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Many, many things have happened in the last little while. I can’t say much about today, because on the whole, it was quite average. We watched an episode of the Andy Griffith Show in Parenting class, but other than that, it was pretty normal. I was going to blog about a conversation that Melissa, Meagan, and I had on the bus after school today. But then Meagan said, “Yeah, you’ll probably go home and blog this or something.” And then I lost all interest in blogging it, just because she said that. But then, Melissa said, “Well, but now he probably won’t blog it just because you said that.” So then I got to thinking that maybe I would blog it, just because Melissa said that I wouldn’t. Then I thought, “Well, if I blog it, though, then Meagan will think she’s right. And if I don’t, then Melissa will think she’s right.” Then I just gave up all hope and stopped thinking, because my head hurt. So I suppose this is the best compromise I could come up with – I mentioned it in my blog, but I didn’t blog about the actual conversation, so neither of them are right. Besides, I really don’t remember what the conversation was anyways.

Last night was a little bit interesting. I told Angelie about what I was writing about yesterday, and she sympathized with me, so we got into a conversation that spun off of that topic. She told me a few…Continue Reading

Drama and Privacy

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I’m not sure what to write about. Today was quite uneventful, so I had a lot of time to think/daydream/whatever you want to call it, in class today. The problem is that every time I start thinking, I end up confusing myself. It’s a tragic curse, but I’ve lived with it so far without hurting myself too badly, so I suppose it’s manageable. I guess I just need to cut down on my thinking or something.

I’ve been getting quite thoroughly confused lately, actually. There are just some people who never do what you predict that they’ll do, no matter how well you think you know them. It’s quite annoying, like they’re reading your mind and then doing the opposite just to confuse you. The strange thing is that these sort of people are the most intriguing. It’s some sort of curiosity to get to know this person who evades your every prediction. I’d explain that more, but since people are actually starting to read this blog, I’m not going to, because it’d just result in having to explain more and more anyways. That brings me to my next point.

I hate drama. I hate it with a passion. In fact, Lana and I were just talking about this the other day. It’s not so much the drama of situations themselves that’s the problem, it’s the nosy people that seem to live on the stuff. I could name names here, but I’ve decided to be nice. Something about people trying…Continue Reading

Helpless But Not Hopeless

Have you ever had a problem that you just felt helpless about, like you couldn’t fix? I’ve just encountered one to add to the other one I’ve had. And I’m not talking about a problem like cancer or death or turning the sky to green or anything like that. I’ve been there with both of the first two, and that’s a terrible situation, but this one deals with people. This problem I need to deal with has to do with people and relationships, and the ability for me to fix anything about it is dependent on the ability for me to communicate an important message to others so that it can produce a positive change. And I’m not the best at that. I’m a writer, not a public speaker. Oh, and by the way, by “relationships,” I don’t mean boyfriend-girlfriend crap, in case you were wondering. Don’t even go there.

I suppose the first thing I should be doing right now is praying. That’s more powerful than anything else I can do right now. But it deals with a group of people who may or may not even know the hurt they’re causing another person, and I need to deal with it. I need to, because if I don’t, it’s not going to get dealt with. And that scares me. I mean, it doesn’t directly involve me, but both parties are my friends, and thus it does involve me. If I saw some good I could do and didn’t do…Continue Reading

Last Night’s Escapades

Today is Sunday, and normally I’d still be in bed, but my dad had to leave early, so we got up early and had breakfast with him. I just thought I’d throw that in. Last night was kind of strange. Jordan was trying to set up some practice, but Kyle was at the prom. So Kristin invited people to her house, and I went. In total, it was Kristin, Michelle, Angelie, Jordan, and myself. We got there and then spent about fifteen minutes figuring out what to do. No one really had any bright ideas. Michelle suggested mini-golf, but Kristin called and found out they were closing early because it was going to rain. What ended up happening was that we all got into my car and headed off to an unknown destination.

