Girls Are Stupid

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I’m pretty sure last night turned out nothing like what I expected. It was very messed up. I got a phone call from Steph and Melissa, and because it was raining, they changed their mind about going to Port Dover. Phew. That meant I didn’t have to ask my parents for the car – my dad ended up not coming home with it until just before 7:00 PM anyways. So instead, they decided to go see a movie. Out we went – Josh, Zeth, Melissa, Steph, Kristin, and Bethany – to go see “Kicking and Screaming.” It was a pretty good movie, although for a Will Ferrell movie, it had way too much plot to it. It was still his kind of movie though, considering how loud and obnoxious he got to be. I definitely enjoyed the movie, although it was disappointing for the $25 I paid for it.

Why $25? Well, I paid $15 for tickets for Bethany and myself. She didn’t have any money, so with me being the nice guy I am, I paid for her. I wasn’t happy about it, but I still did it. Then, about halfway through the movie, Melissa turns to me and says, “Hey, you should go get some popcorn.” I basically laughed in her face and told her to get some herself. But of course, she didn’t have any money with her since she had gotten free passes from Zeth – since he works at the theatre. I kept telling her no, but then she got Bethany into it as well. So both girls on either side of me were pressuring me and making it very hard to watch the movie. It was very annoying. You see how annoying these females are? If they don’t get what they want, they kick and scream like little two-year-olds throwing a temper tantrum. It’s so frustrating. So, after about ten or fifteen minutes of putting up with this crap, I finally just gave in. My only consolation was that I didn’t have to get up to get the popcorn – I gave Melissa my debit card and PIN number instead. Stupid idea, I know, but if they’re going to bother me for that long, they had better do something for me in return for my generosity.

So, because of the outrageous prices of food at the theatre, and the fact that they got a medium popcorn and a drink as well, that came to $9.18. Let’s see here; that comes to a grand total of $24.18 for one stupid movie. I’m still pretty mad about that. I mean, I hate spending money. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I want to hold onto every cent I get. I mean, I don’t mind spending money for a good cause, and I don’t mind spending money so I can do fun stuff like watching a movie, but when it comes down to spending money on females, I can’t stand it. I don’t mind just doing it for them because I want to, but when it’s because they won’t leave me alone if I don’t, that’s a different story. It’s especially annoying considering they were on both sides of me, in a movie theatre. They had me trapped in there. I mean, I wasn’t going to just get up and leave out of a movie that I had already spent $15 on. Stupid females.

Anyways, after the movie, Josh drove us to Kristin’s house and then left, leaving me as the only guy there. It was hard, let me tell you, although once the pressure of spending money was gone, it was tolerable. We had a contest on the weight machines there. There was one machine thing where you pushed these two bars forward while sitting on a seat, similar to rowing oars. It was crazy, though. I could only do 110 pounds, although considering that’s also more than I weigh, it wasn’t bad. It was really awkward because the bars were far apart and far back as well, so it was hard to get any leverage. I believe the muscles that it worked on were the pectorals – the ones right by your armpits. Considering I don’t believe my armpit muscles are that strong, I think I did pretty well. Come to think of it, those were sore a few days ago, and I had no clue why. But anyways, it was pretty funny watching the girls lift this stuff. During this whole thing, Steph was over on the cycling machine, putting on probably about 60 miles. She must have been doing that for like 20 minutes; it was really strange. Another thing that was strange was that Melissa could lift like 110 pounds on that weird rowing thing, but couldn’t even lift the barbell to benchpress 40 pounds.

There was this other machine thing where there was a bar above your head, and you sat in the seat and pulled it down, lifting up the weights as you did so. The weights were set to 130 pounds, and I was like, “Oh, okay, I can lift this no problem.” I sat down, lifted my arms up and grabbed onto the bar, and proceeded to pull down, only to find out that instead of pulling the bar down, I was lifting myself into the air. I guess I sort of forgot that it’s kind of hard to lift more than your own weight like that. So I did a few chin-ups and then gave up on that idea.

