Simcoe and Swings and Star Wars

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Today was a strange day, to say the least. Before I tell you about that, though, I should probably tell you about last night. Probably the best place to begin is at the evening service, where we said farewell to Pastor Dave, who isn’t really going anywhere, just resigning. Jordan, Kyle, Lawrence, and I played for worship, then the pastors and board members presented Pastor Dave and Charity with presents. There was a skit put on by the youth, and then afterwards, everyone went into the chapel and had cake. We hung out there for a while, then Angie, Jordan, and I headed to my car to go to Steph’s house way out in the middle of nowhere.

We just showed up at her house unannounced – no, actually, she had invited everyone over for fireworks and a campfire and stuff. Since we were there a while before sunset, we played a game of soccer for a while, until it started to rain slightly. By that time, the girls had come up with an ingenious idea: let’s get Jeff to drive us to Simcoe – again! Melissa came over to me during the soccer game as it was winding down and asked me ever so kindly if I wanted to drive them to Simcoe to buy hair dye. I laughed in her face, but somehow I knew that it wouldn’t make her give up. She tried for a few minutes, and I stayed strong, but then Steph came over and told me that apparently it would be fun. I somehow didn’t get how that was supposed to be fun, but I finally just caved in because they were annoying. Honestly, it’s pretty annoying being pestered by them and having nowhere to go. I mean, I’m in the middle of nowhere, so where am I supposed to run to get away from them? I’d end up in the middle of someone’s field somewhere even more in the middle of nowhere. So, off we went to Simcoe.

It was Melissa, Angie, Jordan, and myself in the car. Angie and Jordan were in the back flirting with each other until Jordan fell asleep and had a nice nap. I’m glad he had fun, because I sure didn’t. I was fuming about my choice of hanging out with people younger than me that don’t have their licenses. Well okay, I wasn’t really fuming, but I was just a tinge frustrated, as you could tell by my speeding. I normally try to keep myself to 10 over the speed limit, just because that doesn’t seem as bad somehow. Last night was different, though. I was definitely speeding, because I wanted to just get the whole thing over with. So anyways, we got to Simcoe, and guess what? Everything was closed. We tried Zellers, we tried some weird drug store (since they don’t have Shopper’s there for some stupid reason), and we even tried A&P’s. We drove up and down the one main street there to see if we could find some other place, but we couldn’t. So we drove back – with nothing. I drove them all the way there and back, and we didn’t even get anything. Whatever. They said they were sorry and all that jazz, and they obviously didn’t know everything was going to be closed.

Anyways, we got back to Steph’s house, only to find out that they had already set off the fireworks since Steph’s little sisters had to go to bed. So, just to recap, we drove all the way to Simcoe, did nothing and got nothing, came all the way back, and just to top it all off, missed the fireworks – the main point of going to her house. Ugh. Anyways, we hung out at the campfire for a little while, when the inevitable happened. Kristin took me aside to talk to me and said, “You know, Melissa’s a little upset with you right now. She’s confused as to whether you like her or not, and you weren’t talking to her much in the car. So I think you should go over there and talk to her.” I was astounded. I mean, I told Steph not even one week ago that I liked Melissa, and Steph passed on that message to her. Now, not even one week later, she’s already confused. I was honestly very surprised.

I was tempted to get mad at Kristin, but I knew it wasn’t her fault – don’t shoot the messenger, as they say. So I sat down beside Melissa, who was sitting around the campfire with her head on someone else’s shoulder. I didn’t exactly know what to do. I mean, I couldn’t just talk to her about it there, because everyone else was there as well. I also didn’t exactly want to ask to talk to her alone, because I had decided at that point it would look a little suspicious and possibly get me some nice mocking from my friends; besides, her brothers were there as well, and I personally would find it a little embarrassing if I were in her place. So I left it, just trying to make conversation with her. Kristin was mad at me for taking her seat, even though she had just told me about two seconds earlier to talk to Melissa, but whatever. Soon we went inside, got some food, and started watching some strange movie about killer bees.

