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Last night was most certainly interesting. I went party-hopping to, well, two parties: one for Jael and Jessica, and another one for Mike. I don’t feel like writing too much today, so I’ll try and keep it short. Of course, I’ll likely end up rambling on about something, but we’ll see.

I headed off and picked up Steph, Jayson, and Melissa at the latter’s house, and then headed over to pick up Meagan over at her house. Then it was off to Paris. I had directions written out since I had no clue how to get there, but I didn’t even end up using them since other people in the car knew how to get there supposedly quicker. We got there without too much trouble, and then hung out there for a while. There was food, but I didn’t want any because I didn’t feel too well. I’m not sure whether it’s just been my allergies acting up lately or whether I actually have a cold. All I know is that I keep sneezing, and that my allergy medication either isn’t working or isn’t strong enough. Anyways, some of us played crokinole, and then we also played this strange game where there’s a piece of chocolate wrapped up in newspaper, and you go around the circle rolling a die. If you get a six, you have to put on winter gloves and a hat and use a fork and knife to rip away at the newspaper and eat the chocolate. While you’re doing that, though, people are still going around the circle rolling the die. If they get a six, you have to take everything off and they have to continue until someone else rolls a six. It was pretty fun, I guess, although I was glad I didn’t get any chocolate anyways, since as I said, I didn’t feel good.

The night was going pretty well, it seemed, and then the disastrous happened. Zack was sitting or leaning on a couch they had that wasn’t really that heavy or sturdy – I can’t really describe it any further, but it wasn’t that sturdy, to say the least. Anyways, we were joking around about how Melissa had stabbed Jonathan accidentally in the hand with the fork or knife during the game, so I went over to Zack and pretended to stab him. He put his weight on the back of the couch, and it tipped back, also happening to catch an expensive-looking candle decoration on the table beside the couch. It fell off and shattered into about ten big pieces and a whole bunch more little pieces all over the floor. I just stood there, the only words coming out of my mouth being, “Ooooohh crraaap.” Bas came in and saw what happened and caught his tongue from saying something he shouldn’t have, then asked Zack and me, “So, do you want to go in and explain this to my dad?”

Let me just explain here a little bit more. Bas’s dad is a black belt in karate. He’s also a big man; not big as in hugely muscular, but still big enough that he could easily take out two shrimps without too much trouble. Jael just said something about the worst that could happen to us would be our heads getting ripped off, and then off we went into the art room where he was. I took a deep breath, swallowed, and then made my apologies, telling him what happened. Zack just sort of stood there beside me. I was ready to put my hands up to my head and curl up into the fetal position before the punches started flying, but it turns out he was fine with it. He just said, “Oh, well let’s go see it.” He went over and looked at it, and then said, “Well, yeah, it’s definitely broken. Well, alright, that’s okay, these things happen. No problem.” I breathed a sigh of relief, still feeling horrible about the whole thing, but glad to be alive.

Well, I went outside and was about to leave – not because of what I had just done, but just because we were going to head off to the next party – and then Jon showed up. He had food, including jube-jubes. Melissa tried opening them and couldn’t, then handed them back to Jon to open. He couldn’t open them either, so he gave them to me to try. I tried for a second, then put all my force into it. The bag basically exploded, sending jube-jubes everywhere. I just kind of stood there, trying to keep as many in my hands and the bag as possible. I must admit, it wasn’t as disastrous as breaking the candle, but it still made me feel like an idiot, especially right after the candle thing. The Vermeydens must have thought I was trying to tear their house apart or something. Anyways, after getting a plate to put the jube-jubes on that I still had in my hand, Jonathan and I picked up the remaining jube-jubes off the ground and ate them. I mean, they were still good. We spent a few minutes throwing jube-jubes into people’s mouths, and then I headed off with Steph, Melissa, Jayson, and Meagan to go to the other party.

The second party was much less interesting than the first. I didn’t really know anyone there except the people I brought really; I mean, some of the people there I had seen before, but I didn’t know them. People were mostly just standing around talking outside, and Jayson, Melissa, and I just stood around the gate and talked. Actually, Jayson and I talked to each other, and Melissa stood there and looked angry. I’m not sure whether she actually was, but I tried to include her in the conversation, and it didn’t really work too well. Anyways, my parents gave me a 10:30 ultimatum to be home by, so I just hung out there for a little while and then told people who I was giving rides to – Meagan and Jordan – that I was leaving. To tell the truth, I hadn’t really wanted to go to that party in the first place. The main reason I went was because I was the one with the car, and I didn’t want everyone else who wanted to go to not be able to just because I didn’t want to. I didn’t tell anyone that just because I didn’t want them to think they were imposing on me. I really didn’t care; that is what is known as a “nice” thing, something which I do often but nobody really notices since I’m too busy being sarcastic on the outside. Meh. It’s more interesting that way.

So anyways, that was the night. Right now I’m sitting listening to Dead Poetic, and I just finished listening to The Killers, just because I have both their CDs right now. Melissa brought them with her for the car ride, and then she told me to just keep them until Monday. So I did. And I figured I might as well use them while I have them. I already have the entire Dead Poetic CD on my computer, but I copied The Killers CD just a little while ago. It should go nicely with my collection of about 800 other songs. Anyways, I’m just going to end this off here because I’m bored and want to go do something else. Au revoir au demain. I’m not sure if that’s actually grammatically correct in French, but it’ll do.

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