Kenya Feel the Love, or Is That a Nonogram?

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

The only real interesting thing that happened today was Violet coming in for chapel and talking about her missions trip to Kenya that she just got back from a week or two ago. Oh yeah, Zac and I made a strange video at lunchtime as well. I can’t really describe it, since it’s so strange, so I’m not even going to try. Let’s just say that I was in it, and leave it there. That simple fact alone should give you an idea to the extent of its strange characteristics.

Other than that, I’m really not sure what to write about at all. I found this cool sort of logic puzzle called a nonogram, where you have a big grid, and numbers at the side, and you have to interpret the numbers to fill in certain boxes and create a picture. I know it likely sounds stupid, but hey – I’m a sucker for logic puzzles. I’m really not sure why, but this active brain of mine never wants to shut off, so I have to keep it occupied at all times with weird stuff like this. I mean, I have a bunch of magazine-like books just full of logic puzzles, word searches, crossword puzzles, and cryptograms. I used to do them all the time; lately I’ve gotten away from it, but only because I solved most of the ones in the book and never bothered to get any more. But anyways, if you ever want to get me a good birthday present, buy me logic puzzles. I’ll probably punch you in public for revealing my nerdy side, but deep down you can take that punch as a hug. Or leave it as a punch – I don’t really care. Whatever you fancy.

Anyways, with those two short paragraphs, I’ve already run out of stuff to say. Several things have died down, so I really have no strange things to write about. A few things are coming up in the next couple of weeks, though, so I should have no shortage of topics for the next little while. Tomorrow, our youth group is going to Port Dover and mini-golfing and stuff. Saturday, there are two parties – one for Jael and Jessica’s birthdays, and another one with Central for Mike, who has cancer and won’t be allowed out much after his chemotherapy starts up. They both start at the same time, so the people that go to both my school and Central’s youth group are thinking about going to one first, then leaving early and heading to the other one. It should be crazy, but no worries – I’m used to it. Then next week comes the first of the Praise Parties, which is Central’s form of their youth group for the summer (even though summer hasn’t really started yet, but whatever), next Friday is their big June Jam thing for the official end of youth for the summer, and next Saturday I think something is happening as well that I just up and forgot about. Also, next Tuesday, I got asked if I wanted to make $20 for washing dishes. I took them up on the offer, because right now I have no income and could use the money. I mean, I have almost $2300 in the bank, but I’d like to leave it there if at all possible. It’s to prepare for university. Mind you, I’ll have yet another year to save up, but oh well. The more the merrier when it comes to money, I suppose.

There we go. I stretched this whole thing into four paragraphs (including this one, that is). That should do for today. Since my blog seems to be the highlight of the century for my friends or something, I guess I have a duty to at least give some interesting information. Then again, I could really care less about feeding people with useless info, other than for the fact that it’s entertaining to read some days. But anyways, I’m off. I have a nonogram to solve.

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