Tearing Down the Berlin Wall

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Well, let’s see here. I can’t say that I’ve been in a very good mood all day today. I think I’ve calmed down a bit, but overall it hasn’t been too much of a “vacation” atmosphere around my house. So when did it all begin? Well, you see, it all started with my mom tearing down a wall. Sound strange? I thought so too.

Apparently my parents have been talking about ripping down the wall in the upstairs bathroom because something’s wrong with it. I’m not quite sure what they thought was wrong with it, since I didn’t feel like talking about a wall, but it could have been something about water leaking or some similar situation. At any rate, they had decided that they were going to take some of their vacation time to tear down this wall and redo it. They had decided to start today, and my dad had told my mom that they would start on it after he cut the grass.

So, I came downstairs this morning after waking up around 9:00 AM, since my parents are never quiet when they’re awake, and therefore wake me up. I considered taking a shower, and then thought, “Well hey, it’s not like I have anything to do today. I’m on summer holidays. I’ll go get some breakfast, head down to the computer for a while, and then take a shower when I feel like it.” So down I went. Soon all I heard was my parents arguing over something. I stopped my music and listened in. Apparently, my mom had gone ahead and started to tear down the wall to get a headstart on it. My dad was now mad at her because the chemical fumes that would be trapped in the wall would have been released, and it wasn’t a good idea to breathe them in. My dad had planned to get the grass cut, then take a shower, get a plastic sheet to act as a vapour shield, and then work on the wall. I was just worried that I wasn’t going to be able to have a shower.

My parents were bickering back and forth about how doing it and doing it right, etc., and once they had gone their separate ways, I headed upstairs and just asked, “So, what’s happening with the bathroom? Can I still have my shower?” My dad told me that I couldn’t. I really wanted one – I smelled like something awful and my hair was all greasy. So here everyone in the house was angry at each other. My mom was all defensive, my dad was frustrated, and I was just annoyed. It was really quite a mess. Anyways, I was told that after my dad bought a plastic sheet and put it up, I could have a shower. Well, lunch rolled around, and the plastic sheet was still nowhere to be seen. I still smelled nasty, so I asked if I could go over to the Tozer’s house and take a shower there – since no one was home except for my sister, who’s looking after the place. My dad was just like, “What’s the rush? Just take one when I get the sheet.” Now I was even more annoyed because not only did I smell, but my plan at unstinkifying myself didn’t work.

Now, right at this point, you people reading this are probably all laughing at me. But hey, it’s a big deal. I like smelling clean, because when I don’t, it feels disgusting. I was all sweaty last night, and I don’t like keeping that sweat on me for half a day after I wake up. Anyways, in the afternoon, my dad went and bought the plastic sheet, taped it up, and then told me I could go have a shower. It was about 2:00 PM before I actually had my stupid morning shower. But now I feel much better. I’m much more refreshed.

Sometime in the afternoon, after my nice desweatifying shower, my dad got a phone call from Pastor Al to double-check whether I was going to Canada’s Wonderland with the youth. He asked me and I said yes, and that I had filled out a waiver form. I then got to thinking about that. The deadline for the trip is July 3rd – next Sunday. I then thought about the people that had told me they were wanting to go, and wondered how they were going to get the waiver forms. I had brought home one extra one for Melissa so she could fill it out and get it back to me so I could hand it in. However, I had forgotten that Angelie and Jordan were wanting to go as well. Since Jordan is in British Columbia right now, it’ll be quite hard for him to fill in a waiver form, especially when he’s not getting back until two days before the trip. I also don’t have a form for Angelie, and since she doesn’t go to my church, she had no chance to even pick one up herself. So I told my dad all this, and he told me that my mom was away at a doctor’s appointment or something, and was heading to the church as well afterwards. So I phoned up the church and asked the receptionist to tell her to pick up a couple waiver forms when she got there. I’ll just have to wait and see whether the message got through.

After phoning the church, my next priority was to get the one waiver form I had to Melissa. I asked my dad if I could just take the car to drop it off at her house, and he said yes. So I called her house, and she wasn’t home. I asked her sister (whichever one it was) to call me back once she gets home, and I’ll have to drop it off then. I’m also going to have to get ahold of Angelie and drop one off at her house – but I can’t do that until my mom gets home with the extra forms. Ugh. I hate deadlines, especially when it involves handing out stuff to other people to get it back to you in time. I mean, neither Melissa nor Angelie really have any way of getting these forms by themselves. Then again, I suppose it’s not Pastor Al’s fault, since he doesn’t even know they want to go yet, I don’t think. That’s another thing I’m going to have to do – tell them to call him and let them know that they want to come, or else call him myself. Yes, deadlines sure make things difficult.

Anyways, other than those two things, not much has happened today. It really feels like a Saturday, even though it’s Monday. I got all my school stuff sorted out, though. I kept about five or six pages of stuff and threw out the rest. It’ll add weight to the recycling bin that our church has to raise money for homes in the Dominican. It’s definitely a lot of paper, that’s for sure. That’s basically the only productive thing I’ve done today, other than make those two phone calls. I think everything’s gradually starting to slow down from school speeds of rushing here, rushing there, though. Soon it might actually feel like summer – and I’m not talking about the temperature. But yeah. I’m going to just end this off because I have a headache. Blah.

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