Graduation (The Actual Thing)

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Last night was awesome. The only part about the graduation ceremony that I didn’t like was having to speak. But I got it over with, and it really wasn’t too bad. But some great things were said about our class and also about myself in particular, which definitely gave me a big grin on my face. I was smiling because I knew that they actually meant what they said.

I really enjoyed what both Lana and Jon had to say. What happened was that each of us in turn got our “award,” and then we spoke for a little bit. Basically the award is a Bible character that the teachers pick out as being representative of our character qualities. Lana got the Queen of Sheba award, because she’s always asking questions. She then got up and spoke about making the most of every opportunity. Jon then came up and got the Timothy award for his heart for God. He spoke about walking in the light. What really made me sit up in my seat was when he took a quote off my blog. He called me a SHH (Spontaneously Hilarious Human) and then pulled off a paragraph from the blog entry I wrote about Living Victoriously. It’s strange to say this, but what I said really made me think. I mean, it’s been a while since I looked at it, so I’ve had another month to look at it with fresh eyes. I really think that what Jon pointed out was dead on. He used the analogy that we’re sitting in the dark and asking God to keep us warm, or help us grow, when really we need to just get right under the light, and then those things will grow. Christ is the light that will give us the growth we need, and it’s better just to seek Him than trying to seek that growth. As we seek Him, we will grow – not the other way around.

Anyways, after Jon spoke, I got up there and received the Aaron award. Mr. Osborn said how they were looking for a comedian figure in the Bible, but couldn’t find one, so they had to go to my next trait, which is apparently my role as a spokesperson. As I listened to what he was saying, it really caused me to think. I mean, I hate speaking. I’d much rather write a million words than speak one. But he was saying how when presentations for group projects rolled around, nobody would want to present, and everyone would just sort of look over at me. I really can’t see that trait in me, though. I’ve never seen myself as much of a leader, although I can definitely see improvement in that area over the last little while. But then again, I also suppose Aaron wasn’t really a leader. Moses was the leader, and Aaron was his right-hand man that God used as a vehicle to do His work. I mean, Moses was always in charge. God talked to Moses, and then Moses passed it on to Aaron, who then passed it on to the Israelites. Although I can’t see that situation in my life, I’m going to read up a bit more on Aaron today and just see what applies to me. It really got me thinking, anyways.

So anyways, I spoke for a little bit and then sat down. I had been praying all of yesterday for God to just help calm me down and speak clearly, and I think He really helped me. I was standing up on stage as Mr. Osborn was talking, and I offered up one last quick prayer before I had to speak. I was so nervous and tense, and at the same time I wasn’t. I got out my notes and put them on the stand, and my hands were shaking. So I rested them on the stand and just took a deep breath before I started. It calmed me down, and I made sure to make some eye contact as I was speaking – something I’m not really good at, but oh well. I actually looked my parents in the eye as I was thanking them, which was strange. I was still tense the entire time, and even worse, my mouth was entirely dry, which made it really hard to speak. But anyways, I got through it – I made it out alive! And now I’m just glad that I never have to graduate from high school again.

After speaking, there were a few more items, then we got our diplomas, had our recessional, and formed the “receiving line.” I hate shaking people’s hands, because they try to make small talk and congratulate you, and you’re trying to get them to just go onto the next person so you can stop talking to them. It’s not that I don’t like them or anything, it’s just that I’m never sure what to say at all. I said “Thanks” about a zillion times, and answered the question, “So what are you doing next year?” about half a million times as well. One really awkward moment was when Mrs. Staats came over and was like, “Why do I never see this side of you? You’re always so quiet at my house!” That’s very true. But usually I’m quiet when watching TV. It’s either that or I’m picking apart the entire TV show, pointing out all the stupid inconsistencies about it. One of these days, I guess, I’ll have to actually go over there and stay for supper or whatever. I could have last week, but I didn’t just because I thought my parents would be mad if I didn’t come home for supper – since I had an exam the next day and all that jazz. Otherwise, I would have stayed. Oh well. I guess Mrs. Staats will just have to be confused about me for a while more.

After shaking a billion people’s hands, getting millions of pictures taken, and then not being able to see anything because of the flashes, I got some cake and punch and just talked for a while to people. I passed onto Zac the ceremonial BCC drumstick, which has passed on through four generations now (well, four different people, anyway), and told him to keep it well. The sad thing is that I know he will. Heh.

