Birthdays, Beaches, and Bowling

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Yesterday was the birthday party for Melissa. It was a lot of fun, starting off with a trip to Long Point and then getting into some other stuff that I’ll talk about later. But let me begin with the beach, since, well, it’s the first thing that happened. I’m still getting ahead of myself, though, so let me slow down and start from the beginning.

I woke up yesterday at 8:00 AM. My parents had already left for the day, and they had taken both cars – but I already knew they were going to do that. I showered and got dressed, packed my bag for the beach, and then put my earbuds in my ear, turned on my music, and cranked the volume. This was partly because I was in a good mood, but also partly because I was trying to keep myself awake. Then with that, I headed out the door and walked over to the Staats’ house. I debated wearing my shoes to walk over there, but then I decided that it would be too much of a hassle to bring both shoes and sandals. I bring this up because it’s important – my sandals give me blisters, but I decided I’d wear socks with my sandals and hope for the best. It didn’t work too well; even on the ten-minute walk over to their house, I got blisters.

Anyways, I got to the Staats’ house and hung around there for a few minutes until people were ready to leave. We had to wait for Bethany to get there, and then we piled into the van and Jeff’s car. Well, alright, we didn’t “pile in,” it was more like everyone got into the van except for Melissa and Jeff, who went in his car. Zeth was driving, and we headed out, stopping by Steph’s house to pick her up. As we were parked in her driveway waiting, Jeff came over to Zeth’s window and said something about how he needed someone else in his car. He was saying how neither him nor Melissa were saying anything, and how it was quite awkward. Zeth told him that it was pretty much the same thing in the van as well, but then he said, “Well, Jeff’s pretty funny. You should take him.” I considered this for a moment, and then realized that Jeff likely had better music than what we were listening to in the van. I mean, I don’t mind classic rock, but sometimes the singers’ voices get really annoying – especially the guy from AC/DC. I’m sorry, but that guy needs major vocal surgery or something. I can’t stand his voice. So I jumped into the back of Jeff’s car, Steph got into the van, and away we went.

I was wrong about the music. The entire way up, we listened to Swollen Members – that’s rap, for those of you who may not know. I’m not a fan of rap, either. I mean, I like the beats and stuff, and it sounds good, but once you get to the next song, they start all sounding exactly the same. It’s just a slightly different beat and different words said in exactly the same way. It gets really annoying after a while. Also, since Jeff’s car doesn’t have air conditioning, or it doesn’t work or something, he had both the windows rolled down all the way. It likely wasn’t too bad up in the front, but in the back, I felt like I was in a hurricane. My hair was blowing everywhere (I guess it made me thankful that I got my hair cut, though) and my eyes were blinking non-stop. Even with me in the car, nobody said anything. Melissa fell asleep for a while, and with the combination of the loud music and the wind, I couldn’t have heard anyone if they were talking anyways. But I suppose we got there eventually, talking or not, and prepared for a great day at the beach.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day at the beach. It wasn’t too hot, though it was sunny, but not really cold either, so it made for great weather. There wasn’t too much wind, which I was grateful for since it meant that the waves weren’t big, but I think the others would have liked more wind. If there had been, though, it would have been too cold I think, so it’s likely a good thing there wasn’t. I went into the water and actually made it out to the sandbar this time. Then I realized that it really wasn’t that amazing being out on a sandbar in the middle of the water. I mean, I wasn’t scared, because the water was only up to my waist, but what’s so great about standing in water? All that happened was that I started to get cold because my body was out of the water, so we went back soon after getting to the sandbar. Anyways, after drying off, Josh, Jeff, and I went to get some lunch. Bethany, Melissa, and Michelle were already over there eating, so I hung out with them as Josh and Jeff went out on a date together or something like that. I bought a bottle of Dr. Pepper, and Bethany put a Smartie in it. It started fizzing like mad and the Smartie got really white. Unfortunately, it also caused my pop to go flat. Soon after that, Melissa poured some of her cream soda into it, so now it was flat Dr. Pepper with a cream soda tinge to it. They really just ruined my wonderful Dr. Pepper experience; however, the Smartie tasted really good afterwards. It was marinated in Dr. Pepper and tasted amazing. That doesn’t excuse my flat pop, though.

