Beaches and Fireworks

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Oh my! Jeff missed a day?! How could this be? My life was so meaningless without his daily input of wonderful storytelling and gripping insight! I’ll never be the same again! I’m scarred forever!

The past week has been hectic. That’s the only word to describe it. But seeing as I’ve already told what has happened for most of that week, all that’s left is to talk about Thursday night and yesterday. Don’t worry; I’ll try to make it interesting. On Thursday morning, Jeff called me and told me that “his party on Friday was a go” and also told me to come to volleyball that night at Central. So that night, I went. We waited for more people (otherwise known as the Staats) to come, and the guy in charge – I don’t know his name – wandered around the church trying to find a net and volleyball. I think CBA took their net back and stuff, because he couldn’t find one anywhere. So, after waiting there for a while, he finally gave up and told us that we couldn’t do it. So we decided to do something else. We all headed outside and tried to figure out what to do – without much success.

It must have been half an hour to an hour that we stood outside. People were in two or three groups talking to each other. It was pretty boring. I just stood around generally acting like an idiot (what else is new?). Then Jeff had a great idea. There’s a funny thing to do where one person sneaks up behind someone else, kneels down, and then another person comes along and pretends to talk to them, then pushes them so they fall back and trip over the guy kneeling on the ground. It’s actually pretty funny. So Jeff decided to do that to me. The only problem was that we were on pavement. I don’t know what the heck he was thinking, but he knelt down behind me and Josh flipped me over him. I fell over and scraped my elbow pretty bad. I was pretty mad, but I didn’t do anything. A few minutes later, Jeff knelt down behind Josh and tried to get me to do the same thing, but I decided that I was too nice to do that. I didn’t like it myself, so why would I do it to someone else? Eventually Jeff got it done to him, and he got all angry and threw his shoe at Josh and chased him around. I really didn’t understand it considering he was doing it to all the other people, but whatever. That was about the extent of the excitement for this part of the night.

After about the longest time I’ve ever had, people decided to go back to the Staats’ house (go figure). Josh, Jeff, some other dude whose name I didn’t catch, and I went downstairs to play Halo. I’m not sure what the girls did, but I wasn’t too concerned either. We played one sort of tag-team game where, after 5 kills, you would hand off the controller to someone else. Josh totally slaughtered everyone. After that, we played another two games where it was everyone against Josh. We did better on those, but he still beat us. It’s crazy to the point of being scary how good he is at that game. No matter whether he’s falling down a hole, or jumping into the air, he always has his gun pointed straight at the other person’s head for the immediate kill. You can come running up behind him and shoot him about six times, and then he’ll turn around and shoot you straight in the head. It’s uncanny how he does that all the time.

Anyways, after that, I had to go home, since it was pretty late and I hadn’t even told my parents where I was. I drove home, talked to my dad about where I was, and found he was in a good mood. Then I had a decision to make. Was he in a good enough mood to ask for the car to go to Long Point the next day, or should I not push my luck? You see, at volleyball, people told me that they were going to the beach, and that I should come. I wanted to, but I didn’t want to ask for the car. So, as I got home, I had to determine my dad’s mood. I figured out that it was best not to ask for the car. Jeff had told me to meet him at Wendy’s the next morning so he could show me to the guy’s place where everyone was meeting. Since I had decided not to ask for the car, I had to let him know not to meet me there, since I wouldn’t show up. I decided that the beach would always be there, and so I’d go another time when my dad would actually not rip my head off for asking.

I phoned up the Staats’ house to ask them for Jeff’s cell phone number, and Zeth picked up. I told him that I wasn’t going to go to the beach, so I needed to phone Jeff and let him know. He said okay, and then I heard some mumbling and muffled talking on the other end of the phone. Then he told me that Josh had room in his car. I thought about that for a second and decided that, since my parents were heading up to Ottawa on Friday, they probably wouldn’t care whether I went to the beach; it was more that my dad wouldn’t want to pay for the gas. So with that new development, I told Zeth I’d go, he told me to meet them at their house at 9:30 AM, and that was that. I got Jeff’s cell phone number, then headed downstairs to actually ask my dad whether I could go. As suspected, he really didn’t care when he knew that I wasn’t driving, so that was the easy part. I phoned up Jeff and told him the situation, and everything got worked out. Then I headed to bed.

I woke up to my alarm going off at 8:00 AM. I had set it to that, since I like to give myself an hour and a half to wake up fully and do everything I need to. On school days, I have everything down to a routine that takes less than an hour, but when I get out of that routine, I don’t like to be rushed, so I give myself an extra half hour. I went downstairs, ate some cereal, had a shower, got changed, and put some stuff that I needed into my bag. I headed out the door, saying goodbye to my parents on the way, and drove over to the Staats’ house. The door was open, so I walked in. That’s my general rule of thumb. If the door is closed, I ring the doorbell. Otherwise, I walk in. Mrs. Staats and one of her thousand sons were playing Monopoly in the kitchen, and Melissa was watching. Josh was in the family room playing his guitar like usual. I found out that Zeth wasn’t going to the beach since he had to work, and that’s why Josh had room in his car. After a few minutes, everyone was ready, and Melissa, Josh, and I headed out to the car. We met at the guy’s place whose name I don’t know, and waited for about twenty minutes for everyone to show up. Melissa and I got into this conversation about smells, since everyone else was basically ignoring us. Eventually, we left and started out for Long Point.

