Special Request

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Ahh, yes. How could I forget? Due to special request, this entry is dedicated entirely to Melissa.

Melissa is nice. The end.

(Take a wild guess at who requested this.)

4 responses to “Special Request”


ohh.. i am soooooooooo cool! all of you who read this blog cant even deny it! I’m the only one with my OWN entry JUST for meee! woo hooo! suckers.. you all wish that you could be as cool, and nice, and awesome as me.. but you just cant.. wooww.. that didnt sound too concieted.. you MUST forgive me.. i’ve been awake for 33 hours straight. I dont even know how I’m sitting up. so anyways.. I’m going to bed? yeah..


Yeaaaah, you should probably go to bed before you hurt yourself. It’d probably be a good idea…

And I guess that makes me better than you, since I have a whole ton of entries just about me. Bwahahahaha! I win.


umm.. noo i’m better than you because.. it’s your blog so of course its going to be about you. jeeze.. it’s like i’m talking to an idiot.. oh waitt I AAMM! j/k.. but not really. or am i? i guess you’ll NEVER know.. soo.. it appears i have won? yes.. i think so.! if only everyone could be as cool as me.. then the world would be a nicer place!


Actually, I think I’ve won. Since this is my blog, and I make the rules here. So, first rule is: I win. Second rule is: you lose.

So now that that’s settled, let me say this: if everyone was as cool as you, then nobody would be cool. Think about that for a second 😛