Last Night’s Escapades

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Today is Sunday, and normally I’d still be in bed, but my dad had to leave early, so we got up early and had breakfast with him. I just thought I’d throw that in. Last night was kind of strange. Jordan was trying to set up some practice, but Kyle was at the prom. So Kristin invited people to her house, and I went. In total, it was Kristin, Michelle, Angelie, Jordan, and myself. We got there and then spent about fifteen minutes figuring out what to do. No one really had any bright ideas. Michelle suggested mini-golf, but Kristin called and found out they were closing early because it was going to rain. What ended up happening was that we all got into my car and headed off to an unknown destination.

So about five minutes later, we stopped in at Wal-mart. I admit, it wasn’t much of an adventure, and we could have just walked there, but oh well. We went in and walked around until Angelie had to go pee (which was about thirty seconds), and then waited for about twenty minutes (or two) while she used the restroom, all the while discussing why it was called a “restroom” if you didn’t take a rest, or a “washroom” when that usually wasn’t the main purpose of your visit, or a “bathroom” when some didn’t even have bath tubs. It was a very intellectual conversation, let me tell you. I think we ended up deciding to change all three words to “toilet room” instead, although that doesn’t quite have the same politeness to it. Perhaps we should just go British and call it the loo.

Anyways, after Angelie got out of whatever room she was in, we decided that coming to Wal-mart was pointless, and headed back out to the car. I started driving while we figured out where we were going. I just drove down King George Rd. until we sort of semi-decided to get ice cream. Baskin & Robbins was coming up, so we went in there and got ice cream. I got my standard rocky road ice cream because I love that kind. We stood around inside and ate it because all the tables only had two chairs, and it was raining outside. So that took about ten minutes. All that time, and we had only wasted about half an hour. It was really disappointing. So we thought that maybe we’d rent a movie or something.

Of course, I didn’t like that idea very much, because usually when renting a movie, you spend about an hour in the store trying to pick a movie, and then you don’t have time to actually watch it. We basically ruled that idea out because we knew that would happen. So we headed back to Kristin’s house and decided to pick out a movie from her collection. I’m quite sure that we all suffer from indecisiveness, though – well, I think so anyway, I’m not quite sure…I haven’t decided. We looked through her movies, and didn’t really choose any of them. We’d say, “Okay, how about watching this one?” and everyone would just sit there and shrug their shoulders. Anyways, we ended up watching the Bourne Identity, which was good. I left right away after the movie, because my parents had told me to be home at 11:30. The movie finished like right at 11:30, and I got home at 11:37. I was really hoping that my parents weren’t going to kill me for those seven minutes, and they didn’t, thankfully.

That was last night. I’m thinking we could have done a lot more if we had just done something instead of sat around and thought about it, but oh well. Anyways, I was going to write about something else in here today, but I’ve decided not to, because it was kind of stupid anyway. It had to do with a dream I had last night, and I was going to talk about that, but now I’m not. I’ll leave you all in suspense for the rest of your lives wanting to know about my dream – even though none of you care, I’m sure. I’m just going to end this off with a song that I really like. Melissa told me about the band Seven Places a while ago, and I’ve really started to like them. They’re not heavy, but they have awesome lyrics to their songs. Try this one on for size – Landslide:

I feel crazy, hope is hazy right now
But I won’t freak out, I won’t freak out at the sound of the
Landslide inside, fear wants to take my peace of mind.
Won’t run, won’t hide, I will lift my hands up high.

In my trouble I have doubled my prayers.
Because I need them, I need them like I need the air.
Landslide inside, fear wants to take my peace of mind.
Won’t run, won’t hide, I will lift my hands up high.

Here’s to the Name above all names, I will trust You Jesus, I’ll be brave.
I will live my life day by day,
Because You’re the only Truth, the only Way out of this
Landslide inside, fear wants to take my peace of mind.
Won’t run, won’t hide, I will lift my hands up high.
Here’s to the Name above all names, here’s to the only one who saves.
I will trust You Jesus I’ll be brave.

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