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This is just a short update to talk about the interview at Bluenotes today. I think it went fairly well. I got there a little early, so I just “browsed” the store, looking at some of the shirts until the manager was available. We went out of the store to a bench in the mall hallway and had the interview there. She seemed fairly nice and friendly, but she was also very confident – two qualities that make a good manager. She asked me some questions, and I think I answered them fairly well, without stumbling over my words or anything stupid like that. One questions kind of threw me off a bit; she asked if I was comfortable working with a lot of girls. She went on to explain that she was looking for more male staff, because even though the majority of the shoppers in the store are female, there are a lot of males as well. I said I was fine with working with females, and she said, “Alright, that’s fine. Just some guys think of it as a big social event, and other ones get all intimidated and don’t really want to talk to a girl about their jeans.” I was going to explain that the majority of my friends were female, but she really didn’t give me a chance to say that. Oh well.

Overall, I think the interview went quite well. She said that she was very busy right now, with about 40 interviews in the next week or so, so if she didn’t call me back within a week from today, the position had been filled. That’s fair enough. She said she had just taken over the company, and so I can imagine she’d be fairly busy with that. I’ll just have to wait and see how things go, and if God wants me to get this job, well those 40 other people had better turn out to be dirty slobs. Just kidding. But honestly, it’s all up to Him right now, because I’ve done basically all I can short of buying the lady ice cream or something. All in all, I would just like to get a job to get this whole thing over with. I wouldn’t even mind working at a sewage treatment plant right now. Talk to me in a couple of months and I might, but right now I just want a job – not for the cash, but just so my dad will stop pestering me, mostly. Besides, I know I need a job, because I’m going to need the money for university. The sooner I get started on saving up money for it, the better.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll keep this blog posted with what happens at Bluenotes, and I’ll certainly be glad if I get the job there. It’s much more favourable than that opening at the sewage treatment plant…

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Hey, I have an interview with bluenotes next week, and I have no idea what to wear!!
Any suggestions?