Long Point!

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Well, I’ve got a lot to talk about, so I might as well get started. I’ll begin with last night, since that’s first chronologically – yesterday obviously comes before today, in case you haven’t noticed. Wow. I’m a genius. Anyways, last night I headed over to Jessica’s house for the graduation party there. It really wasn’t all that great. Not many people were there, since some had already been there and gone, so it was basically some of the Grade 9s, Jael, and me. I played a bit of volleyball and badminton outside, but it was just so hot outside that I had to get indoors. Some of the people went to the pool, but considering how I have drowning tendencies, I decided to stay away from that.

Inside, I found Bas, Jon, Jessica, and Sarah watching The Road to El Dorado. It’s that cartoon animated movie (I think it’s Disney, isn’t it?). It wasn’t all that great, although I suppose it was good for a cartoon movie. During that, supper was prepared, and we had a nice feast of burgers, hot dogs, and various salads and such. After the movie was over, Jessica got her brother to set up the X-Box for us. I was kind of puzzled as to why he needed to set it up, since it’s really not that hard, but I soon found out that it hadn’t been used in ages, and the discs were pretty scratched up or something. So, he spent about five minutes just trying to get the stupid disc to work. He eventually got it going, though, and Bas and I played Grand Theft Auto III for a while. Eventually, more people came inside, so instead of taking turns between two people, it was more like six people.

Eventually I left because the guys were talking about picking up prostitutes and such, so I decided to just get out of there. They soon followed me out anyways. We headed out to the campfire, and after trying to call my sister to get a ride home, I started talking to Jael. We talked for a bit about just how different things are going to be, and she talked about how she’s going to miss everyone at the school and stuff. I can definitely see how she’d feel that way, because you get so close to everyone at the school – even the people you don’t even like – and now she’s heading back off to Switzerland to a new house and new school, since her family moved while she was away. I can see how someone would just want to stay in Canada after a year of making great friendships that you’ll likely never see again.

Anyways, after that, my sister came and I drove home. That was the end of the night. Well, okay, it actually wasn’t. I got home and called the Staats’ house to talk to Zeth about what was going on today. His mom told me he wasn’t home, so I asked her to tell him to call me back once he got home. Literally less than a minute later, he called me back. I must say, it was quite good timing. We got things sorted out, and that was that. Then a few minutes later, Jeff called me and asked me if it’d be possible for me to come home from the beach early today, because he had to get to work. Otherwise, if I didn’t, he couldn’t go. So I decided I’d be nice and drive home early. I hung up the phone, and was just getting some stuff ready for the next day when the phone rang again. This time it was Steph. She asked me about today and whether I was going and stuff, blah blah blah. Then Melissa came on the phone and we talked for a while, probably ten or twenty minutes or something. She was cutting into my valuable beauty sleep, though, so eventually I just hung up. Well, no, okay, I didn’t, but I was about to say I was going to go when she said, “Well, I’m going to go now.” So that worked out not too badly. Great minds think alike, I suppose.

That was yesterday. Today, I got up at 7:30 AM and had some cereal, then hopped into the shower, getting ready for the big day: Long Point! I got stuff ready, packed everything into my bag, then headed over to the bank to get some cash. Then I drove over to the Staats’ house, waited around there for everyone else to get ready, and we were off! We drove to Kristy’s house to pick up her and Angelie, and then headed over to Steph’s house to pick up her and Melissa. On the way there, I got stuck behind this stupid truck that had bales of hay in the back and was going really slow. So, I finally got fed up with it and went to pass him. I didn’t see anyone coming, so I started to drive past him. Unfortunately, there was a slight hill that blocked from my view a couple of cars. And they were coming fast. Jeff said, “You’re not gonna make it, man.” I just said, “Oh, I’m making it.” I gunned the engine and was going about 150 km/h, just barely making it past the truck before swerving back into the lane to miss the oncoming car. It really got the blood pumping, that’s all I can say. The rest of the trip to Steph’s house was fairly uneventful.

