The Strange Happenings

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Today was a pretty strange day. It wasn’t strange overall, but there were a whole bunch of little random things that happened. And since I figured I’d just tell you all what happened today anyways, I’ll try to remember all the strange little details that happened.

It all started when I woke up. But since nothing interesting happened until I got to school, I’ll skip ahead to then. I went into the little room and set down my bag, getting out the stuff I needed to study from. Melissa came in a few seconds after that, and very shortly thereafter, so did the strangeness. I forget whether it was Steph or Bethany in the room at the time as well (I think it was Steph), but Melissa started talking about her mom. Then, out of nowhere, she mentions that her mom calls me Jeffy. I’m not sure exactly when she decided to do this, but it almost scares me. I mean, I swear this woman has more mood swings than, well, Melissa herself. First she hated me, then she decided I wasn’t so bad, then she hated me again, and now she’s calling me Jeffy. I can’t stand that name. There’s only one person in this world that I’ve let call me that – and that’s Kim from Quizno’s. I didn’t let her at first either, but eventually I just gave up and let her, because she wouldn’t stop. I’m not exactly sure what possessed Mrs. Staats to call me that now, but I suppose if it means she’s not hating me and planning my death, it’s still a step up. I’ll just shrug my shoulders and make a mental note that I know where her children get their strangeness.

After that, I started playing the classical guitar that was in the room. This thing was so horribly detuned – it sounded disgusting. I couldn’t just leave it like that; if there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s an off-tune guitar. So I had to sit there and tune it as best as I could. Of course, at lunchtime, Bas came and detuned it a couple more times for me, but oh well. I tried, anyways. After that, the Law exam was imminent, and we all went into the classroom and got ready. This was an amazingly easy exam. Mr. Osborn said that if we studied the Unit 4 and 5 tests, we’d have everything we needed for the exam, and he was definitely right. The thing was basically the two tests put together, with a few minor changes to some of the questions. I honestly had deja vu when writing it, because it was so similar. I got done in an hour and ten minutes, sat there for another twenty until I could leave, and then I was out of there. I know I aced that one.

Lunch rolled around, and then I was back in the little room studying for the World Religions exam this time. I guess I really didn’t do all that much studying. I was singing out my notes, saying them with a lisp, and a whole variety of other things. I also smacked Bethany across the face with one of my tests – I didn’t do it very hard, but she said it really hurt. She told me the staple hit her. Holly and I made fun of her for that; I mean, who gets hurt by a piece of paper?! Next she’ll be complaining about a bruise from playing volleyball for five minutes – wait, never mind, it’s already happened.

The World Religions exam wasn’t all that hard, but it was pretty long and annoying. I was way ahead of the suggested time that Mr. G put on the test for the Christianity section, but somehow I ended up behind schedule for the Islam part. It was annoying. Whatever. I still got done with about five minutes to spare, so I figure I’m fine. I’d rather not talk about that exam more than I have to, though, just because it’s one of Mr. G’s exams, and they’re annoying. He says he has lots of variety in his questions, and it turns out to be two matching questions and one fill in the blank, and the rest are short answer or paragraph answer questions. I’d rather write one of Mr. Osborn’s exams any day – in fact, I’d rather write two or three of his instead of one of Mr. G’s.

Anyways, after that exam was done, Mr. G talked to us about the Accounting exam, since he’s way behind on everything and just got around to it. That made me miss the 2:35 bus, so I had to catch the regular ol’ 3:05 one instead. That ended up coming about five or ten minutes late, so I missed the 4A at the mall. I stayed on the one I was on, though, and took the ten minute walk home. While on the bus, though, there was this guy that, well, let’s just say he wasn’t anything to look at. He had his arm around this hot girl beside him, whom I’m assuming was his girlfriend. As I saw them there together, I was reminded of the Red Green episode I caught the tail-end of one time, where Harold got a date for the first time in his life. At the meeting they always have at the end, Red says, “Well, I’ve always believed that there was a woman out there for everyone in this world. And today, it’s been proven, and you are all witnesses to it.” I sort of chuckled to myself and went on my merry way – seeing that guy on the bus today has certainly given me hope, that’s for sure. Hah, okay, okay, so I’m just kidding – there’s definitely much more to it than just looks, but hey, they still matter at least a bit. I’m not shallow, but looks still influence me, so just give up whatever angry or horrible thoughts you’re thinking. Jeez, lighten up.

I guess that’s it for today. It wasn’t the most interesting of days, but there were definitely a few things that were screwed up about it. I still can’t get over that whole Jeffy thing, because that name drives me insane. Whatever. I resigned myself to it while working at Quizno’s, and I may very well just have to resign myself to it whenever I go to the Staats’ house. Then again, I’ve only talked to Mrs. Staats for about ten seconds in total, so I doubt I’ll even hear much of that name anyways. It’s more likely her way of making fun of me – since, according to Melissa, she does that too. Jeez, what’s with these people? They think they can just get away with making fun of me behind my back. Then again, I could really care less, so I suppose that might be why they are getting away with it. Meh. One of these days I’ll settle the score. One of these days…

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well.. i think you forgot to mention the fact that i caught you going through my stuff! grrr. make sure it never happenes again.. actually yeahh i dont care. ohh.. my mom was like “my old boss’ name was Jeff, and I called him Jeffy to bug him, so now i call most people with the name of Jeff, Jeffy.” so yeah, you’re probably stuck with it. although, she wont call you it to your face, i told her i’d kick her. haha.. yeahh.. she’s more “unique” than me. and that’s pretty dang unique if i do say so myself. ohh i found my little hand clapper. i was annoying my family with it. it was fun. anyways.. this is probably just about the most random post ever..


Oh yes, and I found your really nasty-looking status card. Bwahaha! No money, though, so it was pretty pointless. Next time, make sure there’s money in your purse.

the name Jeffy = crap. That’s all I have to say about that.

Lol, “unique” isn’t quite the word I’d use…but suit yourself. Perhaps your hand clapper thing is better left lost. Zack took the other little thingie and never gave it back. So I think you’re going to have to go beat him up…

And that’s my random reply to your random post…*takes a bow* Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have better things to do…like clip my toenails. Yeah, that’s right.

the hottest person everrr!

hahaha.. the status card is from when i was like 12.. haha.. yeah it is pretty nasttty!

ohh and there was money.. you just didnt know where to look! mwhaha.. so you pretty much suck. but yeahh.. i also have better things to do like… actually i lied i have nothing to do. i’m pretty much just a loner. but you talk to me.. soo that makes you a loner too! YES!


No comment (since I no longer talk to you, since that would make me a loner).

(Have a nice life.)