Unfortunately enough, the drama didn’t stop there. I walked into the family room where the TV was on, and Steph told me to sit on the little stool beside her seat. I sat down, and she also told me to go talk to Melissa. I was flabbergasted, if I may use the word. I mean, what was I supposed to do, just call her out of the room to talk to her? It would be stupid. I mean, it wasn’t like I didn’t want to fix things up, but I just had absolutely no way of doing it without one or both of us looking like fools. Anyways, most of the people started going outside, and I think I went over to the table to get more food or something. Steph led me outside like the controlling person she is, and in the shadows, I saw Melissa and Kristin sitting on the little swinging bench underneath the trees by Steph’s driveway. I’m really not sure how they got things ready that quickly. It was so strange. In front of the swing were other people, including Meagan, Erica, and the other Jeff. They were almost standing in a line leading directly to the swing, and they’re all like “There she is, go talk to her.” So I just stood by the swing, preparing for the worst – a soap opera situation.

Steph and Erica disappeared for the campfire, and as I got to the swing, Kristin said in a loud voice, “Boy, that fire looks warm. I think I’m going to go there.” She got up and left, so the only other people standing around were Meagan and Jeff. Meagan, unfortunately, didn’t catch the obvious hint, and so she said, “Ooh, a seat!” and promptly sat down beside Melissa. I just glanced over at her, and you could see a slight hint of annoyance on her face. Anyways, Jeff saved the day and said, “Man, yeah that fire does look warm,” or something equally as cheesy as that. I’m not sure whether Meagan actually got the hint that time or not, but she said something like, “Really? Well okay, I guess I’ll go over there. I’m cold.” Jeff just gave me a subtle nod and smile and went on his way. I guess he shows an uncommon intelligence for someone with the same name as me. Anyways, I sat down on the swing, and the fun began.

(If you’re reading this, you win!)

Now, for all of you who were waiting for this time expecting something dramatic, including a romantic profession of our love and devotion for each other – you’re going to be sadly disappointed. I said something like, “So I hear you’re mad at me,” and the ball got rolling. Of course, I knew she wasn’t mad at me, but I find exaggeration seems to work best. If you want to settle a minor issue, it’s usually best, because then they say, “No! I’m just…” It not only makes them explain themselves, but also makes them feel a bit sorry that they were misunderstood. It sure worked like a charm this time. We settled everything, and then just sat there for a while talking. The people at the campfire started up a game of hide and seek for some strange reason, so we just sat there and watched everyone running around. Jeff was it, and he came by a few times. We tried to figure out who was running around and such. Somewhere around that point, we saw Steph and Josh (Melissa’s brother) go over to the tire swing. It certainly looked like true love to me; then again, it was dark out, so they could have been exchanging recipes for grilled chicken for all I know. We made fun of them a bit (since I think they’ve got something going on), and apparently they were making fun of us.

Speaking of making fun of people, I made sure to insult Melissa quite frequently to keep the tension going there. I mean, otherwise, things get boring, and that can possibly lead to scary serious conversations – a big no-no. I’m pretty sure I just want to keep things light between us – not because I necessarily want to, but because I can’t see too much of a way to go any further. I could explain that, but I’m not going to. If you want to know, ask me, and perhaps I’ll tell you. Perhaps not. Anyways, we headed back over to the campfire after probably about an hour or two, and soon after, I decided to leave. I dropped Jordan off at home, and then headed home myself. My dad was a little mad at me for being home so late, but it was his fault for staying up for me. I mean, I had told him that I was going to be home late, so I don’t know why he decided to wait up.

Anyways, that was last night. I woke up this morning around 9:30 AM (which, since I got home at about 1:30 AM, makes for about an 8-hour sleep, minus the times I woke up during the night), and then my family and I went out for breakfast. We got home, and soon afterwards the phone rang. It was Steph asking whether I wanted to go to a movie today. I told her that I wanted to, but that I might not be able to just because I wasn’t sure how mad my dad was. I talked to Melissa for a little while after that for no real reason at all – since she had nothing to say anyways – and then went downstairs. My parents had gone out to buy flowers for the flowerbeds out in front of the house. While they were away, I washed the Toyota and vacuumed the floor mats. My dad had told me to, and I wanted to do everything he told me to so I could be sure to be able to go to the movie today.

