Track and Field

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Well, today was Track and Field at Assumption. It was really strange seeing all these kids running around that I didn’t know, since I really don’t have much contact with CBA anymore – except for this once-a-year Track and Field, of course. I was helping out at standing long jump, the event that everyone does since it’s so easy. It was Jessica, Meagan, and I, plus the lady that was in charge of the event. I’m really not sure why we had three people helping out there on top of the person in charge. It was pointless. They just jump on a mat and we record how far they jumped. It’s not rocket science. There’s no sand to rake, you need one person to see how far they jumped, maybe two at the most, and the lady writes down all the jumps and also looks to make sure they don’t let their toes go over the line.

What I ended up doing so I didn’t waste my precious time was to suggest that one person go off each time. That way, one of us could have a break, and two people would still be helping out. It worked out pretty well, and it made more sense to me than having everyone do it all the time. Besides, I was looking forward to having my time off; Meagan and Jessica talk the most out of anyone in our school.

Anyways, on my break, I was standing in line with some of the other people, like Zac, Jason, and Wes, and just talking to them. They were in line to get food, but I already had mine, so I was just hanging out with them since there wasn’t much else to do. All of a sudden, their events got called. So what did they do? They gave me their tickets for hot dogs and asked me to get their food for them. Being the nice guy that I am, I did so, until I figured out that I was going to have to get eight hot dogs. Zack V. had one, Wes had two, Holly had two, and and Jason had three (although one was for his sister). That left me a little short on hands. So, while I waited in line for about ten minutes until they barbecued all those hot dogs, I tried to recruit some of my other friends who saw my predicament. I finally got Meagan to help me, since by then she was done helping out with standing long jump. We delivered all the hot dogs, and the day was saved. I was crowned hero of the afternoon – well, okay, maybe not.

After that, I had to help out with the relay race at the end of the day. I basically just stood at one of the corners of the track with Steph and told the kids what to do when they got there, and also made sure they passed the baton to the next person at the right time. It really wasn’t hard at all. Steph and I resorted to singing, since she got the Robert Is A Man song in my head (wonderful song if you haven’t heard it, and likely you haven’t since Jordan made it up). Then, like the crazy person she is, she started asking me who I like. Just a week ago she asked me if I liked Kristy. Now she’s asking me if I like Melissa. And I’m not answering either way to any of her questions. It really bugs me, because she doesn’t need to know about my personal life. If I like them, then that’s my decision, and if not, then it’s also my decision. Either way, it’s none of her business who I like, unless I tell her. I think she must be obsessed with me, since she keeps asking. Maybe she’s trying to figure out whether I’m free or not. Hah, probably not, but you never know, I suppose. With the way her mind works, literally anything is possible. Well, anything is possible except for her to give you a straight answer.

But anyways. On to bigger and better things. And that is…well, I’m not sure. All in all, it was a pretty good day. It was pretty good weather, although a little on the cold side, but that’s always better than being extremely hot. A lot of the day was just boring, since I had nothing to do and all my friends were busy with their own events. I mean, I don’t really enjoy hanging out with a bunch of little kids who are trying to act older than they really are. I usually managed to find one of my friends to hang out with, though. Bethany never seemed to have anything to do, because her dad kept doing everything, so she was over at standing long jump quite often, complaining loudly into my ear as usual. I wish she had an “off” switch. Actually, now that I think of it, I wish everyone had “off” switches. It’d make life a whole lot simpler. If someone’s bugging you, then you just turn them off, and that’s that. And if you get turned off by someone, well then it doesn’t really matter, because you’re off, right? It’s a win-win situation. Some people, though, would likely be off all the time. And I would likely be one of those people. But anyways, we just won’t go there.

I think that’s everything I want to say. My eyes feel weird from being out in the sun all day. I’ve always had pretty sensitive eyes, and a day outside just makes my eyes feel strange. It’s like a feeling of tiredness, but you’re not actually tired. It’s hard to describe, but it’s how I feel right now. Anyways, I’m running out of things to ramble on about, so I’ll just stop.

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