Water Fights and Freezie Frights

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Today was awesome. It didn’t start out that way, though. The Biology exam was pretty brutal; it wasn’t terribly hard, but Mrs. Houtman decided to make us choose 15 of 20 short answer questions as well as several sets of 2 of 3 problem-solving questions. So basically, I spent about five or ten minutes just figuring out what questions I had to do. Honestly, I’d rather just be told what to do instead of having to sit there and figure out what I do or don’t know. Anyways, with that said, it still wasn’t all that horrible, and I think I did pretty well on it.

I got home to a dark, quiet house. The hydro people had given everyone in the area advanced notice that today the power was going to be off for about five hours. I got home and quickly realized just how boring life really is without the computer, TV, or music. I didn’t even have a microwave to make lunch with – I ended up eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich on half-frozen bread – since, of course, I couldn’t thaw it in any way. I went upstairs and resigned myself to a dismal five hours. Within about ten minutes or so, however, my day brightened quite a bit. Melissa phoned me up and told me to come over – I figured anything was better than sitting in a boring house for five hours, so I quickly agreed. I changed my pants to at least be presentable, and headed out the door for the ten minute walk to her house.

Steph, Jeff, and Zeth were also there, but I soon found out that this house wasn’t much more interesting. We sat around for a while doing basically nothing. After about half an hour or something, Zeth called Kristy up and got her to come over. It wasn’t too much more interesting with her there, but Jeff suggested we play some Halo. So us three guys headed downstairs to play that. Kristy was going to play too, but then she mysteriously decided to go walk with Melissa and Steph. I didn’t think much of it considering the fickle nature of females, and so we played some Halo. It was Jeff and Jeff versus Zeth, and he still killed us; pretty much, the reason was because I suck, but whatever. It was still fun.

Almost as we were finished, Kristy came downstairs and told Jeff that there was a huge scratch in his car. He was a little ticked off, but seeing as his car really wasn’t going anywhere, we finished up the game and then went upstairs. As we walked outside, Kristy suddenly ran off to the car and then bent over to look at the scratch. That was when I sensed something was wrong. Here were all three girls squatting behind Jeff’s car apparently looking at a scratch. It just didn’t fit – they’re not exactly car fanatics or anything, so they wouldn’t be looking at it that intently. Jeff decided to head over to the car at an angle, and soon he called over to us to run back to the house. They had water balloons. Within about five seconds, we were inside with all the doors locked, and were formulating our plan. We headed downstairs to try and find the water guns, but couldn’t find them there, so we cautiously went outside to get them from there. Then we headed up to the bathroom to fill them up.

A minute or two later when we found out that neither of the big water guns worked, we started filling up the puny little handgun water guns – since it was really all we had. Then we armed ourselves and went out the backyard for our attack. We went into the little play area with the jungle gym and started trying to squirt them through the fence. Of course, those puny little guns get have about a four inch range, so it didn’t really work. They threw the few water balloons they had at us, but most of them hit off the fence – so we really didn’t get that wet. Anyways, Zeth ran off I think when he saw that they also had big bowls full of water, and so Jeff and I were trapped in the play area. There are only two exits to that thing, and Steph and Kristy went to either exit as Melissa stayed on the other side of the fence in the middle. Jeff ran out of one side before Steph got there, and she ran after him, giving me the open exit. I ran through that just before Melissa decided to throw the water through the fence. We ran off toward the house, and then the girls turned on each other and threw the water at themselves. In all, they got more soaked than we did – their plan really didn’t work that well. I guess the idea is not to try and stage a water assault on people who have just been playing a video game that deals with tactics and strategies.

Anyways, the girls went inside, and Jeff and I went to retrieve the water guns that were on the ground since they were so useless. When we got back, the front door was locked. We immediately sensed that something was up, and headed over to his car to wait it out. I got pretty bored in there, though, and it was really hot. After a couple minutes, I thought it’d be better to get wet than to sit in the boiling hot car. So I decided to go up and see if the back door was locked. I snuck into the backyard and tried the door. It was open. I walked in and Melissa walked into the kitchen. She screamed, “Hey! Get out! You’re not supposed to be in here! Why isn’t the door locked?” I just kind of stood there, but seeing as she didn’t have any water, I opted to stay inside instead of walking out and having her actually lock the door. Apparently these people aren’t too great with locking mechanisms. Anyways, as I stood there, Steph walked in with a bowl of water, and I knew it was time to make my quick exit. I ran back outside before she could throw it at me, and got back in Jeff’s car. We sat there for a few minutes more, and then decided to try the front door again. I was thinking that maybe if we lured them out, we could come back around behind them and get in the house.

