Parties and Pictures (and Percy)

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Well, let me just tell you a bit about last night. I headed over to Erica’s house with two hamburger patties in a freezer bag. Everyone was supposed to bring their own meat for a barbecue. I was the first one there, and since Erica apparently doesn’t know how to barbecue, I got the job. I must say, my hamburgers were amazing. They were some of the best ones I’ve ever tasted – and that’s saying a lot, considering I am a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to hamburgers.

Anyways, it was a pretty fun night. When everyone had showed up, we basically sat around and ate, or jumped on the trampoline, or played a bit of soccer in their backyard. I mostly just did the first thing – sat around and ate, plus talked, although I did play some soccer with Becky. I’m pretty sure I won that. We just went back and forth, trying to get by each other to the other end of the yard. While we were doing that, Melissa and Kristin got ahold of my camera and took 26 pictures of themselves in different strange places. I have a feeling they took more though, and just deleted the bad ones. Well, the worst ones, that is. They have pictures of themselves knocking on the front door, ones with them standing by a garden gnome, and other such “amazing” pictures. The pictures Angelie and I took were much better, although I suppose I can tolerate the pictures they took as well, considering it doesn’t really waste any of my time or money. I transferred them all to my computer, so the most they do is take up a little bit of space on there.

After all of that, Erica’s dad set up the projector outside and put on Hitch, shining it onto a big huge white sheet. I didn’t really like the movie that much – considering it’s a romantic comedy, I didn’t expect to, though. It started out alright, but then progressively got worse and worse, getting completely sappy at the end. Here’s the date doctor guy coming and begging this stupid woman who just ruined his life to take him back? Pathetic. If there was a woman that was cruel enough to do that to me, I might forgive them, but I certainly wouldn’t be begging to have them back. It’s called moving on and finding someone better. Anyways, I’m not going to get too worked up over it considering it was a movie made to play to the emotions of females, so it had to be sappy. I suppose it’s likely a good thing that romantic comedies were invented. At least now, the whipped boyfriends and husbands can have a bit of a laugh when they’re dragged out to see the movie. If it were just straight romance, movie theatres might have a bigger problem with men puking in the theatres. That’s not to say that men don’t like romance – it’s just saying that men’s romance is a lot different than sappy dialogue and crying women eating ice cream.

Anyways, that said, it was still a good party. There was lots of food, and a fair number of people there. Erica was kind of worried that no one would show up, but that certainly didn’t happen, which was good. After the movie, I came home and found my parents already home from Ottawa – they had expected to be home at midnight, but they got home a couple hours early. I remember them talking to me, but I really wasn’t listening; I was on my way upstairs to go to bed.

This morning, I woke up and had some breakfast, then came downstairs and transferred the pictures from my camera to the computer. I’ve since been working on making them look good – changing the brightness and contrast and such, as well as removing red-eye. You might think it’s a waste of time, but I certainly don’t. I went through about 80 pictures and just brightened them up to make them look even better. A lot of the pictures were taken at the beach or around dusk, so while it wasn’t dark enough for the flash, it also wasn’t very bright. So I tweaked them a bit and made them a lot better. It’s amazing how just little changes can make something look so much better. I’d have to say that my favourite picture so far is one of me that Angelie took – I don’t like it because it’s of me, but because of how it’s done. It’s a side view of my face, down to just below my lips, and I’m looking off into the distance. It just looks really cool. My next favourite would have to be one of the ones that Melissa and Kristen took when they were running around everywhere with my camera. It’s one with Kristen on a chair in front of a little porch table that Erica’s family has out in the backyard. Her feet are up on the table, and she’s looking up and to the side. It just reminds me of one of those businessmen, completely relaxed and with their feet on their desk. It gave me a laugh, anyway.

I guess that’s all I have to say for today. I’m getting bored, and with this new camera I have, I’m itching to just run around and take pictures. There just aren’t enough good picture opportunities in my house, but it’s also not as fun going around outside and taking pictures by yourself. It was fun with Angelie, because she’s got a good artistic eye (well, her whole family does, actually), and it’s just always better doing stuff with other people. So, I guess I’ll have to wait and find someplace else to go to take pictures with someone. Oh well. I suppose for now, I’ll just have to keep myself occupied with the pictures I already have. Either that, or I’ll have to draw a face on my knee again and take more pictures of it (yes, I am that cool). Melissa did that as well in the car on the way back from Long Point. Hers has sexy hair – the face, not her leg. I think I’m going to have to name those pictures. Mine will be Percy, and hers will be Sandra. Don’t ask me why, but those are just good names for knees. Anyways, considering how much this post has degenerated, I should probably stop. The end.

Update: I’ve started my new blog, Epiction. It’s got all the pictures that I’ve taken on my camera so far, and I’ll try to update it every once in a while as I get cool pictures. It’s also in the sidebar thing over on the side here, so you never have to be without it when viewing my wonderful blog. It can remain by your side always. Something like that anyway.

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our emo pictures are amazing. i just realized the other day that you can leave comments..ssoo now i’m going to comment on EVERYTHING..bahaha. you love it. oh and thanks for the artistic eye comment. 🙂 thaat is all.

angelie 🙂