Josh had to pick up Stephanie, of course, so we dropped by her house and picked her up. Soon after, we found a bug in the car. Josh and Steph were in the front, and Melissa and I were in the back, and this bug loved the back window or something. It just kept buzzing around and everything. But the cool thing about this bug was that it had bright green eyes. Like, really bright. It was literally this shade of green. It was so strange. I thought it was cool, but Melissa was scared that it was going to sting her. I wasn’t going to kill it, though, because it was awesome. Eventually Melissa got Steph to climb into the back seat, steal my sandal, and kill it. I was sad. I held a small funeral service for the bright green-eyed bug whose life was tragically cut short by a sandal. I was just starting to feel a connection with this bug, and Steph went and brutally murdered it. Okay, well I wasn’t that sad, but whatever. I still thought it was cool.

We stopped in at Tim Hortons on the way up, and I got a Cafe Mocha. That really woke me up; before I had just been half awake, but suddenly I was fully awake. I later felt the caffeine wear off and my body shut down, but that wasn’t for a while. Anyways, Melissa got made fun of quite a bit for wanting a donut. It all goes back to the best insult I ever made – and probably one of the cruelest. It was the last time we were at Long Point. Angelie had made a sand castle thing that looked like a donut, so we were talking about that, and Melissa said, “I like donuts.” I just said, “Yeah, I can tell.” I found it funny. She didn’t, apparently. Anyways, she hasn’t been able to live it down since then, mostly because she told just about everyone, so they all know now and won’t let her forget it. They all thought it was great as well. I really don’t get why she didn’t (she would if it wasn’t about her, I bet). So anyways, eventually we left Tim Hortons after Melissa took a couple dozen more donuts with her (just joking), and we got back on the way to the beach.

We got to the beach, and it was fairly busy – a lot busier than last time, anyways. It was pretty windy, too, so the waves were fairly big. I went in the water, but I didn’t like it one bit. It was cold, and because I have a lack of fishlike qualities, I didn’t appreciate the waves coming and slapping me in the face all the time. I stayed in there for a while, but I didn’t go very far in, and I left as soon as anyone would come with me. Eventually, people started heading back, so I was the first one out of the water. We all dried off, and Melissa started complaining about her heel hurting. I guess I could see why, though, considering her blister there that had popped, and now was covered in sand. Her, Steph, and I went to the little store to try and see if we could find some Liquid Band-aid for her. They only had regular band-aids, though, so we started heading back. We met Julie and her boyfriend/significant other/whatever he’s known as, and told her the situation. She said she had some of that stuff in her car, so Melissa went with them, and Steph and I walked back to the beach.

Not too long after that, Jeff and I headed back to the store to get some lunch. It was a little strange giving the girl there our names so she could call us when it was ready. “Yes, this is Jeff, and my name’s Jeff.” Anyways, we sat and ate our fries, bought pop, and then headed back to the beach. I was smart and brought sandals. Jeff’s feet were burning, so he asked me for one sandal. We basically hopscotched back to the beach – it was pretty funny. Anyways, for the rest of the day, I basically just sat there or laid there on the beach and did nothing. My back is all burnt, as well as the insides of my legs for some reason. The rest of the day for me, though, consisted mostly of talking with Melissa, filling pop bottles up with sand, and taking pictures. I got six pop bottles in total, and I made a nice little work of art by sticking them in the sand and then taking a picture of them. I left them there when we left, so someone else can admire the beauty of my masterpiece.

We left Long Point probably around 4:00 or 5:00 PM (but don’t quote me on that, since I didn’t have a watch), and during the ride home I basically slept or sat there thinking. Partway through, Josh put in the Jimmy Eat World CD. That brought back some memories, some good and some bad, so I just sort of sat there staring out the window as it played. All in all, it was a quiet ride home. We got back to the Staats’ place, and I drove home. Melissa had invited me several times to come have a barbecue at their house that evening, so I headed home, dropped my stuff off, got changed, and then went straight back there. I figured that if I didn’t go there to eat, I wasn’t eating at all, since I’d have to cook myself food otherwise. That’s a scary thought, so I was glad for the invitation. Steph, Josh, Melissa, and I sat in the room next to the kitchen to eat, since they have approximately one bazillion kids in that house, so there wasn’t enough room for everyone at the kitchen table. Mrs. Staats pretty much loves me now; she was trying to listen in to the conversation in the other room to hear me say something “witty.” I’m really not that great with being funny on demand, though, so every time she does that, she’s always disappointed. Steph told her the thing about what I said with Melissa and donuts, though, and she thought it was hilarious. So I guess I’m on her good side for insulting her daughter. Strange.