So about five minutes later, we stopped in at Wal-mart. I admit, it wasn’t much of an adventure, and we could have just walked there, but oh well. We went in and walked around until Angelie had to go pee (which was about thirty seconds), and then waited for about twenty minutes (or two) while she used the restroom, all the while discussing why it was called a “restroom” if you didn’t take a rest, or a “washroom” when that usually wasn’t the main purpose of your visit, or a “bathroom” when some didn’t even have bath tubs. It was a very intellectual conversation, let me tell you. I think we ended up deciding to change all…Continue Reading

Trippin’ Trip to Toronto

Since you’re all expecting it, here I go with the official Jeff’s Rundown of the Trip to Toronto. It all started on a warm Friday morning at about 8:00 AM. We all met at the school and waited until everyone was there. Then we got into the vans – Mr. G driving the Grade 11-12s, and Mrs. DuBleick and Mr. Bussen driving the Grade 9-10s in two more vans. It’s sad that our whole school can fit in three vans, but whatever. We headed up to Toronto, and the day was off!

The first stop was World Vision. We got into the building and put on our ID badges that we had to wear for some reason. Then Paul Brauen gave us a little tour of the building – which mostly consists of cubicles and storage areas. That’s about it. It really wasn’t that exciting, since they’re just cubicles. I mean, come on, cubicles, people, cubicles! But anyways, after that, we went into the boardroom they have (very nice, I might add) and the guy there – I forget his name, something like Vanderspect, I think – showed us some movies and advertisements they produced. We talked about it a bit afterwards, but it really wasn’t that interesting. I’ve never really liked places like World Vision and their strategies. I mean, I know that they have the right motives at heart, and what they’re doing is very good, but the way they try to sucker money out of people is…Continue Reading

You’d Think I’d Be in an Institution

I don’t have much to say, so I’ll keep it short. I can’t write very well when I’m not listening to music. Right now I’m busy installing the new version of Winamp, so I obviously can’t be listening to music on it while it’s still installing. Then after writing this, I’m going to have to reboot the computer, so I want to hurry up and get that over with so I can listen to my precious music.

Today was a pretty normal day. English class was a little strange, though. We’re reading through Huckleberry Finn, and Mr. G has ways of finding stuff that has just the slightest relevance to the topic we’re discussing. Today we listened to a Neil Diamond song about some camp revival meeting, which had nothing to do with what we were talking about other than the fact that in the book, Huck goes to a camp meeting. Then, later on in the book, there’s a guy that stands out on his front porch and talks to this group outside who had come over to lynch him. So Mr. G has us go into the next room, and he stands on the desk saying this guy’s part while holding a metre stick as a shotgun. It was incredibly pointless, but I figure he just wanted to do something like that because he was as bored as we were about the whole thing. I guess that’s understandable, especially for a guy who’s probably read through the book…Continue Reading

The Wager

Not much interesting happened today at school. It was a pretty normal day, except for an exploding juice box. Lana accidentally stepped on a juice box that was on the floor for some reason, and it exploded in a big long line all over the floor. It was pretty cool, actually.

Anyways, every once in a while it hits me just how small I really am. I mean, if you think about it, try to imagine the size of the earth. Think about one of those pictures from space where it looks like a big blue sphere. Now imagine trying to find yourself on that picture – think about just how far you’d have to zoom in to see yourself. It’s crazy if you really think about it – it’s almost beyond our human comprehension. Zoom out even further, and you see our earth as just a marble in a massive solar system…then our tiny solar system in a sea of stars from our Milky Way galaxy. Zooming out even further gives you a massive picture – an incomprehensible universe filled with galaxies stretched out further than the human eye or the most powerful telescope can see – and you are just the tiniest speck, like an atom is in comparison to the earth. I’m not even sure whether that’s a fair comparison, because I cannot comprehend the sheer magnitude of the universe in all its vastness. I can’t even comprehend how massive the earth is, and it’s worthlessly unimportant…Continue Reading