Port Dooooover

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I’m sure none of you would be able to live another day without hearing the dramatic recapturing of last night’s trip to Port Dover. It would be like living the rest of your life without seeing the sunlight, like traveling a thousand miles only to find out that what you’re looking for isn’t there. These similes really have no point of comparison, but I decided to put them in anyways, to make this paragraph seem more poignant (I would tell you to look “poignant” up if you didn’t know what it meant, but I suppose since it could mean either “physically painful” or “profoundly moving,” I should explain that the second definition fits best in this situation).

It all started with me getting directions to Port Dover. I looked it up on Google Maps (because that thing rocks MapQuest like nothing else) and then wrote it down on a piece of paper, since I’d never remember it otherwise. I had told Angelie and Jordan what time I would pick them up at, and then Steph called from Melissa’s house and said that she (Melissa, not Steph, since she was on the phone with me) had just gotten into the shower and wouldn’t be ready for about half an hour. So I told Angelie the new time that I’d pick them up, and muttered something under my breath about stupid people taking a long time to just get ready.

I drove over and picked up Angelie and Jordan, then headed back to the Staats’ place to pick up the rest. Steph had said that she wasn’t sure whether Josh was going to drive, but he ended up doing so – in other words, there was really no point in actually driving to their house after all. Melissa headed to my car, Steph headed to Josh’s, and then we were off. Josh later commented on my speed through Brantford (since he’s usually the one with the lead-foot), but we were late, and people were leaving the church at 6:10 PM. We were supposed to be there because there was some sort of liability thing for the drivers – too bad we got there about ten minutes late and everyone was gone. So much for liability. So we headed to Port Dover.

We arrived in Dover to find Josh and Steph waiting for us. They had taken a so-called “shortcut,” which is actually probably the same distance, only shorter since Josh drives faster. Besides, I couldn’t help it that I got behind cars that drove way too slow, with traffic coming the other way so there was no chance to pass. But anyways, we parked, reparked in a different spot since the first one was only one hour parking, and then headed over to play mini-golf. We pretty much murdered the entire game; we didn’t keep score after about the first or second hole, and after everyone’s first hit, we all basically crowded around the hole and hit in whoever’s ball was closest to us. It was pretty pointless, actually. I would have rather just skipped the whole thing instead of playing it that way. I suppose that’s just my competitiveness talking, though; I just wanted to win – mainly so I could make fun of everyone else for losing. That’s pretty much the way I operate when it comes to games. It’s great!

Anyways, after completely hacking the remaining bits of mini-golf that were still alive into tiny little pieces, we headed over to get food and stuff. Angelie and Jordan went and got ice cream, and the rest of us headed to find some better food. The only one of us four that ended up getting anything was Josh, who got a milkshake – it wasn’t really food, but whatever. Melissa was whining about wanting pizza even though there was probably no pizza place in the entire town of Port Dover, and I didn’t hear Steph much. She was kind of quiet for once. I wasn’t really hungry, so I wasn’t going to spend my money on food that would likely just make me hungrier. So off we went. We walked down the beach…then we walked back up the beach. It went sort of like this: Josh and Steph walked down the beach for some reason – and Melissa and I followed them, for no reason at all that I could think of. Then they turned around and walked back, and so did we. I really have no clue why we were following them, but we were.

Josh and Steph ended up walking down the pier – and were trailed by two more people that looked exactly like Melissa and me. They sat down on the end of it for a little while, and we hung out on the strange-looking thing that they tie ropes to when ships come in, I guess. That thing was right behind where Josh and Steph were sitting, so it was only natural. It was very exciting – if you like sitting on concrete platforms that smell like fish and have bugs everywhere. So after a while, we walked back. Sorry, that should read that Josh and Steph walked back, and then Melissa and I followed them. They were going back to look for Angelie and Jordan, I guess because they were bored and wanted to go home. I wasn’t really wanting to go, since it was only like 8:00 or 8:30 or so, but since we were following them, and they were going home, away we went. We eventually found Angelie and Jordan, and then headed back to the cars and left. Both Angelie and Jordan didn’t want to leave, and I didn’t really want to leave either, but we did. Honestly, I don’t know why we left. I’m not sure whether Melissa wanted to or not, but if she didn’t, we could have just stayed there, since we were all in one car. But whatever. It was strange, and I don’t know why we did any of that, but we did.

