Job Hunting

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I’m tired. It’s strange how job hunting is so tiring, even though you really don’t do much. The entire day, I’ve basically been working on resumes and such. In the morning, I was printing out cover letters and resumes and putting them in envelopes. Then I figured out which places I was going to and in which order. Then, in the afternoon, I took the car and drove around the city, basically going in a big loop. I headed down Brantwood, turned right onto Lynden Rd. and stopped at the Tim Horton’s there, then continued down to Future Shop. After that, I turned left on Wayne Gretzky Parkway and crossed the parking lot into Super A Video, then crossed West St. to the Tim Horton’s on the other side of the road. After that, I headed to Williams (who I know are hiring), and then went back to Wayne Gretzky again and travelled all the way down to Colborne St. I turned right and headed to Jumbo Video, then kept going down to Brant Ave. and then onto St. Paul, which turns into King George Rd. While on that road, I stopped in at Rogers Video, Blockbuster, and Tim Horton’s. I continued down King George until I got to Wal-Mart, and dropped off my final resume there. Then I headed down Powerline and home. It was like a massive loop, and I was proud of how smoothly it went considering my horrible directional skills. I was thinking I was going to get lost or something.

The Rogers Video application was basically the highlight of my day today. It was a great form to fill out, because there were questions thrown in there that really had no point to them. One of the questions was, “Have you ever watched all seven Police Academy movies in one sitting?” I checked off the box “No” and wrote “(couldn’t handle it)” underneath. Later on, under education, you were supposed to write the name of the school and the diploma or degree. There was an example as “University of Dagobah” and “Honours Jedi Knight Degree.” On the other side of the page, one of the questions was, “What is your favourite movie and why?” So I got to talk about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the best movie of all time. Another questions was, “In your opinion, which of the following would make a great customer service representative? (circle one).” The choices were Ben Kenobi, Freddy Krueger, Dirty Harry, and Alfred the Butler. I circled Ben Kenobi and just wrote in, “He could tell them exactly which movie they wanted.” Then, at the very bottom, it asked, “How did you hear about this position?” with the choices sign in our window, newspaper ad, job fair, web site, referral, or Vulcan mindmeld. I chose the last one, since none of the others applied anyways. But anyways, I mentioned that just because it kept the whole application light and easy to write about. People are always more honest when they’re laughing and happy, so it’s a smart tactic. I hated filling in the Tim Horton’s applications, because they were all serious and formal. I mean, the Rogers Video application had a picture of Frankenstein’s head on the front, so you know it’s good. If you ever need a job or just want to fill in an application, pick Rogers’.

Other than that, not much happened today. Melissa stopped by the house to drop off the waiver form for Wonderland, and I think Angelie will likely give me hers tonight at youth. Hopefully, anyways. I want to get this stuff in as soon as possible so I can get it in to Pastor Al. I still have to talk to him about the situation with Jordan, since he’s away in British Columbia right now and kind of unable to fill out a form that’s in Brantford. I think he’ll understand, and if he really needs the money, I can pay him and have Jordan pay me back, I suppose. I’d rather not have to do that, though. But whatever.

Last night was pretty fun. Angelie told me that she was bored, and since her and Kristy were too late at the graduation of Kristy’s brother the night before, we decided to do something last night. They were talking about go-karting at Ben-Mar, so I got ready and headed over to Kristy’s house while they got more people. We sat around there for a little while calling people and stuff, but we only got five or six people. Jeff, who was one of them, suggested maybe going go-karting some other night and just renting a movie tonight instead. That was fine with people, so we headed over to Kristin’s house, then went to Blockbuster to find a movie. Nobody was really picking anything, and then I saw the box for What About Bob. I mentioned that it was a good movie, and since most of the people hadn’t seen it, they were fine with it. Kristin said she had it at home, though, so we didn’t end up renting it. We headed over to Shopper’s to pick up some junk food, and then went back to Kristin’s house.

That was basically the entire night. We watched the movie, of course, which was as funny as I remembered it to be, and then I drove Kristy and Angelie home since they’re bums who always have to hitch a ride everywhere (just kidding, of course…well, not really). Kristy was in trouble from her dad or something since he said he called her cell phone a bunch of times, but it was on and sitting on the floor, and nobody heard it ring. That was basically the night. It was pretty fun, though. In all, it was Kristin, Michelle, Erica, Jeff, Angelie, Kristy, and myself. But anyways, I’m done talking about it now, because there’s nothing else to say about it, really.

I think I’m done for today. I just want to go to bed; I’m really tired from printing off countless resumes and cover letters and driving around for almost two hours dropping them off. I know that shouldn’t tire me out, but it always does for some reason. I feel like an old man. Maybe I just won’t hang out with people if they’re going somewhere after youth. Or maybe I’ll just hang out for a little bit, then leave. I don’t know. We’ll see. Perhaps I’ll just get a big cup of coffee and go for it. Whatever.

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