The Taj Mahal

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I must say that I have some pretty strange hobbies. For most of yesterday, I was building the Taj Mahal. If you’re wondering why I’m building it considering it’s already been built, I was making it out of styrofoam.

Puzz-3Ds are awesome. It’s like a puzzle, except it’s three-dimensional. You might think that building a styrofoam monument is slightly stupid, but I think it’s great. When it’s finished, it looks so lifelike. I compared it to a picture of the actual Taj Mahal that I found on the internet, and I could barely tell the difference. Honestly, the people that make these puzzles are amazingly smart. I mean, how do you make a dome out of flat puzzle pieces? Easy; you create a bunch of separate adjoining pieces that form long strips, then loosely connect them together so they roughly form around that circle. When it’s done, it looks amazing. Then there’s the towers around the outside, and the whole thing is actually raised off the ground about an inch with pieces underneath that support the platform that it sits on. There’s also a cardboard support that fits inside the building so that the dome doesn’t cause the roof to cave in. It’s really pure genius, and I love making these things.

On top of building the Taj Mahal, I also have several other Puzz-3D puzzles. I’ve built a Bavarian Castle (which looks awesome – I’ve seen a picture of that too, and it’s incredibly realistic), The Cathedral of Notre Dame, a Victorian-style house of some kind, and a Bavarian clock that actually works. It’s hanging up on the wall above our fireplace, and it looks really cool. I’ve always wanted to try making New York before – it’s their largest puzzle, and is a replica of part of New York City (although I think they have the World Trade Centre in there, which I’m not too sure how to build considering they don’t exist anymore). It’s rated as extremely difficult or something like that. It’d be a pretty cool challenge.

Other than that, I haven’t done much yesterday or today. I went to church this morning, and we went out to the Country Grill for lunch today for Mother’s Day. But anyways, I don’t feel like writing anymore, because the Taj Mahal is in pieces on the floor just waiting for me to come over and build it. It’s begging, beckoning, nay, yearning to be built. And I can’t believe I just used the word nay. I think that’s about the first time in my life. Anyways, I’m out. Peace of cake.

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