I followed behind Josh on the way home, because he apparently has short-cuts. I’m still convinced that it’s only because he drives faster, but oh well. During the ride home, he would suddenly swerve a little bit off the road and stuff, and I was thinking, “Is he drunk or something?” He would also just randomly turn on his blinker for a second and then turn it off. It was strange. Afterwards, we found out that it was Steph. I guess her way of flirting is to try and get themselves killed by swerving into the oncoming traffic or something. I’d hate to see her flirting on a plane. Anyways, we followed him most of the way home, and then he turned onto a road, and Melissa was like, “Where is he going? What the heck? Keep going straight, that’s the way home.” I was very confused. But I went straight. We eventually got to Brantford, so I didn’t care too much. We got into Brantford, and I was asking people for suggestions about what to do, since it was only like 9:30. The only suggestion I heard was to go back to the Staats’ house, so that’s what we did. Angelie and Jordan were too busy in flirting or making out or something in the back. We got to Melissa’s house, and basically stood around in the doorway for a while trying to think of something to do. Eventually we decided to go rent a movie, and headed over to Roger’s to get one.

Nobody really cared about getting a movie except for Melissa. We walked around the store once, and then she picked up Without a Paddle. Nobody really wanted to walk around the store any more, and nobody was wanting to spend another half an hour looking at movies, so we went with it. On our way out, we decided to get pizza as well since Topper’s Pizza was right beside Roger’s, so we headed in there to get something. Nobody had enough money to buy it, so what ended up happening is that I paid with debit and then they gave me all their change. I think I ended up paying for half the pizza, but whatever. It was pretty much the most painful pizza-buying experience I’ve ever had. We spent like five minutes just staring at the list of prices and stuff, and then once we figured out what we wanted, he asked about toppings, which we hadn’t even thought about. We ended up getting two medium cheese pizzas. We had it delivered, and then headed off back to the Staats’ place. On the way back, Melissa’s cell phone rang – it was her mom, saying that Josh and Steph had come home, and rented the movie Tommy Boy. So pretty much we wasted our time there, except for getting pizza. Oh well.

We got back and I called my parents, telling them that they had just put on a movie. My mom said something like, “Well, okay, but you know what time your dad told you to be home by, so you need to be home by that time.” That time was midnight, and it was about 10:30 or 11:00 by that time. So I knew that I wasn’t even going to be able to stay for the whole movie. I ended up staying for about half of it. The pizza came at about 11:30, and I had a couple pieces; a few minutes later, I left. I could have stayed a bit longer, since I still had about twenty minutes until midnight, but I just didn’t want to stay. I’m not even sure why. I didn’t really like the movie that much, and it just wasn’t fun anymore. I guess it might have been better if I could have stayed at least until the end of the movie, but knowing I was going to have to leave before the end of it, it just kind of ruined it for me. Oh well. At least I got to eat some of the pizza I paid for. I said my goodbyes, and headed back home.

So all in all, I’m not sure what to think of the Dover trip. On the one hand, Port Dover was kind of fun – as fun as Port Dover can be, I suppose. There’s not much to do there except play on the beach, play mini-golf, or eat. The only other thing to do is get drunk, but considering we’re underage, that wasn’t an option. I would have liked to have stayed there longer, and maybe not have followed Josh and Steph around, but whatever. I also would have liked to stay for the rest of the movie; even though I didn’t like it all that much, it would have been better if I could have at least seen the end. Whatever. I could go into more detail about what I would like to have done yesterday, but I’ll just leave it there.

I’m kind of in a sober sort of mood now. I’m not in a bad mood, and I’m not sad, but I’m more sad than I am happy. I’m not really sure why, but some of that might just be due to tiredness. Who knows? I woke up this morning pretty early, and then fell asleep again, then woke up what seemed like ten minutes later – and it turned out to be a couple hours later. It’s a strange feeling, for sure. Anyways, tonight might be fun. I’m heading out to a couple parties most likely, starting out with a birthday party for Jael and Jessica, and then heading out to Mike’s party after a little while. I’m not really in a social mood right now, but I’ve forced myself to talk to people before. I’d rather hang out with just one or two people right now, though, rather than in a big group. Sometimes big groups are fun. Other times they’re just annoying. I could write about that as well, but I’m not going to do that either. I can’t think of a good conclusion to this, and I don’t want to go into another paragraph, so I’ll end it off by saying this: End.

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