After lunch, some people went out swimming again while I sat on the beach and Josh suntanned. Eventually, the same three girls came back, and since I was bored, I soon reverted to chasing seagulls. I almost caught one, too; I snuck up behind it, then made a break for it. It started flying up into the air just above my head, so I jumped about two feet in the air and almost got it. Unfortunately, it got higher into the air than I could jump – but I was close! After doing my duty of protecting our area from the seagulls, I got bored, so I suggested that the girls bury me. We dug a hole, I got in it, and they covered me up. I insisted that they make a pillow for my head, though, because it was hard to hold it up. Anyways, they made me into a mermaid, complete with a well-endowed chest area and a cool flipper thing. Unfortunately, I had to breathe, so the sand on top of my chest kept cracking, making me look like I was drying out in the sun or something. Talk about a fish out of water. People took a few pictures, we waited for everyone to get back from swimming and see me, and then I broke free of the sand mold and went to go wash myself off.

Afterwards, we waited for people to dry off a bit, and then headed home. Steph had told me that people were bringing stuff to do, like a shovel and pail, and a volleyball and stuff like that, but nobody had anything like that. All we had were two frisbees and a football that I brought. So everyone was just kind of ready to go home, except for Zeth of course, who was saying things like, “Ugh, you losers, why do you want to go home? We basically just got here.” I think everyone on the whole ignored him and headed back to the van and car. This time it was just the two Jeffs in the car, and everyone else in the van. We listened to a bit of Swollen Members and then switched it to Rage Against The Machine. That guy’s voice kind of bugs me too, but whatever. We stopped off at Jeff’s house for a second so he could get changed, I met his mom, and then we left to go back to the Staats’ house. We had burgers and hot dogs there for supper. I ate a burger and was full, but Mrs. Staats came over to the group of us sitting in the family room and said, “There’s one burger left, and someone has to eat it because I don’t want any leftovers.” No one made a move for it, so like usual, I grabbed the last burger and made my way through it, full though I was. I swear that if anyone is going to make me fat, it’s that lady with her guilt trip to finish off her food. Considering I’ve likely lost weight since yesterday, though, I don’t think it’s working.

After supper, we waited around until Mary Lou came, and then brought out the birthday cake. At the last minute, I remembered I had my camera there, and went back to get it, but just then Mrs. Staats started singing Happy Birthday, so I didn’t have a chance to grab it. Oh well. Melissa went to blow out the candles, and try as hard as she might, she couldn’t blow out the last one. Immediately I saw Becca look over me, and Steph gave me a little jab with her elbow. I just laughed and waited until she blew out the candle with her next breath and thus took the attention back to her birthday instead of the whole candle thing. We then had cake, and Mary Lou was going around trying to make people feel guilty and have another piece. “Hey, there’s one piece left, do you want it? No? Didn’t you like it? Well then why don’t you want another one?” When she asked me, I told her I had already eaten the leftover hamburger. That satisfied her.

After cake, Melissa opened presents. From Ezekiel, she got a whole dollar of Pioneer bonus bucks or whatever they’re called – for gas money since she can drive now. I thought that was an awesome present; it might not be much, but hey – it’s thoughtful. Erica got her some popcorn seasoning stuff as well as popcorn, and also a movie. I’m trying to think what else she got, but right now I can’t. I’m pretty sure she liked the watch that I gave her, considering that she put it on right away and wore it the rest of the night. I mean, she had better like it. Goodness knows I spent enough on it. But it also benefits me, I suppose, considering that I’m always asking people what time it is because I’m too cheap to buy a watch for myself. I’ve also tried to get my parents to buy me a watch for my birthday or something, but they always say, “You already have a watch.” I try to explain to them that the band has been ripped off, but they just say, “Well, we’ll buy you a new band then.” Then I have to explain to them that I just plain can’t stand that ugly watch, but their reply is, “Well that’s your problem then.” So since my watch efforts haven’t been successful, at least now when I’m hanging out with Melissa, I’ll be able to know what time it is. I hate hanging out in groups where no one has a watch at all. That just gets annoying after a while.

