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It’s been another exciting day in the life of a certain person that we like to call Jeff…or Freak-face, whichever you prefer. All in all, it was pretty average, but there were a few highlights. With the school year winding down, it’s feeling really good handing stuff in and knowing that it’s the last thing you’ll ever have to hand in for that class, besides a test or exam. It’s just a great feeling knowing that all your Accounting homework is done, and it’s an equally bad feeling knowing that you still have a whole bunch of stuff left to do for some classes. I think I’ve budgeted my remaining time well, though, and so I’ve got things figured out as to what days I’ll do what. Basically, I’m doing everything either tonight or tomorrow night; it’s not “a lot” in quantity of work, but it’s a bunch of essays and stuff, so they might take some time. Oh well.

At lunchtime today, my Michelina’s stuff sucked. It was supposed to be Rice and Pepper Steak or something, and I thought it’d actually be pretty good (for a frozen dinner, at least), but it really wasn’t at all. The pieces of steak were thin and dried out, and it was just a waste of time to even chew it. I just ended up eating the rice and throwing out the steak, since it just was just tough and leathery. I guess lunchtime wasn’t a total waste, though, since I got a popsicle from Melissa – even though both she and Steph had each taken a big bite out of it. I didn’t care. It was still a free popsicle. I also got the rest of her can of root beer, so I figured it was a day well spent. I mean, people giving you free stuff is always a good feeling, even if the stuff is half-eaten.

During fourth period today, it suddenly started pouring rain. Apparently it had been raining a little bit before that, but it just started pouring and was really windy. So when it came time for me to stand out at the bus stop and wait for a bus in the pouring rain, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Meagan and I ended up asking Bethany to give us a ride home. So we were hanging around after school for a while, and I was bored, so I was being an idiot. I started rocking the desk Steph was sitting on, or I’d look back and forth at Steph and Meagan talking like I was watching a tennis match. It fought off the boredom blues, that’s for sure. And it was more interesting than listening to what they were saying. Then on the ride home, Bethany was trying to get me to say something about her in my blog. Apparently she’s the green in my grass or the sparrow in my nest or the sun in my skies. I suggested that she was the clouds on a rainy day, but she didn’t like that one as well. So anyways, I figured I might as well mention her in here since she asked so nicely and since she really has serious self-esteem problems, so here goes: Bethany is my cousin.

As for anything that happened in my life, there was none. Well, I suppose I could get into the nitty-gritty details about classes that I had today or stuff like that, but it’s just too boring to talk about. I’d lose my huge, massive, gigantic fanbase of readers if I talked about that boring stuff all the time in here. But, then again, seeing as I never had that huge, massive, gigantic fanbase to begin with, and seeing as I already talk about boring stuff in here anyways, I suppose the point of this paragraph could be considered as “moot.” If you don’t know what that word means, look it up. I just like the way it sounds. Moot moot moot. Mooty moot mootalicious. But anyways, I should really go take my Ritalyn pills now, so I should be going.

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