June Jam and Boy Bands

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Well, the June Jam last night wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It was a little strange; still not bad, but definitely different than what I anticipated. It was $5 to get in at the door, and then you got a coupon with a number in order to get prizes. I also got a door prize – a Napoleon Dynamite pin that says, “I see you’re drinking 1%.” I thought that was pretty cool. Anyways, we got in the auditorium, and then Pastor Rob welcomed us and stuff. They gave away all the prizes right at the beginning, though, which I thought was weird. If I were them, I would have given away some little ones at the beginning, then some more in the middle, and the big prizes (like the PlayStation 2 and the GameCube) right at the very end, so there was more anticipation. It was just anti-climactic giving them all away at the beginning. Oh well. Jordan won a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, which was cool.

After that, the band came up – I forget exactly what they were called; it was like Affirmative Display or something. They had a guitarist, a bass guitarist, a drummer, a saxophone player, and a violin player. It was really strange. I didn’t exactly like the violin – this guy was trying to do crazy solos on the thing, when it’d just be a whole lot easier to teach him to play guitar, and it’d sound a lot better too. Violins are just whiny instruments unless you’re playing classical music. Anyways, they got up and did one worship song and one Starfield song, then left. Paul Robertson then got up and did his message. I’ve heard the guy before; he was at the World Concerns Conference that BCC went to. He’s really into Joan of Arcadia, and he used a couple clips from that show tonight as well. He’s a pretty good speaker, though. I kind of liked his message better at the World Concerns Conference, though. He spoke for longer, I think, and it just flowed better than it did last night. It was still a good message, though. He used 2 Chronicles 7:14 to show five things that we need to do as Christians. He then used that illustration of the king and the beggar with the rice that I used in an entry here a couple days back. I had forgotten that it was him that I first heard it from.

Anyways, after his message, the band got back up and played more songs. I thought they were supposed to be playing worship songs, but they were just playing songs off their CD. It was really strange. I mean, here I was wanting to worship God, and they only ended up playing one worship song during their whole time. It was just really awkward, because they were basically a boy band, and all the girls were up at the front screaming, and most of the guys were just sitting in the pews. I was pretty disappointed, but oh well. I’m not exactly sure if they had been asked to do worship, or if they were just asked to play. If they were asked to do worship, then I would be more disappointed, because they really didn’t do that. Anyways, so I just sat in the pews and tried to talk/yell to people and stuff. I was talking with Jordan a little bit, Erica a bit as well, and Melissa a bit as well. She had been up at the front, but then she came back, so she sat beside me and we talked/yelled to each other. She stole my Napoleon Dynamite button and I tried to stop her and ended up pricking my finger. It hurt.

After that time of being bored (you know it’s boring when the highlight was pricking your finger with a pin), the band finally finished. Then we sat there trying to figure out what to do. A bunch of people were going to the Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research, but Jordan and I weren’t. I had donated money, so I did my part. After a while, though, I found out that I was apparently driving people to Lion’s Park for the Relay for Life thing. I didn’t really mind, but it was news to me. So in the car I got, along with Angelie, Jordan, Melissa, and Jake. We headed over to Wendy’s first, and ate there. Then I started going down West St. to head over to Lion’s Park. We passed Stanley St. and Angelie said, “Where are you going?” I said, “Uhh, to Lion’s Park.” “But we need to go to my house.” Of course, nobody had told me that, although she said she had told me that twenty times. Apparently she was talking to someone else that she thought was me or something, because I never heard anything about it. Whatever. We headed over to her house, and she said she’d just be a minute. She ended up being about five – but at least we had CDs to listen to while we were waiting.

Angelie got back in the car, we headed over to Lion’s Park, dropped them off, and then Jordan and I headed back to drop him off. My dad had told me to be home by midnight, and it was quickly approaching that time. I dropped Jordan off, then headed home, walking into the house at about 11:57 PM. It was quite good timing, actually. It was kind of strange, though. My dad was watching some strange show with this baseball team and explosions everywhere. I was quite confused, but whatever. I headed up to bed and fell straight to sleep.

So now it’s the next day, and here I am. My parents and sister are up in Woodstock or something, so I’ve got the house to myself, and I love it. I just wish I could do something other than homework today. I have a whole bunch of stuff to do, and I need to get it done before I end up putting it off another day. After I finish this entry off, I’ve told myself that I’m starting my homework. Right away, that is. So today should be an interesting day – minus the interesting part. Whatever. I only have three more days of classes left, four days of exams, and then graduation! I’m definitely excited about that, although a little surprised at the same time. It doesn’t seem real. The year went by way too fast, and it doesn’t seem like it’s all over. It’s crazy! But anyways. I’m just going to finish this off now, since I really have nothing else to say. Have fun. Remember to look both ways before you cross the street. ‘Tis my word of wisdom for the day.

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ohh look at this.. 3 comments in one day?! oh myy! anywayss.. just wanted to say thanks for driving me, angelie, and jake last night. Angelie and I thought that Jake would have his truck, but then he didnt, and Josh didnt want to drive.. and yeahh.. soo we voted for you to drive.. well not really.. but yeahh.. thankss allootttt! 🙂


Holy crap, you’re like a comment-blogging machine! Well, not really, because they don’t exist. But if there was one, it would likely look like you. Unfortunately, you’re also spamming my email since this thing emails me every time someone leaves a comment. Grr.

Lol, well you’re welcome. I didn’t really feel like going home right away anyways, so going to Wendy’s and stuff was more fun. Word.