Anyways, after opening her presents, a bunch of people went to clean out the Staats’ van or something. That left Erica, Melissa, me, and Jake – who had just arrived – to do something. So we decided to go outside onto the climbers in the little mini-park right by their house and play with the six billion Staats kids. We played strange games such as Spuds Up and Grounders – I liked the latter best because it involved climbing all over the climbers so the person couldn’t get you. I was hanging from the bottom of them and out on the outside of them. I played those games until my feet really hurt from the blisters. See, I told you that telling you about this up above would be important. Eventually I just couldn’t play the game anymore because my sandals kept rubbing against the blisters and making them worse. So Melissa took me inside and gave me a couple band-aids to patch them up, then I found my socks and put them on. The rest of the gang came inside soon after that, and then we went downstairs and played a really weird game on X-box called Fusion Frenzy or something like that. It was a really annoying game, actually, but whatever.

Eventually, everyone came back, and then we sat around trying to figure out what to do. Melissa suggested going bowling, and since she’s the birthday girl, that’s what she eventually got. Eventually. About six times, people would say something like, “So, are we actually going?” or, “Well, let’s go!” They’d get up, announce that, and then start to walk toward the door, trying to get people to follow. The rest of them would just sit there debating it, and when the potential leader noticed that no one was moving, they’d eventually just sit down again. That happened quite a few times, and then people finally got up and moved out the door. Most of the people didn’t want to go bowling though, so it ended up just being Melissa, Dave, Erica, and myself bowling. The couples were busy outside making out with each other, and others were getting food or something, I assume. We went to Star Lanes (which only has ten-pin bowling), and paid for two games – and it’s a good thing we didn’t go with our first suggestion to do three games. But I’ll get to that later.

Soon after we got into the building, I said something to Melissa I think. It must have been an insult, because she slapped me across the face. I slapped her back – lightly – and she got mad, so she tried slapping me again. I blocked her efforts, catching her arm or putting up my own to deflect it. As we struggled, a guy at one of the lanes watched us and suddenly yelled out, “Beat him up!” Melissa just kind of glanced back, looked a little surprised, then slapped my face and that was it. We bought our games, went over to lane 1, and started playing. This guy that had yelled that was in lane 3, two lanes over. Remember that.

Melissa was up to bowl first. After a couple bowls which involved basically throwing the ball up in the air and having it slam onto the lane with a loud bang, I was trying to tell her that she needed to get down lower to the ground to roll the ball rather than throw it. I think the guy two lanes over was watching me as I was telling her this. The next time she got up, the guy called out to her, “Just take your time.” Of course, he did this just as she was bowling and so it totally screwed up whatever chance she had at getting pins down, but whatever. I figured the guy was just a good bowler and couldn’t see someone completely murder the game he loved. It was no big deal. Half an hour later, though, it was. As I watched this guy bowl a bit more, I realized that my hypothesis couldn’t be accurate, because he really wasn’t a good bowler at all. He had to get the guy working at the bowling alley come and give him tips on how to actually do it. But what’s more is that the more I watched him, the more I noticed that every time Melissa came up to bowl, he would wait and watch her before bowling himself. I mean, it was pretty obvious considering that he was there by himself, so he really didn’t have to wait for someone else to bowl. There was no other reason for him to wait except for that reason – to watch her.

By about the end of the first game, Melissa was pretty creeped out. The guy kept talking to her and trying to give her tips, so pretty soon she was just throwing the ball and trying to get away as soon as possible. The battle for the first game was basically between Dave and me – I think he won that game. I couldn’t find a ball I liked, and the one I was using was too heavy, so I didn’t have any accuracy. I think the high score was in the forties or something – not exactly amazing.

