The Humour of It All

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You know, there’s something to be said for intelligence. It’s a skill that’s really lacking these days. Its absence is evident in so many ways: the guy that cuts you off in traffic so he can race up to stop at the red light, the comments in class that just make you wonder what the heck the person was smoking before opening their mouth, or perhaps the person that tries to be funny and actually isn’t. And when I mention that last one, I’m not talking about people like me, whose humour is yet undiscovered. I’m talking about people that try to say intelligent jokes and insults, and fail miserably. These people are likely also the originators of “your mom” jokes, those dreaded insults that really have no effect anyway except to produce nausea in all within earshot.

I’m trying to think of a specific example from today. Of course, there are always pathetically stupid comments in class, like someone asking a question that was just answered about three seconds before they opened the hole in their head. As for lack of intelligent humour, that’s also evident sometimes, but not as much. I hate to say it, but Mr. G’s sense of humour is occasionally funny. I mean, most of his jokes are puns, which are about the lowest form of humour in existence (I’d put them right above the “your mom” jokes), but some of his jokes are inserted without break right into his teaching. He’ll be discussing something in class, and then he’ll add in some comment that, on the surface, seems to have no apparent connection to anything else, unless you understand that connection. Sometimes I’ll just be sitting in the back of the class chuckling to myself because I understand what he just said, even though no one else seemed to get it. It’s great, though, because he doesn’t stop and say, “Okay, I have a joke guys.” He just puts in the comment and moves right on before the connection even hits you.

On the other hand of the scale are some of the low-end humour used in comedies and such on TV. I mean, sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy some brainless humour, so I’m not putting them down or anything, but most of the time it just makes me sick to my stomach to watch it. Not only are most of the jokes about sex, but the rest that aren’t are so pointless that you wonder how a person with an IQ of a jellyfish got a job as a script-writer. I mean, someone comes into work and forgets his pants, so his white boxers with red hearts on them are showing. Doesn’t it bother you that they show the same things on cartoons for kids? Like seriously, they’re feeding this stuff to five-year-olds, and then showing the same content to the adults on primetime TV. They might as well show Spongebob Squarepants 24/7 – it’s probably better than any other cartoons out there anyway, and it’s got all the makings for a great sitcom.

While I’m on this topic of humour, I can’t fail to mention sarcasm. Sarcasm has to be the most amazing form of humour there is. It’s best when the person listening doesn’t even realize it’s supposed to be funny. I mean, there is nothing better than insulting someone, and people around are laughing at your joke, and the insulted person doesn’t even realize it. They just get all confused or laugh along with everyone else even though they don’t get it. Then you get to laugh at their expense even more because they aren’t even intelligent enough to get the joke. Let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to pick a whole new set of friends, pick the stupid ones. You get to have so much fun telling jokes that they don’t even get. But of course, you might want some smart ones too, or else you might get dragged down to the level of intelligence that the stupid friends are at. Then again, just so I don’t get labelled as “mean” or anything, I’d hope that you would try to educate these friends of yours to raise them to your level of intelligence. It’s the only humane thing to do, really.

Anyways, I don’t have much else to say. I got another person asking me whether I like a certain someone today. I restrained myself to saying some biting, forceful remarks about my personal business. Then I got into a little argument about what constitutes “flirting” – basically any joking around with anyone can be considered flirting, which basically means that I flirt with guys. That’s not good. I restricted the definition a little bit to say that it’s only flirting when you’re joking with someone who could potentially be attracted to you or who you could potentially be attracted to, as judged, of course, by the all-impartial and unbiased eye of a female third party who has absolutely no direct connection with the relationship between the said two people except for being a mutual friend or friend of you or the other person. That’s my definition, and I’m sticking to the utter illogicities of it. Whatever. If someone thinks I’m flirting with someone else, I could care less. They can think what they want as long as they don’t keep bothering me about it and asking me whether I like someone. If they do that, they might just find my fist firmly implanted into their cranium.

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