So, after a bunch of talking and basically dying of internal heat in the suit I was wearing, people decided to head over to Montana’s. Well, actually, people talked about going to Montana’s for a while until we finally got fed up with that and left. I went with Vince and Val, along with Lana and Hendrik, and we sat down, telling the waitress that more people were coming. We finally decided to just go ahead and order since everyone else was really late, so I got a Chocolate Cookie Avalanche. About ten or fifteen minutes later, other people arrived, among them Steph. She called me out of my nice, comfortable seat and told me she had to talk to me. I right away knew something was up, and that it likely had something to do with Melissa. I was quite right. She told me how she was in an extremely bad mood. I looked around and didn’t see her anywhere, but Steph was insistent that I sit with Melissa so she could talk to me. Anyways, we then tried to figure out where I could sit so that she’d sit beside me, and couldn’t really find a place, since most of the people had already come in and sit down. Melissa came in from the washroom (I think that’s where she was), and so Steph was just like, “Go tell Chelsey to switch places with you.” So that’s what I did.

For the next little while, I was trying to balance getting Melissa to talk to me and trying not to ignore everyone else as well. She never really told me what was going on, but within about five or ten minutes she was back to being her normal self. Women are strange – that’s all I can really say. I don’t know if I helped the situation at all, but hey – as long as the women are appeased and not tearing my head off, I figure I’m doing quite well. Anyways, by the end of the night, the table was basically covered in drawings. Kristy and Zeth were sitting there the entire time just drawing or playing tic tac toe or whatever. I drew a portrait of Jordan, asian-style, and Melissa drew a portrait of me with crazy-looking hair. Zeth drew me in 20 years or something, with pit stains and a dazed look on my face (honestly, I have no clue why, but whatever). Then the food arrived. My Chocolate Cookie Avalanche was amazingly good. It was also very filling, so I only got through about half of it. It was like this chocolate oreo-type base, covered with whip cream and ice cream, and then with a chocolate cookie on top. It was so good, but I had to stop before I exploded. I gave it over to Zeth, and he got through a bit more, but he had to stop as well. By that time, it was really soup, though. Soup’s not exactly the easiest to eat with a fork. Anyways, Vince and Val dropped me off at my house around 11:00 PM, and that was that.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing such a detailed description about last night, it’s because overall, it was an awesome night. I mean, this is something that only is going to happen once in my life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better night. I mean, any night that’s important enough for me to put on cologne for had better be a good night. At this rate, that bottle of Adidas cologne will last me for forty years. I’ll wear it for my university graduation, my wedding, and I’ll ask for it to be put on for my funeral. Then I’ll put it in my will for my children and grandchildren. Or not. Anyways, tonight is the grad party, and that should turn out to be just as fun. Yes sir, graduation certainly is a grand event.

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Zac of the Baker

hehe..i’m posting a comment…anyway… it’s zac

after hearing jon’s speach last night, i was informed of this page where jeff basically has an online diary

so, today…i found it and started reading, and i must say… i didn’t realize how a person could have two totally opposite sides and i only know that via internet…so ya…

basically, wut i’m tryin to say is that…-clears throat-, “jeff, this serious side of you is freaky at first, but i like it. your spiritual/philosophical/humourous(all combined into one) insights are truly make sence and make me think about them”…so ya…that’s done with… go and spend the rest of your lives in peace


well, you’ve finally graduated and that means i’ll have to find a way to put up you at north park. actually i probably won’t see you that much unless angelie drags you around 😀 or you take all the same classes as me, which is highly doubtful.

really though, i think you’ll like npc. it’ll be different from what you’re used to and i think its a pretty decent school. we obviously have our negatives eg. girls who look/are skanktards, obnoxious little boys and the tendency for the school to smell like “ass” especially in the summer, but other than that i enjoy it here.

i’m sure you’ll like it at npc and us public school kids will do our best not to corrupt with our wild and uneducated tomfoolery.

au revoir, katie


Zac: Thanks man. I realize I probably don’t let this side of me out all that much, but when I’m writing, this stuff tends to come out a lot more. Strange. But anyways, yeah, I’m weird.

Katie: Hehe, yeah I’ll probably like NPC, since I tend to end up liking anything after long enough – unless it has something to do with allergies, in which case, I’ll never like it. Obviously every school has its negatives and positives, so I’ll just try to stay away from the skanktards and obnoxious boys and look for the fun shtuff. Like embarrassing you by giving you a big, slobbery wet kiss on the first day of school. Crap. My plan is out.