tube. Then we started up again and had a blast – well, relatively speaking. It was fun, but Angelie kept screaming in my ear, and I had to keep yelling at her to shut up. I wasn’t mad, just very annoyed, because she was screaming like we were in mortal danger. Here I was, the guy who can’t even swim, out in nice deep water, and she’s screaming. On top of that, it was a little cramped with three people in the tube. Our knees kept smacking together, and a couple times my foot slipped way down to the back of the tube, so my leg was at an awkward angle. Anyways, with that said, it was still a lot of fun.

After my tubing adventure, I spent most of the rest of the day on the boat. Some of the others tried waterskiing and stuff like that, but I really didn’t feel like dying, so I stayed away from that. For lunch, we headed to shore and anchored the boat in the shallow water, pulling out buns and lunch meat to make sandwiches. Soon after that, Melissa and I headed out to try and catch minnows – or whatever the little fish were that were swimming around in the water. We got a bucket from the boat, but it was too hard to catch them. We tried going to the shallower water, but there weren’t many there, probably because of the larger waves (relatively speaking) there. But it was too hard to catch them in the deeper water, because they swam faster than we could sweep the bucket along the bottom.

Anyways, eventually Jeff decided to start throwing mud at me, and I didn’t feel like fighting back, so I slowly made my way towards the shore. Then Melissa decided that she was going to try to teach me to float. I wouldn’t co-operate with her, since I figure that if a certified swimming instructor gave up on me, she couldn’t do much better. Eventually we ended up just sitting in the shallow water and talking about rollercoasters and cool stuff like that. Kristy’s dad came out after a while and told us that the others were wanting to go diving off the boat in the deep water, so we headed back to the boat, and they did just that. I didn’t, because, as I previously mentioned, I wanted to live to at least eat Kristy’s birthday cake. People then tried some more waterskiing and kneeboarding and stuff, and I got a few pictures, but not many. For most of the time, I was in the front of the boat, so I only got a couple pictures of people waterskiing. Oh well. It was pretty much the same thing over and over. They would almost get up, then fall, and then repeat the process until they finally got up for a while. There’s not much else to say about waterskiing.

After doing that for a while, we headed back to the dock, got everything packed up back into the van, and then headed back to Kristy’s house. I think pretty much everyone slept on the way back, because everyone was exhausted. I’m really not sure what it is about the water, but it always makes everyone tired. I guess it’s the sunlight reflecting off the water that just hurts your eyes or something. Anyways, we got back to her place, had hot dogs and chips, and watched Hook until they got out the birthday cake. We sang the obligatory Happy Birthday song, had some pictures and all that jazz, then ate the delicious ice cream cake. Then Kristy opened up the cards and presents and stuff. Jeff got her the movie Hotel Rwanda, and I made her a wonderful card that I did up the night before because she told me to “make her something.” It was quite a strange card, I must say. I certainly enjoyed making it, though. I drew a picture of a penguin (I found a picture of the Linux penguin on the computer and drew it from that) and had some really strange jokes. I was kind of hyper when I made it, so I don’t think she understood half of it, but that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts, right? Then we went back in and watched the rest of Hook.

Overall, I must say it was an awesome day. I think everyone had a good time, even Josh, who was running on about four hours of sleep or something. I think that’s all I have to say about the day, though. I didn’t get too burnt, which is good; mostly my one knee is red, and that’s it. I’ve put the pictures that I have from the day on my computer, and I’ll likely upload them to Epiction soon after I finish this off. So go ahead and check there, because you’re not likely reading this six seconds after I posted it. If you are, that’s freaky. Get a life, man. I’d give you mine, but since I don’t have one myself, I’m looking for one too. Meh.

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