Helpless But Not Hopeless

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Have you ever had a problem that you just felt helpless about, like you couldn’t fix? I’ve just encountered one to add to the other one I’ve had. And I’m not talking about a problem like cancer or death or turning the sky to green or anything like that. I’ve been there with both of the first two, and that’s a terrible situation, but this one deals with people. This problem I need to deal with has to do with people and relationships, and the ability for me to fix anything about it is dependent on the ability for me to communicate an important message to others so that it can produce a positive change. And I’m not the best at that. I’m a writer, not a public speaker. Oh, and by the way, by “relationships,” I don’t mean boyfriend-girlfriend crap, in case you were wondering. Don’t even go there.

I suppose the first thing I should be doing right now is praying. That’s more powerful than anything else I can do right now. But it deals with a group of people who may or may not even know the hurt they’re causing another person, and I need to deal with it. I need to, because if I don’t, it’s not going to get dealt with. And that scares me. I mean, it doesn’t directly involve me, but both parties are my friends, and thus it does involve me. If I saw some good I could do and didn’t do it, it’d be as wrong as doing something bad that I shouldn’t. I’ve got problems in my own life that I need to deal with, but they can wait. I need to help these people out first, not so I can feel good about myself in any way, but because I can see a problem coming up when I see it and have a duty to do something. The prospect, though, is daunting. I feel unable to help, and yet I have to try.

That above paragraph was mostly to convince myself more than anything else. I can’t really say much more about the situation or I’d be bordering on gossip rather than help, but this entry is about what I’m feeling – not about the situation. If you have any Christian stuff inside you at all, please pray – I’m definitely going to need it. They’re going to need it. God’s going to have to do some major surgery work in their lives before any little thing I do is going to have a chance of changing anything. Only He can change the situation, and I’m trusting that if I get in there and do what I need to, He’ll work through me to do that. I can only hope, really. I mean, He’s got people like Billy Graham to do those huge things, but Mr. Graham isn’t exactly going to be in Brantford anytime soon, so I’m afraid the job seems to have been left up to me. Little help here, God?

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