After working out and then going up and snooping around Kristin’s cool-looking kitchen, the girls decided, “Hey, let’s go out for a walk!” I didn’t think it was such an amazing idea, but it beat sitting downstairs and doing nothing. So we started walking, and about five minutes in, we saw lightning and heard thunder. Then it started to rain. These were huge, massively heavy raindrops, and they were splatting on our shoulders like bullets. So we just walked around the block and went back home. We were all pretty wet, and then the girls went up to Kristin’s room to change into something dry. It was a little ironic considering that I had to sit there in my wet clothes (well, I took off my hoodie, so that was alright) because I didn’t really want to be putting on Kristin’s clothes. It’s just not my cup of tea, if you know what I mean. Anyways, we then went back downstairs and watched Bethany lay down on a blanket on the floor and roll herself up until she couldn’t move. We were contemplating burying her alive or something, but nothing ever came of it unfortunately.

I left at about 11:00 PM, and we gave Steph a ride to her grandma’s place, then went home. I plopped right into bed, exhausted. It’s not easy work keeping up with hyper girls, especially when there aren’t any other lazy guys to hang out with instead. But oh well. I kind of like the idea of not having any competition, even though there’s not much to compete about. It’s more of the concept behind it; I mean, when other guys are around, it’s not like I’m consciously competing, but it’s more of a competition for attention, really. Of course, this is all subconscious. I’m not saying, “Hmm, how can I knock my opponents off at the knees and emerge as the victor?” It’s hard to explain, though. It’s more of a mindset; you’re just kind of trying to outmacho each other – all in good fun, of course. When there aren’t any other guys there, though, you can just flirt with everyone there and not worry about having to watch your back. Anyways, this all sounds very strange, and I’m sure anyone reading this will most likely be saying, “Eww, that’s what you think when you’re around people?” The answer to that is no. It’s subconscious, and trying to explain the subconscious mind is like trying to explain your feelings for someone – you can try as much as you want, and it might be the truth, but it always comes out sounding wrong. Basically, the subconscious mind tends to be subtle, and then when you try to explain it, you end up exaggerating it because there’s no subtle way to describe it.

That’s all I have to say. I could mention some other stuff about the night, but I think I’ll just leave that alone for now and see where things go first before saying anything. Needless to say, it was something to do with the soap operas that girls always make things into whenever there’s any attraction of any kind that goes on. But that’s all I’m saying. I’ve got to get some things straightened out with some people before I go and put it on the Internet for all the world to see, you know? Let me just leave you with this simple truism, though: Girls are stupid. Remember it always, and may it always light your path. It makes things so much clearer, and explains many, many mysteries.

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Hi Jeff.It’s Emily again. Sorry you had to pay for my sister’s movie. Even more sorry you had to shell out for popcorn. That really sucks, actually. It was really immature of them to pester you do that, without contributing any $$ of their own. ~Bethany just told me that Steph made you pay Bethany’s movie…which bugs me even more. >:|….You probably subconciously know this, but not every girl will manipulate guys like that. I would NEVER do that, even to a boyfriend…if I had one =).

But hey! I saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy today.You know, the one that some of Bethany’s friends didn’t get =) I got it, and it is a sweet sweet funny movie. I love it.
Well I’ve blabbed long enough, byee!


Haha well, whatever. I already paid, and I had a little easier time doing it just because it was debit. I mean, it’s so much harder when you actually have to give over the money 😛 But whatever. Yeah I know not all girls would do that, but I suppose I just hang out with whiny, annoying girls, hehe.

Yes, someone else likes that movie! I think it’s great as well. I’m not sure I’d see it again, but I still thought it was worth the $7.50 for sure.


I was just blog surfing and came across yours, which was a pleasant surprise from the commercials and the teen pages with great graphics and little else besides a few song lyrics and a tag board. You really know how to write. More power to your.


Hey, glad you found my blog, and thanks for the great compliment! When I “blog surf”, what I personally can’t stand is finding a site that looks like it has great content – only that it’s in some foreign language…Ahh well, that’s what the web does to you, I guess 😛