Baseball and Such

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I think it would be fitting to open this journal topic with my usual sentence, “Not much happened today at school.” It seems to be a recurring theme, but the fact is that I don’t go on dangerous rescue missions and save damsels in distress every day. I would if I could, but that’s just not an option. So today was fairly average.

It started out with Biology in the morning. Mrs. Houtman finally finished reading the section on evolution. For the past couple of classes, she’s just been reading the notes she typed out for us, and it’s been hard to actually learn anything when you’re busy falling asleep on the desk and drooling all over your notes (well, okay, I don’t do that last part…no, honestly, I don’t). After that came swimming. The time seems to be going by more and more quickly each time. Today it seemed like I had just sat down and started reading when we had to leave. I don’t really mind that at all, but I’d rather spend the whole school day reading Tom Clancy or something.

Anyways, after that came lunch, and then Parenting class. That was boring, and then it was off to baseball for Gym. That was pretty fun. I was on second base for most of the game, and will likely be there for the tournament as well. With the three times I was up to bat, I hit three doubles – they were actually all horrible hits, and I should have been out all three times, but everyone kept making errors, especially since I usually hit down by second base, where Holly had taken over my spot. I mean, I don’t want to say she’s horrible, but she’s just not athletic. She knows it, and she does her best to not let that stop her, but we all have different strong points. Her strong point is folding virtually anything out of paper. Anyways, with three horrible hits and some errors, along with some fast running on my part, I got doubles on all my hits, and Mark hit me home afterward all three times as well. It sounds like we’re a crappy team, but I don’t actually think we’ll do that badly. We had to shift some players into positions where they’re not as good, just because we needed batters, so that accounts for some of the mistakes made. At the tournament, we won’t have to do that obviously, since we won’t be out in the field and up to bat at the same time (at least I sure hope not). Mr. G will have some tweaking to do for the tournament, since we’ll have to rely on our outfielders a lot more, but I think we’ve got a fairly decent team. It should be a fun tournament.

Other than that stuff and one more topic that I’m just not going to bring up (since it deals with females – of course), that’s basically all that happened today that was of any significance. Tonight should be interesting. We have a practice down at the church at 6:00 PM, so I either need the car, or else Aunt Lynn said I could borrow their Honda – the crapbucket on wheels that is amazingly awesome at the same time. After that practice, there’s a party at Kayla’s house for Pastor Dave, since he’s leaving and all. I think I’m supposed to contribute some money for the present, but I’m really not sure since I haven’t heard anything about that and I don’t have any change anyways. I might be able to bum some off my parents until I finally get to the bank to get some money out. I’ve only had three dollars in quarters and change in my wallet for a while now, and it’s getting annoying.

I think I’m done talking for today. Things are on the brink of being interesting: I’m not sitting at home all the time, but I’m not doing anything overly exciting either. It’s more a half-and-half thing. Meh. I can live with that.

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