Resumes Flying Everywhere

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Well, not much happened today. Today was another day of handing out resumes. I gave out another ten, most of them at the mall today. It included Sunrise Records, Music World, Bluenotes, Electronics Boutique, Sears, Sport Chek, and Mrs. Vanelli’s. Don’t even ask me why I chose those ones, but they were better than the alternatives, I suppose. Sport Chek was included because Melissa told me that they just got rid of four people and will hire anyone who can walk. I considered dropping Mrs. Vanelli’s from the list, just because it’s a food place in the mall, but when I walked by it, I noticed that it had a sign saying “Help Wanted,” so I figured I might as well. On top of those at the mall, I also applied to Canadian Tire, Smith Drugs & Apothecary, and The Gospel Lighthouse. Why, you ask? Well, why not?

In total, I’ve handed out 20 resumes, as well as applying for two more online (The Source). This morning I just prayed that God would open up the door of the place He wants me to work. I’ve just been handing them out left and right, and I don’t know if I’ll actually get any responses. However, I know that if God wants me to work somewhere, He’ll make all the necessary arrangements to do that. I’ve done what I could by applying to all the places that I could think of, so it’s not in my hands anymore. On top of that prayer, though, I also prayed that He’d only open one door. I really don’t want to be getting sixteen phone calls and suddenly have to make a choice. That’d suddenly be a source of extra pressure that I just don’t need right now. The past few days have basically involved looking for a job in the morning and afternoon, and hanging out with my friends in the evenings. I think if I didn’t hang out in the evenings after long, hard days of job searching, I’d probably explode.

Last night was pretty cool. I went to the Praise Party thing, and we had our regular timetable: singing, devotional, prayer. It’s always a really good time, I find, as long as you make it a good time. I can see how you could make it boring, but if you’re doing that, then you’re going in with the wrong attitude. I trust that’s not the case with the people there, but you never know. Anyways, after that, a bunch of us went to the nearby park for a while. It was Jeff, Jayson, Steph, Josh, and myself. We had fights on the bike rack there, seeing who could push the other person off first. Then we had races to see who could get to the top of the baseball diamond backstop first. But that got boring after a while, so we headed over to Wendy’s. Well, first, we pushed Josh’s car out of the way, since he had parked it in front of Jeff’s car.

As we were leaving, Josh told me to go pick up Melissa, so I did. I had Jayson in the car as well, and he asked me about two or three times where we were going. I kept telling him, “We’re picking up Melissa first, then going to Wendy’s.” I’m not sure how he didn’t understand that, but maybe he thinks Josh also has a sister named Wendy or something. Or maybe he knows of a restaurant named Melissa. I’m really not sure. Anyways, she had just gotten home from soccer about ten minutes before, so she smelled and nobody would sit within thirty feet of her. Well, okay, that’s not true, but she did smell. It’s just that we’ve gotten used to it by now.

We all went into Wendy’s and ordered our stuff, most of us getting frosties, then headed outside. I forget what I said, but I got sprayed with water from Melissa’s water bottle for some good insult. The problem is that I just have way too many insults floating around, and people set themselves up for them so well, that I just can’t help but say it. People get mad at me for the things I say, but they should be thanking me for not saying the other ones that I could be saying. I’m just a sarcastic person, what can I say? Besides, insults from me are more like compliments anyways. I don’t make fun of people who are actually what I’m saying. Like, I don’t call fat people fat or make fun of their weight, because that’s just rude. But I make fun of skinny people’s weight all the time. I mean, people call me obese, and I think it’s hilarious. On the other hand, if I were actually fat, I’d probably get all angry at them and sit on them or something.

Anyways, we sat at the picnic table for a while and ate our frosties and such. Eventually people started saying that we should go over to someone’s house. The Staats’ house was out, because someone was sick there (one of the sisters, I’m not sure which one). Steph’s house was obviously out, since it’s in the middle of nowhere, and Jeff’s was out for some reason that I forget. That left my house, so I called up my parents, they said it was fine, and everyone headed over there. They stayed for about half an hour and then left. There’s just not much to do at my house, and it was already like 10:00 or something when we got there. We just sat in the family room and watched That 70s Show and talked and stuff. It was alright, but nothing special.

So that was basically last night. I’d go into more detail, but there’s not much more detail to go into. Then there’s today, and there’s not much to say about that either. While in the mall, I saw Bethany and Michelle shopping in Bluenotes. I also saw a few of the Jr. Hi’s from Central as well, and said hey to them. That’s about as much detail that I can go into other than telling you about each individual store I dropped off a resume at. And that would just be way too boring. So I’m just going to end this off right here. I’m probably going to volleyball at Central tonight and picking up Angelie’s waiver form and such, so that should be kind of cool. Whatever. I’m out of topics to write about. So this is it. Have a nice life.

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