Anyways, some of the people that hadn’t stayed to bowl started coming back to watch, and since Erica didn’t want to play a second game, Jeff played the next game instead. Melissa didn’t really want to play either, so for the entire second game she was still just throwing the ball and basically running away. At one point, she put up the hood on her sweater and scrunched it up really tight, tucked her sweater into her pants, and tucked her pants into her socks. She was just trying to get the guy to stop looking at her. After one awkward bowl doing that, though, I think she realized that if anything, that would just make the guy stare at her more. I mean, wouldn’t you stare at someone that looked like that? But anyways, soon into the second game, I got fed up with the ball I was using and grabbed another one instead. It was a bit lighter, and I immediately noticed a big change in my game. I got five strikes or spares in a row, and ended up with something like 122 at the end. I think Jeff got just over 100, and Dave got stuck somewhere in the 70s I believe. Melissa was way down at the bottom due to her biggest fan being present. Right after the game was over, we immediately got up and left. Everyone was laughing at this guy next to us who kept staring at Melissa, and I think everyone was just a little creeped out. We left and then figured out what to do next. McDonalds was our next target.

When we got there, I decided that I really wasn’t hungry, but I was incredibly thirsty, so I went to order a bottle of water. The girl at the cash register was new, and though she had help from another girl, that other girl was also occupied with doing drive-thru orders and was thus running back and forth. So this new girl was pretty much alone and trying to take orders. I eventually ordered my bottle of water, and after waiting a couple minutes until she found the appropriate button on the register, I gave her a toonie. The change was 19 cents, and instead of giving me a dime, a nickel, and four pennies, she gave me a dime and nine pennies. I knew she was new, though, so I just didn’t say anything. She took the next order, which was Dave’s, and after asking him what he ordered about three times, she got it right and went to get what we had ordered. She couldn’t find a bottle of water anywhere, and she asked the drive-thru girl, who told her where to find them. Since there wasn’t any there, though, she was going to have to go get a manager to get more for her. When I heard that, I quickly just asked if I could switch it to a medium pop instead, since they were the same price. Eventually I just got Sprite. It honestly took about ten minutes to get it, and it wasn’t even what I wanted. But oh well. As I was waiting, she had taken the next person’s order, and as she gave the person his change, I noticed she had given him six pennies. I just shook my head, took my Sprite, and headed to the table.

After dropping off Erica at her house, we went back to the Staats. I called my parents for a ride home from there, and then talked to Melissa, who was by that time in a bad mood, being completely frustrated by telephone banking. She was trying to transfer money from her savings account to her chequing account or some such, and instead of $300, it was saying that she was transferring $3.00. She was complaining about it to me, and I said, “Well, why don’t you add another two zeroes?” She just kind of stared at me for a moment, and then said, “Oh my goodness.” She got back on the phone and tried again. I’m not sure if it worked or not, but hey – it made sense to me, since it had told her to enter in the dollars and cents that she wanted to transfer. I just chuckled at her expense, and that was about it. I could tell she was definitely ready to go to bed and sleep for a week, so I just sort of stood there until my dad got there. I said my goodbyes and left with him. When we got out there, we saw Dave and Natalie outside standing by their car. He had called her to come pick him up, and she had come inside for a little bit. Unfortunately, though, she had locked her keys inside her car, and now they were calling their parents to come and try to unlock it. They only had one other key for it, and apparently it doesn’t work too well. I felt sorry for them, but there was really nothing we could do about it, so we just wished them luck and a good night, and went on our way home.

That was the entire day yesterday. I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything, and if I have, it likely wasn’t of too much significance. It really was a great day, although tiring, and I think everyone had fun. When I got home, I was told that Cineplex had called, which is definitely a good sign. I called them back this morning, but considering they don’t start movies until about 12:30, I got the answering machine. I just left a message, so hopefully they’ll get back to me soon. I could really use any job I can get right now, and I’m really hoping that they’re going to tell me I have one. But I guess I won’t know that until they call me back or until I call again and get ahold of someone. Other than that, nothing’s happened today, so I’m just going to forego on starting a new paragraph and end it off here. Until next time, have a great life.

Update: By the way, more pictures are up on Epiction, so go check it out. I mean, I’m a freakin’ mermaid, who doesn’t want to see that?

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