After picking up Steph and Melissa, I then followed Josh all the way to Long Point, since I really had no clue where I was going. Unfortunately, I was driving the Taurus. I really hate that car. It doesn’t turn, and it doesn’t brake, especially compared to the Toyota we have that turns on a dime and brakes on one too. On one turn, Josh, in his nice little Civic that drives about the same as the Toyota, decides to make a quick brake and turn onto a side street, signalling as he was turning to give me “advanced” warning. I braked as hard as I could, and then took the turn, but it was way too fast. I fishtailed a little, but managed to keep it on track with little difficulty. Of course, everyone else was freaked out. That’s the problem with driving – you know what you’re going to do before you do it, but no one else does. Anyways, that was the only exciting thing that happened on the way to Long Point, so I’ll just finish off this paragraph and start on a new one (such a great transition).

We arrived at the beach and headed out to pick our spot, laying down a big blanket and dropping our stuff – and our clothes – to head out to the water. The guys were playing frisbee out in the water, and then Zeth just casually walked over to my side. I suspected likely something was up, and I was right. He soon tackled me to pull me under the water. I figured that would be coming eventually, though, so I guess it was best that I just got it over with then. After that, Josh and Zeth headed out further to join the girls. Jeff and I played frisbee for a bit longer, and then Melissa headed back to join us. Then all three of us headed out into deeper water. I didn’t think it was such a smart idea for me to do that considering my ability to drown in a bathtub, but it was better than staying on shore and being a landlubber or something. So out I went. We didn’t get all the way out to where everyone else was, but Angelie was a bit closer on a sandbar. It was a strange feeling. Here I was up to my neck in water, and just out a few more feet was Angelie standing in the water up to her waist. The waves were really big, though, and they kept pushing me back – I never got out to where Angelie was. Eventually, I just kind of gave up and headed back to shore with Melissa. The others soon followed, and we all dried off.

After doing that, we headed over to the little snack shop for food. Nobody thought to put on sandals, and I think we all pretty much regretted it afterwards. The sand was burning hot, so we ended up running there and running back. The fries were pretty good, though. After eating, everyone headed back out to the water except for Angelie, Zeth, Kristy, and me. Zeth and Kristy were pretty occupied with each other, so Angelie and I headed out to find some good picture opportunities. We took lots of emo pictures of ourselves and of lonely garbage on the beach and stuff. It was pretty fun. We took pictures of seagulls and of us sitting on a log thinking and staring off into the distance. Some of them actually look really good – which is pretty impressive considering that you couldn’t even see the display on the camera really because of the sunlight. Anyways, after a while, we headed back, and as people came back from the water, we hung out there for a while. Kristy got buried up to just under her knees, and we took pictures of that too. Then, after that, Jeff, Melissa, Angelie, and myself headed back to my car to go home.

The car ride home seemed incredibly long. Everyone else slept in the car I think, but I couldn’t of course because I was driving. I wanted to just fall asleep, but I couldn’t. Oh well. I survived. Melissa took some pictures of my feet for some reason, as well as wrote “I am a loser” on my arm and took a picture of that. I’m taking a wild guess and saying that she was bored. Anyways, we eventually got home, and I dropped everyone off, headed home, and had a shower. Now, after all that, here I am!

Overall, it was an awesome day. I can’t say I enjoyed the water much, but that’s just me. Everyone had lots of fun, and I tried to hang out with Angelie and Jeff, the two people who aren’t “hooked up,” if you will – although I’m not really, either. I know how it feels to be in their place, so I tried to make sure they didn’t feel left out. From what I could tell, I think they were fine, so that was good. In all, the day was just great. It wasn’t overly hot, because it got a little overcast as the day went on, which was good. I’m a little sunburned, but oh well. It’s just a little bit of red on my arms. And now I’m trying to think of what else to say about the day. I could go into more detail, but I think I’ve probably gone into enough already anyways.

Anyways, tonight is a party at Erica’s house. That should be pretty cool. I’m supposed to bring meat, and I had no clue what we had in the freezer until my mom called and I asked her. Seriously, that freezer is a labyrinth. You could get lost and die in there if you weren’t careful. Luckily, it’s a maze of food, so if you did get lost, you could at least gorge yourself one last time until you died. That’s not such a bad way to die. Anyways, tonight should be pretty fun. Apparently we’re watching a movie as well as having a barbecue and stuff, so it should be good.

I think I’m done writing for today. I’m always at a loss at how to end off these things, though. I can never think of conclusions. Usually I just ramble on until I find a good place to just cut myself off, but I can’t even find that today. So, I guess that I’ll just make this the final paragraph and say, “This is Jeff, signing out.” Yeah, that works.

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