We took the long way around to the front door so we’d have the best angle. We looked in and saw that the front door was open, so we started running. No one went for us, though, so we walked up again, cautious as ever. We walked in and realized that they had pretty much given up since Kristy had to go home. So in we walked – we had avoided getting soaked, the ingenious Jeffs that we are.

So anyways, Jeff drove Zeth and Kristy to her house, since she had to be home, and then he drove to his house to get his bathing suit and stuff, since she has a pool. I walked with Melissa and Steph to her house, and we got freezies on the way. As we were walking toward the house, Steph was like, “Why were Zeth and Kristy just behind the van?” They had walked out from behind there and were heading toward us. I honestly never suspected a thing. I figured that Steph was trying to make some joke about how they were making out behind the van or something stupid like that, and I was just merrily walking along, eating my freezie and likely making fun of either Melissa, or Steph, or both. They walked with us up to a certain point, then ran ahead, grabbed two bowls off the ground, and threw it at us. I dropped half my freezie and was soaked. I just kind of stood there, knew I had been fooled, and didn’t give them the satisfaction of getting mad in any way. I just finished up the rest of the freezie, kept on walking, and went inside.

Anyways, everyone was trying to get me to swim with them. First off, I didn’t have my bathing suit, and didn’t feel like walking to my house to get it. Second, I didn’t want to swim. They were saying things like, “Well it’s not that deep,” and, “Come on, you won’t drown,” but that wasn’t the reason. I just didn’t want to swim – period. So I sat on the steps as they complained about how freezing it was and threw balls at each other. I wasn’t really having fun, but I didn’t really care, since they were. I wasn’t going to ruin everyone’s fun just for little ol’ me. Anyways, they really weren’t in there very long anyways, since it was freezing in there, and so pretty soon Miss Dripping Wet Melissa came up the stairs and gave me a nice sopping wet hug. It was very…annoying. I tried to pry her off me and in the process stepped on the one piece of wood on their deck/balcony that was all torn up and full of nice sliver-causing pieces of wood. Ugh.

We all went inside after a little bit, because people wanted to get changed and stuff. I sat on the couch, and Zeth flipped through channels until the girls finally got out. Then we left and headed back to the Staats’ house. Jeff dropped off Zeth and I and then headed home, since he had to work. Melissa and Steph walked, although I’m really not sure why. I walked in behind Zeth, and then he said, “Well, okay, have fun, ’cause I’m going to take a shower.” I just said something like, “Well alrighty then, I’ll just make myself at home!” and promptly plopped my plump posterior down on the couch. He said something about not being a good entertainer, but I beg to differ. His face is quite funny to look at – it’s entertaining enough. Anyways, eventually Steph and Melissa walked in, and suddenly the room got noisier and full of whining and complaining. I just watched TV and generally ignored them. Well, okay, I didn’t ignore them, but I ignored their complaining until it stopped – or at least died down a bit. There’s really not much more to say about this story; my mom soon called and she picked me up, and then I went home, had supper, and sat down here to write this whole thing.

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty fun day. I could have done without the whole swimming dealio, but the water “fight” was fun. It could have been better if the girls had actually bothered to fill up more than about five water balloons, but they’re lazy like that. I wouldn’t expect much more from them. It also would have been better if the Staats had water guns that worked. I would have loved to have run out there and just soak them with water guns before they even knew what hit them. Besides, it would have given Jeff’s car a nice washing. I’m just glad that I went over there; I mean, I shudder to think what I would have been doing in my dark, quiet house while the power was off. I might have…studied. Ugh. Oh yeah, best part about the day: Mrs. Staats came home and said, “Hey Jeff.” As she began to say it, I started to cringe, hoping the dreaded name Jeffy wouldn’t come out – and it didn’t. I was very pleased. I know it’s coming, though. Ugh.

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