Mall Rats and Bitemarks

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Well, I don’t have much time to write today, since things have been a little crazy, but today was fun – for part of the day, anyways. In the morning I had my English exam, which went fairly well I suppose. I sort of ran out of time at the end, with three big essays right at the end that wound up being shorter than I’d have liked. Oh well. I wrote sixteen pages (double-sided, using only one side of the page, just like Mr. G likes it for some strange reason) and had a nice hand cramp afterwards, as well as some nice pen smudges on my hand since I’m left-handed.

Anyways, that wasn’t the fun part. After the exam was done, Steph and I hung out for a few hours. We got into her car, and figured out that we wanted to go to my house so we could both change out of our uniforms, and then headed over to the mall. During the car ride over, I was in the back seat with Steph’s little sister, Katherine. She was beating me up and smacking my hand with my other hand. Yes, she’s pretty strange – just like her big sister, I suppose. We also played “catch” with this blue plastic ball that’s on a string, tied to a hoop thing. I held the hoop up to the roof of the car, and we hit it back and forth. We had a jolly good time. I swear that kid is in love with me or something.

So, we got to the mall and I managed to pry my hand away from Katherine, who was trying to keep it for herself. Then Steph and I went inside and went to the food court to get something to eat. We got pizza from Mrs. Vanelli’s (so good!) and then sat and ate. Afterwards, we walked around, went into a whole bunch of stores and just had fun. I got to make fun of her constantly, and she got to try on strange-looking sunglasses and shoes. It was a win-win situation. It was kind of strange how much it reminded me of my time at the mall with Kayla – we’d walk around the mall about sixty times and visit almost every store at least twice, then we’d go back a day or two later and do it all again. But anyways, Steph’s pretty crazy, and she was kind of hyper, which made everything a whole lot more fun. She’s even easier to make fun of when she’s hyper.

Anyways, after a couple hours of looking at the cool stuff in Radio Shack, the weird-looking dresses in Le Chateau, and talking to Pastor Dave who we found there, we headed home. I got back into the back seat, and Mrs. Smith told us how she had accidentally slammed the door on Katherine’s finger. She was sitting there crying, but when I got in the car she seemed to cheer up – see, everyone loves me, right? We played some more catch, and then right when we got close to my house, she started biting my hand and arm. My arm still has little red spots on it from her bitemarks. Anyways, it was a lot of fun, biting aside. The Smith family has raised some strange children.

That’s pretty much all for today. Soon, Mr. G should be picking me up here for my date – well okay, the Grade 12 grad dinner – and we should have a fun time pigging out and then going mini-golfing. It’s pretty crazy when your entire Grade 12 class and teacher can fit on one scorecard with room to spare. Anyways, that should be fun, but the time is quickly approaching, so I need to get ready. Ciao.

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