My parents got home, I asked them, and then Steph and Melissa called back to see what the answer was. We went to go see the 3:00 PM showing of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith in Ancaster at Famous Players. They needed me to drive since they didn’t have room for everyone, and my dad let me take the Taurus. I headed over to Melissa’s house, and Josh, Melissa, Steph, and Erica got into Josh’s car while Angie got into mine. She told me once she got in that Melissa wasn’t allowed to ride with other guys, or else she’d have come in my car. I really didn’t care much, since I really wasn’t wondering in the first place. Angie and I went over to pick up Jordan, and then we headed out to Ancaster. When we got there, there were two huge lineups on either side of the doors – one for the 3:00 showing and one for the 3:30 showing. We went inside and I got tickets with my debit card, then we found the people from the other car about halfway up in the line. We had to buy tickets for the 4:00 showing since the earlier two were sold out. Actually, wait, it might have been the 3:30 showing; I’m not really sure actually. Whatever. The point is that we waited out in that line for a long time. End of story – that part’s boring.

I must say that I quite enjoyed the movie. To ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet, here’s what happens – Anakin turns into Darth Vader. I know that’s a complete surprise, but it actually happened. Heh, I thought it was well done, and it really tied up all the loose ends, connecting the first three movies to the last three movies quite nicely. It’s a lot more fast-paced than the other movies, but it still was quite a long movie, so it was stretched out. But overall, I quite liked it.

After the movie, we got into the cars and headed over to Tim Horton’s, because the girls had to go to the washroom and there apparently was a huge lineup in the one at the theatre. Then we headed off back home. I followed Josh – also known as Leadfoot from here on – the entire way home since I really didn’t know how to get back. We got back safely, I dropped off Angie and Jordan, and then headed home. I’m really not sure what the people in Josh’s car did, since I would have liked to have hung out afterward or something, but I also wanted to get home to stay on my parents’ good side. There was no harm done, and everything wrapped up quite nicely. All in all, it was a very interesting two days – certainly out of the ordinary. Tomorrow’s the softball tournament, and I suspect I may have to deal with a certain female then, since I really didn’t talk to her that much today, but that’s alright. I’ll just play things by ear and see where they go – since I’ve learned just how unpredictable she is, that’s the only course of action to take. Then again, two can play at the unpredictability game. It keeps things interesting, that’s for sure.

Anyways, that’s about all I can think of to say. I could probably think of some nice summary or a convicting conclusion to end off with if I really tried, but I’m too lazy to do that. I’d much rather just stop writing and leave you hanging until tomorrow. I doubt you people reading this will actually be waiting feverishly on the edges of your seats to know what happens next, but it makes me feel more important that way. Hah.

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Well, now that I feel like an IDIOT! (Have I told you lately that your spiritual gift is encouragement?) How was I supposed to know that you like her?? Yeah, that stinks about driving to Simcoe. Oh, check this out – you may find yourself meantioned in a nice way though!!
See you tomorrow.


Haha no, no, you shouldn’t feel like an idiot. I thought it was more funny than anything else. I was just quickly trying to think of a way to get everyone out of there, and it turned out that they had either all been told already or had figured it out – except for you. So here goes Kristin to clear everyone out, and then you went and sat down. I thought it was pretty funny 😛


Thanks for changing the spelling on my name… sorry i was so whiny haha… i really don’t even read your blog a lot, but i did notice that 😉 Anyways, glad stuff worked out for you. See ya later.


Haha well you’re welcome. I had it right in some spots (some other places where I’d mention going to your house after youth or something), but wrong in other spots. The problem is that I’ve known another Kristen for quite a long time, so that spellings ingrained in my head 😛 Ahh well. I suppose you’re allowed to get whiny when people don’t get your name spelled right. I do it too when people spell my name Jeffery instead of Jeffrey (yuck). But if you ever whine at me again, I’ll sit on you. 😛