You’d Think I’d Be in an Institution

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I don’t have much to say, so I’ll keep it short. I can’t write very well when I’m not listening to music. Right now I’m busy installing the new version of Winamp, so I obviously can’t be listening to music on it while it’s still installing. Then after writing this, I’m going to have to reboot the computer, so I want to hurry up and get that over with so I can listen to my precious music.

Today was a pretty normal day. English class was a little strange, though. We’re reading through Huckleberry Finn, and Mr. G has ways of finding stuff that has just the slightest relevance to the topic we’re discussing. Today we listened to a Neil Diamond song about some camp revival meeting, which had nothing to do with what we were talking about other than the fact that in the book, Huck goes to a camp meeting. Then, later on in the book, there’s a guy that stands out on his front porch and talks to this group outside who had come over to lynch him. So Mr. G has us go into the next room, and he stands on the desk saying this guy’s part while holding a metre stick as a shotgun. It was incredibly pointless, but I figure he just wanted to do something like that because he was as bored as we were about the whole thing. I guess that’s understandable, especially for a guy who’s probably read through the book countless times now.

Other than that “highlight,” nothing of interest happened. It was, on the whole, quite boring. Tomorrow should be fun, though. We’re going for our trip to Toronto. The first part of the day probably won’t be that exciting, since we’re going to World Vision in the morning and doing a walking tour of Jewish sites in downtown Toronto in the afternoon. The reason we have to do those things is because Mr. G has to be able to account for using up World Religions classes to go on this trip. After that, though, we’re going out for supper somewhere, probably to the Spaghetti Factory, and then it’s off to a Jays game, where the Grade 9 and 10s will join us. They’re going to the Science Centre or something, so they’re out of our hair for the day, and they would be out of Mr. G’s hair as well if he had any.

Anyways, it should be a fun day, especially the last part, since Jays games are always fun if you pay no attention to the game. It’s always just a chance to get really hyper and fool around and have an excuse to scream for no particular reason. If you think about it, if there weren’t a game going on, all those fans would look pretty stupid. So this game gives us an excuse as to why we already look stupid – it’s great! We’re up in the nosebleed section, too, so when you’re up there, it’s really not about the game anyway. It’s all about sitting with friends that are hyper so that you get really hyper and then say and do the most outrageous things that you’d never normally do. It’s like getting drunk, without the alcohol. I must say, sugar rushes have to be superior to getting drunk, since you can do all the same stuff, and yet you remember it all afterwards. Oh yeah, and depending on how you get your sugar high – namely, if you don’t use caffeine by drinking coffee – you don’t have to pee out sixty gallons like with alcohol. Well, okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’d much rather just get a nice sugar high and stay away from that money-wasting fire-water we like to call booze.

I’m really not sure where that came from, but I said it, and therefore it came from somewhere inside the deep recesses of my brain. It’s a scary thought to contemplate navigating those dank caverns. The things you’d see in there might scare you enough to go insane – or you’d laugh so hard that you’d eventually crack in half. So I think I’ll just stop up the leak that’s spilling onto your screen here and end this entry right now. It’s likely the best thing for all of us.

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