Movies, Morals, and Means of Employment

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Gather ’round children, and let me tell you a story. Yes, that’s right, it’s story time. I’m going to tell you the story of last night (okay, that kind of ruined the excitement, now, didn’t it?). As I sit here sipping on my hot chocolate in the BCC mug that I got for graduation – the one that has the Aaron Award on it – I’ll just reflect a bit on the capers and exploits of last night.

It all started when Angelie and I were talking on MSN. We were both bored, so she suggested that we should get together with people and do something. She had to go to the graduation of Kristy’s brother, but afterwards, she said that both of them could hang out. So that basically left the job of figuring out what to do and who to do it with up to me. She told me just to phone the Staats, since “once you have the Staats, you have everyone.” So that’s what I did. I asked for Melissa at first, since I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and tell her about the waiver form for Wonderland at the same time as telling her to get people to hang out. However, she wasn’t home. So I talked to Josh instead and told him the situation. He said that Jeff was already there just hanging out, so people could come to their house. Then he said what I was hoping he’d say – that he’d phone other people to see if they wanted to come. He’s probably got a whole list of people to phone, so hey – why not let him do it? I’m not the one with the list (even though he likely doesn’t actually have a list – just let me shift the responsibility and be done with it, alright?).

So anyways, with that said, I changed my shirt and stuff since I was all sweaty from moving dirt. Oh yeah, about that: my dad got a huge pile of topsoil delivered to our house, so we had to shovel it up into wheelbarrows and take it from the driveway into the backyard and such. It was a massive pile, and it took quite a while. But that’s all I’ll say about that, since moving dirt doesn’t make for great story-telling. As I was changing and getting out my wallet and keys and stuff, I saw a car pull into the driveway. I didn’t recognize it at all, so I stopped to see who would get out. As the people got out, I realized it was a premium-made group of freaks: Kristin, Michelle, Bethany, and Melissa. They were at Limeridge Mall or something, so they stopped by my house for no apparent reason (I wonder whose idea that was?). I had forgotten that my dad was still outside, so I went to the front door to wait for them to come. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do; I think my plan was basically to wait for them to come to the door, and open it just before they rang the doorbell and yell, “What do you want?” or something. Unfortunately, since my dad was outside, they never came to the front door, but rather my dad came through the garage and told me my friends were here. Blasted! Foiled again!

So anyways, I headed out through the garage and yelled at them to get off my property or something like that, and then we talked for a little bit. I gave them a tour of my house because they wanted it for some reason. They were particularly excited about the smoke detectors – don’t even ask me why, I wasn’t going to ask. I suppose they were overjoyed that I was safe from fire in my house or something – it’s great to have friends who are concerned about your well-being. Perhaps they just liked the shiny red light, though. I’m not quite sure. Anyways, after the tour, I showed them the door and kicked them out, then told them I was heading over to the Staats’ house. I then had to explain the situation, since they were confused as to why I’d be doing such a thing. Then they left, I finished getting ready, and took the car to head over to have some fun.

I got there and was ushered to the basement by Caleb (I think), where Zeth, Josh, and Jeff were playing Halo. Well, Jeff and Josh were playing, and Zeth was watching. To describe the game in one word, that word would have to be “pitiful.” It consisted of Jeff trying to be all tough, saying, “Oh yeah? Is that all you got? Come on, you chicken. I’ll get you.” Then, within the next few seconds, Jeff’s player would be down on the ground, dead. It was quite sad. Josh would never say anything, he just kept killing Jeff. Then there was Jeff, who had about three or four kills trying to be all tough. At one point, Josh was just using an energy sword thing. Like, here’s one guy with guns and rocket launchers against a guy with a sword. And Josh still killed Jeff with it about three or four times. Anyways, the girls got there, so I went upstairs a little bit after that, since I wasn’t doing anything downstairs except watching my namesake getting mauled by a guy with a sword.

I came upstairs and Michelle had brought out a strange game called Scene It. It was all about Disney movies and stuff. It had a DVD that went along with it, and it was a pretty horrible game, if you ask me. I played on a team with Melissa and her little brother, who I think is named Ezekiel, but since I can never figure out who’s who, don’t quote me on that. We ended up winning. You just had to guess the movie and answer questions about them and stuff. I was glad when it was over. The other guys had gone out to rent a movie – none of them had money, so I gave them $15 and told them to give me the change back. By the time the game was over, they had come back with Meet the Fockers and were going to watch it. The girls were basically saying how they didn’t want to watch it, though. Kristin had seen it in theatres and walked out partway through. So there I was, sitting on the couch, trying to make a decision. Do I stay with the guys and watch the movie, or do I be a pansy and hang out with the girls?

It all came down to a matter of what I believed. I call myself a Christian. And that means that my ultimate goal is to become like Christ, and to act as He would act. So as I sat there on the couch, I found there was no way I could justify watching a movie that goes against everything God deems “acceptable.” So I got up and told Jeff and Josh that I didn’t want to watch the movie. They were a little confused, and asked why, but I really didn’t feel like explaining myself. I told them they could watch it if they wanted to, but I wasn’t going to. Eventually, though, they told me that if I didn’t want to watch that movie, we could go and exchange it for another movie instead, since it was my money. I didn’t really care; I mean, I wasn’t in a movie-watching mood anyway, and I was willing to spend the money even if it was for someone else. But whatever. They handed me the movie and the receipt, and I went with the girls to go get frosties from Wendy’s and then exchange the movie.

To make a long story just a little bit shorter, we got to Roger’s Video and asked if we could exchange the movie, since the “parents disapproved” (which was true; apparently Mrs. Staats was mad at Zeth and Josh and asked how they could bring that stuff into her house). So, we exchanged it for Without a Paddle, and drove back to their house. Jeff had already gone home, Zeth was at work by that point, and Michelle had to be home by 10:00 PM, and was also giving Kristin and Bethany rides home, so she just dropped Melissa and me off and went home. Basically, for the majority of the movie, it was Mrs. Staats, Melissa, Becca (I think), and myself watching. Becca went to bed and Josh came and watched part of it. Then Mrs. Staats went to bed. Josh went to bed sometime after that, and then I left, since Mrs. Staats didn’t want me there if it was just Melissa and me. I can understand that. That was the entire night.

Today I’ve been working at updating my resume and cover letter, and figuring out places to apply. I have a list of 25 places to apply, roughly in order of the ones I’d most like to work at to the ones I’d least like to work at. I started to call places to get managers’ names and such, but then my mom came downstairs and was shredding paper and moving stuff around, and generally making as much noise as is humanly possible, so I had to stop. If I don’t get hired anywhere, I’ll have her to blame – or something like that. I’ll probably continue that tomorrow, when it’s hopefully quieter, and then start handing out resumes from here to kingdom come. It’ll definitely (not) be fun.

Anyways, I think that’s all for today. I hope you liked your story time. I’ll admit that I kind of lost my interest in writing this. I started it at about 9:30 in the morning, and then had to stop to work on job stuff. Now it’s almost 2:00 PM, and I’m finishing it. Blech. I want to go to sleep and hibernate. I know it’s summer, but I just never want to get a job. Welfare never looked so good.

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wow.. you actually got all my siblings names right. i’m impressed! haha.. but yeahh. i think Ezekiel is in love with you.. honestly. haha.. “i’ll only play if Jeff is playing” i think you guys would make a very cute couple…


Haha uhhh…no comment?

I still don’t think your mom’s convinced that I’m witty, though…she missed my funniness, and by the time she got there, I was all funnied out. ‘Tis a shame, really…