While we were eating, the phone rang, and it was Jeff. Josh had told him that we would be at his house for 7:00 PM, and it was already after that time when we were still eating. Apparently only Angie was at his house, and he found it kind of awkward, so he called us. I just kind of laughed. After we were finished supper, we headed over to his house. We went inside and watched the September Tapes. It was a crazy movie. I’m really not sure whether I liked it or not; I had mixed feelings about it the entire way. Apparently it was about this American that goes into Afghanistan and tries to get the real story about the war on terror and al-Qaeda and all that jazz. He does this because his wife was on the plane in the September 11th terrorist attacks. However, his mission changes. Originally, he went in there to basically get information, but as he learns more and more about what goes on in Afghanistan, he gets involved in an ambush on Osama bin Laden by a bounty hunter trying to kill him. It was a really strange movie, though. A lot of it was real, but some of it was set up, so it was hard to distinguish between what was truth and what was just someone trying to stage to make it more interesting. The entire time, I was trying to interpret what they were attempting to say. There were political statements all over the place, talking about the real reasons for the war and stuff like that. It was definitely a movie trying to change opinions. As I said, I’m not sure I entirely liked it. I felt like it was subtly trying to insert some thoughts into my head.

Anyways, after the movie, we headed out to watch Canada Day fireworks. The traffic was pretty crazy. I had Angelie and Melissa in my car, and we parked at the armouries, then ran down the hill to watch the show. It wasn’t all that impressive. I mean, it’s Brantford; since when has the city ever had money? Anyways, as soon as they were over, we went back up the hill and got in the car to try and get out before the traffic got too bad. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea, so it didn’t really work. I tried turning left out of the armouries, but there was just no possible way to, so I eventually turned right, then turned onto a side street to get turned around. Melissa and Angelie had their windows rolled down and were yelling “Candypants!” at random people walking down the street. It’s something they learned from Zeth. I would have slowed down for them and such, but with all the traffic, I was more concerned with getting out alive. I was driving the Taurus, too, which didn’t make it any easier. That car makes me feel like a hippo on wheels, whereas the Toyota makes me feel like a hummingbird or something, able to zip in and out of anywhere.

Anyways, we eventually got back to Jeff’s house, and once Josh and Steph got back, we headed out to Tim Hortons. Melissa had to be home by 11:00 PM, so I dropped her off first, then drove Angelie and myself to Timmy’s. We sat there for a while, had some arm wrestles, and I beat everyone with my right hand (my weak hand) except for Josh. I didn’t expect to beat him, though. I know he’s stronger than me. Anyways, it was a great time since I knew that I didn’t have to call home or think about my parents getting angry at me for staying out late. They didn’t know where I was, and it was a great sense of freedom. I wish they’d head out to Ottawa more often. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to go do anything bad, but they still insist that they know every single place I go. Anyways, they knew I was going to Jeff’s house and stuff, so it wasn’t that bad anyways. We hung out for a while at Tim Hortons, then I drove Angelie home, finally got the waiver form from her, and then headed home myself. I basically fell in bed, and would have fallen straight asleep if it wasn’t for my sunburn. It was hard to get comfortable, because I usually sleep on my side, but my arms and shoulders were all burnt. It hurt. A lot. Eventually I fell asleep, though.

This morning I’ve done basically nothing. My dad wanted me to water the sod outside in the backyard, since we just laid it down a few days ago, and it needs to be watered so it doesn’t die out. So I had to go out and put the sprinkler on. But other than that, I’ve done nothing today. People were telling me to have them over at my house tonight, but I’m not sure I want to do that just because I don’t know when my parents are getting home. I know they’ll likely call later on this afternoon to let me know when they’re leaving Ottawa and when they’ll likely be home, so I’ll make a decision then. I just don’t want to have people over and then have them come home early. That would suck. I mean, I probably wouldn’t get in too much trouble since they know that these people are Christian kids and everything, but it’d still probably break their trust, which is something that I really need right now. I need them to trust me, because otherwise I’m going to have a horrible summer, not able to do anything. I’d rather just have people meet at my house and then go somewhere – like go and get ice cream or something. That’d be more fun anyways, rather than just sitting in my boring house. Anyways, we’ll see.

I guess that’s it for today. I’ve completely lost track of the days. Everything seems like Saturday, and it’s crazy trying to remember what’s happened on what day. Before I started writing this, I had to sit and try and remember what I did on Thursday night. I mean, I’ve done stuff with people every day this week, and it’s usually been basically the same people, so it’s hard to remember which day was which. I’d quite enjoy a nice day to myself right now, actually. I’m not feeling the greatest, because sitting down anywhere hurts – because of the sunburn on my back. I must have woken up about three or four times during the night just to shift position because I woke up in pain. I guess that’s my fault, though, since I only put sunscreen on my face and arms. Oh well. I guess I’ll just see what happens today. I’m really not in charge of what goes on; usually one member of the Staats family (either Josh, Zeth, or Melissa) will call me and tell me what’s going on, and then I’ll do it because it’s better than sitting at home alone. I’m quite happy keeping it that way, too, since that means I really don’t have to do anything except be there. I don’t mind setting stuff up, but I don’t want to if I don’t have to. Anyways, I’m done writing for today, so I’m going to end this off here. Check out Epiction for a few more pictures from the most recent trip to Long Point. Word.

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